Artist: Nemy & Indian.K (Featuring: El Maco, Pretty Kronic, Boxcutta Maxx, Smalls Uno, Ric Scales, DreCat, Kahlee, St. Cyr)

Album: The Undercard

Release Date: June 13, 2019

Buy/Stream album: All Platforms

Hello Hip Hop Heads and Horror Fans,

Today I will be reviewing Nemy and Indian.K’s EP, “The Undercard”. Nemy and Indian K allowed me to listen to it prior to its release so I got to vibe to it for a bit. It is a 6 track EP with a running time of approximately 22 minutes. The album is Executively Produced by the talented homie PottieMouth. Engineered by: PottieMouth and M9st3rmind and Mastered by: KillcRey. This EP brings together two dope emcees, Mr. Oucchhyy and Indian Kool (Sky High Krew)! Their rhyme schemes and styles are completely different. They are on the end of each others spectrums, but this allows them to stand out on their own!

We have Nemy on one side of the ring who brings his aggressive and gritty cadence as he delivers his rhymes. He has a hunger no one can duplicate! On the other side of the ring we have Indian K who brings the street poetic verses with a chill and laid back delivery. They balance each other out like Yin and Yang! I am blessed to know these two emcees they are humble human beings who love Hip Hop as much as I do! I am really happy to see them collaborate on this project and bring what the streets been needing!

The album starts with the first single of the EP, “Holy Ghost”. Indian K opens up his verse by talking about surviving the streets and succeeding past his struggles. Nemy comes in and goes into a lyrical frenzy, he catches the Holy Ghost! He spits about fake people trying to pretend they’ve always fucked with you and the shadiness of the music business turning your friends into foes. The second track is, “1999” which is one of my favorite tracks off this EP! The hook is catchy and the beat goes hard!!! This is definitely the hit banger of this EP. Nemy takes us back to 1999 and brings dark sense of humor bars!

The third track I’ll mention that is also a standout to me is, “The Press Conference”, which a deep and socio-political track! I love it because both Indian K and Nemy rap about how it would be if we never had modern day slavery, no police brutality, no mass shootings, if 9/11 never happened, no Hurricane Katrina, no overcrowded prisons, etc! They then realize they are just dreaming. One can only dream we lived in a Utopian society! I love this track because it has a positive message that makes you think and sparks deep conversation! It reminded me of the song by Lupe Fiasco called, “All Black Everything”, where Lupe dreams about a world if all the leaders had been black and slavery never existed.


I won’t give out my interpretation of the remaining tracks, I’ll leave that up to you guys/girls to listen to it and digest it! This EP is filled with a variety of themes many of us can relate too! This album shows each emcees versatility they speak about their struggles, surviving the streets, bars and they even get a bit socio-political in the track, “The Press Conference”, which I covered a bit above. This is a dope project with a consistent theme (Boxing/The Undercard). The order the tracks were chosen to be in was orchestrated perfectly. The transition from track to track is smooth from start to finish! Go cop or stream this album! You do not want to miss what the San Diego streets are talking about! This album will spread like a viral video. Forget about Old Town Road this is the new wave!!! Spooky season is in full effect!!! Spooky Gang Takeover!!! The album drops today and the EP release party will be tonight 9pm at the AC Lounge the event held by @HipHopWeds every Wednesday! If you are in San Diego this is the place to be tonight! You do not want to miss history in the making!


Favorites Verses: 

1. Holy Ghost:

“I see they acting out
O’while I hold the crown
Cheers to the streets that tried to drown me
But instead I swam and found the ocean open to succeed
Bright light hoping this world remembers me
Fuck the critics, they talk too much
Couldn’t sit in our presence, let alone walk with us
Building an empire while you rap for blunts!”

“Take of your shoes respect my dojo
I’ma teach you how to put these rappers in a chokehold
How to kick the illest shit as you grapple with your soul
So you could learn to bob and weave
And underneath the belt is a low blow!
I’m the Van Damme of this kumite
I heard they check your warrants at the Super 8
The last shit that I  jus gave you was a teaser
You ain’t convinced I’ma bout make you a believer”

2. 1999:
“It was 1999 back when Reggie would get me high
Bumpin’ Dark and Hell is Hot
Back when J. Lo was still a thot
Beanie Siegel signed to the Roc
I knew how to rap before I knew to eat the box
They cutting off our lights we use lanterns
Food stamps came in pamphlets”

3. The Weigh- In:
“I dropped a classic with my grandmothers face on it
Excellent production and my vocals sounded great on it
My worst enemy he heard it, he couldn’t hate on it
Nobody believed in my vision, not even my fam, not even my day ones
They say I won’t make it, I’m wastin’ my time with the music can’t wait til’ that day comes
To pull up in a Wraith, with my house on a lake and my fuckin’ 30 gold chains on!
I’m petty as fuck, you know I’m pullin’ up just to rub it all up in your face huh
No weapon formed against me shall prosper
I ain’t worried about shit, hakuna matata
My kundalini reaches my medulla oblongata
I’m so ahead of you ,that my yesterday is your mañana!”

“Open my mind like I cracked the safe
Calculated moves I’m headed outer space
Twistin’ and turnin’ rubix cubes
Slow motion, stoppin’ time
Always focused bendin’ spoons thru my eyes
Gate to the soul look and you will find
Architecture when designing rhymes structure like this, you will never capture one of a kind”

4. The Press Conference:

“This is my tabernacle
No books with hidden chapters
There’s no forbidden apple
There’s no religious statues
There was no 9/11
Katrina didn’t happen
Whole lot of cotton pickin’
But this time we the masters!”

“No forced Catholicism
No reservations get our land back and the resources taken
Education ain’t a lease to the devil
No school shootings, Tv was absent cuz our parents are present”

Thank you for reading my review. Hope you all enjoyed it! Until next time horror fiends and hip hop heads! While you’re at it follow my blog on social media @7octoberz and Facebook!

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