NIGHTMARE ON SEDGWICK AVENUE – “After The Calm Comes the Storm – David Ira – Between a Storm and an Ocean EP Review”



Artist: David Ira (Featured: Desha and Julee)

Album: Between a Storm and an Ocean

Release Date: April 20, 2017

Buy/Purchase album: All Streaming Platforms

Hello Hip Hop Heads and Horror Fans,

Today I will be reviewing David Ira’s, “Between a Storm and an Ocean EP that was released in 2017. David hit me up on social media and wanted to know if I could review his album. He dropped it a few years back and he thought it did not get the love it deserved back when it dropped. Honestly I had not listened to David’s music and went in with no expectations and blind faith lol. Before I even got to listen to the album I went to a hip hop show thrown by dope Producer Rob aka Superior Productionz.

I saw David Ira was one of the performers that night, amongst other dope emcees who some I have built friendships with. I went to the event to show support and finally meet David and other emcees who I haven’t had the pleasure of meeting in person only through social media or reviewing their albums. David hit the stage and he blew me away! He started with a spoken word rap, which was dope because that stood out to me. Also I am a poet myself so that was really amazing to see. He performed a couple more songs and he killed his performance. He had great stage presence and his vibe shows his music comes from his heart! David is making San Diego proud! He has great potential to succeed in music!

This project is dark, but poetic with positive messages. David raps about his insecurities and topics we can all relate to from self doubt, anger, depression to keeping hope everything will work out. This project is filled with pure lyricism. He raps about his frustration of wanting to be recognized and feeling stuck. He raps about how he wants to make it with his music and not waste his potential.

This EP consists of only 5 tracks with a running time of 20 minutes. This project is short, but sweet. It is worth the 20 minutes filled with poetic rhymes and full of heart! You can tell David Ira is a genuine dude and truly loves music. He uses his lyrics to spread emotion and thought provoking messages. Also the singer Desha has a beautiful voice. She killed her vocals and compliments David’s rhyme schemes.


Go stream, buy, support this album and David Ira! Not only is he a talented emcee he also does photography. This project was slept on, glad David hit me up and put me onto his music. Don’t sleep on this! Go support a real emcee/poet from my beautiful city of San Diego. As I mentioned before and will continue saying it San Diego’s Hip Hop scene is killing it! We on the rise, Daygo stand up!

Favorite Tracks/Verses:

1. Hope:

I see a lot of me in you
Full of anger at the waves that keep pushing you back to the cliffs
Your hatred for this typhoon only fuels you, makes you hate the east winds that sweeps you down south
I see a lot of me in you
I see the truths that I told myself once, these lies that I tried to justify
Their ain’t food for thought when your belly is full of liquor and your heart is full of rage
But that don’t matter when you feel alone
Your sense of isolation in a crowded city built these wall around you
But they can’t protect you when the storm comes”

2. When the Storm Comes:

“Working this nine to five, nineties kid yelling is this shit just working though
Cuz we pulling two shifts but these taxes are taxin my empathy mentally
Meant to be something way greater but work as a waiter so I just get faded and wait it off
When the typhoon hits, are you steady bound to the rules life gives
Who’s already drowned once it hits the ground I ain’t really found, anybody who can slide through this
Cuz we hopeless and lost this wind has set us off course
I swear this tempest has tampered the best of intentions I’ve had since like I was a boy
This life is search and destroy merk anyone who deploys
Any resentment, I’m bound to get reckless when henny and weed is surrounding my presence”

3. Between a Storm and an Ocean:

“All that I want in life is to really just live this dream
That I’ve had since I was 15 when I started writing 16’s
Put in 10,000 hours I scoured the world
Looking for hidden meanings, but see all my demons had seen me first
Giving all that I got to the process of making music
I wonder if I’ma make it or end up hanging on nooses
I’m losing a grip, on life, steadily chunkin deuces
Try to move these waters while keeping my two feet rooted
Truly zooming, through my early twenties today
Stressing over how to get famous leads to earlier graves”

Thank you for reading my review. Hope you all enjoyed it! Until next time horror fiends and hip hop heads! While you’re at it follow my blog on social media @7octoberz and Facebook!

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