Hello Hip Hop Heads and Horror Fans,

Today I will be sharing an interview I did with Joseph Ramos aka Ramos Horror on social media. I came across Ramos on IG. I can’t remember who followed who first, but he is a dope Horror Collector! He has a lot of obscure horror collectible items and dope horror tattoos! I reached out to him to see if he would be open to answer some interview questions and he was down! Without further a do read below to get to know Ramos Horror a bit more! To see behind the mask!

1. Please introduce yourself to those who might not know who you are? Where are you based out of for people who might not know?

Hi I am Ramos Horror. I am in the UK.

2. When and why did you fall in love with the Horror genre?

I fell in love with horror because it was different from other movie genres. The first horror I ever watched was Friday the 13th on VHS. After watching this film I wanted to see more horror films , then I saw the film Critters and loved it! Then I would rent a VHS every week and watch it. 

3. How would you describe the difference between UK horror movies vs U.S. Horror? What are the positives and negatives in your opinion?

I would say most UK horrors do lack bit of the scare factor. The U.S. films are using more special effects and they generate famous actors. I do prefer American horror movies tho to British ones if I am comparing them as a whole. It’s not just UK horror tho it’s UK films in general there are many good ones, but there does tend to be a lack of good ones.

4. What are your Top 5 scary movies? Why?

My top movies are 1. Exorcist 2. Amityville Horror 3. Evil Dead 2 4. Invasion of the Body Snatchers 5. The Thing 6. Poltergeist. 7. Critters, Ghoulies, People Under the Stairs, Return of the Living Dead. These are my favorites, but I love most horror movies. I own around 1400 horror movies. Recent horror movies I loved were Hereditary and Midsommar. I also love the Conjuring universe movies. You gotta love Vera Farmiga and Patrick Wilson.

5. When did you start your horror collection? What are some of your favorite items that you own? How do you select what you want to collect?

I started up my horror collection five years ago. I had a decent collection before that, but I was robbed. So I had to start from scratch. I lost some rare pieces too. My favorite items I own are my Critters prop, Cryptkeeper prop/bust, Silent Hill Gecco Robbie bunny, Captain Spaulding 18inch Neca figure and my Gremlin Neca props. I have others I love too, but these are just some of them.

6.  What is your favorite horror sub-genre? Slasher, monsters etc?

I like all horror movies. You gotta love the film The Thing, The Blob and Society, some weird messed up horror which I love! 

7. You have some dope horror tattoos. When did you get your first one and what was it? Is it the same tattoo artist? How do you determine what tattoos you want to get?

My tattoos on my legs are done by my mates Kyle @egg_ink and Alex @thealexwright both on Instagram.  I think my first one was Underworld Kate Beckinsale the tattoo was done by Eggink. Kate Beckinsale saw my tattoo and tagged it on Instagram. Then I got my awesome X-Files piece from Alex. Im a huge fan of the X-Files. My next tattoos will be Regan from The Exorcist and Beetlejuice.

8. If you could make your own modern survival horror movie what would it be about?

If I was to make a modern survival horror it would be very twisted and gory. I don’t want to give too much away in case one day it happens haha.

9. Do you believe in the supernatural like ghosts, aliens etc? Have you ever had a supernatural experience happen to you? If you can please share.

Hell yes I believe in ghosts and aliens! I used to go ghost hunting and take random pics and I’ve seen quite a few bizarre things come back in the photographs. York, especially in the UK it is super haunted and Chester. I also seen some strange things while at work. Do I believe in aliens 100%! I have aliens tattooed on my arms along with UFO’s, abduction dates and numbers. I recently got a UFO tattoo on my finger not so long ago.Screenshot_20190831_090432

10. Who is your favorite horror villain and why?

My favorite horror villain that’s a very tough choice. I’d have to say Jason because he was in the first horror film I ever saw, but I do love Michael Myers and Freddy Krueger. You can’t forget Pennywise the Clown too! But there are plenty of other horror villains I love out there!

11. Who is your favorite Final Girl and why?

My favorite final girl I’m keeping that close to my chest there are many wonderful ones.

12. What are your favorite items to collect? Figures, books, dvds, etc? Why?

I like to collect all things horror. Props are the best!

13. What is the item that is the highest on your bucket list to have in your horror collection?

I’m still searching for a Jaws statue by sideshow to add to my collection. You got to love Jaws, another awesome movie!

14. If you had to pick a horror hero or survivor to be who would you be? Why?

I couldn’t pick a horror hero I’m all for the villain haha.

15. Freddy vs Jason who did you think should have won? Why?

I think Jason should have won, but Freddy could appear in Jason’s dreams and play mind games with him haha.

16. What horror movie do you think should be remade and why?

I would love The Blob to get remade because we need more monster movies! Also imagine Invasion of the Body Snatchers, a real gory remake with a top horror cast. 

17. If you could create your own original horror movie what would be the premise?

I’d love to make a monster movie. I would try and make it like a 1980’s piece. Old school.

18. How has the horror community embraced you? Or supported you either in person or via social media?

The horror community have supported me well! I really appreciate their support and positive feedback. It’s exciting to love horror and see that others love it too! It gives me chills and thrills at the same time!

19. Do you think the horror genre is finally getting the recognition it deserves or it still has a longs way to go?

I think the horror genre is noticed more. We could or should do some new movies with a 1980’s style and bring back the monsters!

20. Any shout outs?
@egg_ink and @thealexwright who have done my tattoos!

Thank you Joseph for your time and being open to do this interview! I appreciate you!!! Keep sharing your dope horror collection with us, I hope one day to get close to the items you own lol! To my readers and supporters hope you all enjoyed reading this interview. Go give Joseph a follow @_ramos_horror__ to see what horror item or tattoo he gets next! Until next time horror fiends and hip hop heads. While you’re at it please feel free to follow my blog on social media @7octoberz Instagram and Facebook! Also follow me on Spotify, Itunes,, Google Play Music to listen to the rest of my audio interviews under: “Nightmare on Sedgwick Avenue”.

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