Nightmare on Sedgwick Avenue – “Native Rhymes and Wisdom – Indian K – Duality Album Review”


Artist: Indian K (One Feature: Ric Scales)

Album: Duality

Rating: 4/5 (based on replay value, content, cohesiveness, lyricism, beats, production, and cadence)

Release Date: November 14, 2018

Buy/Purchase album: All music/streaming platforms

Hello Hip Hop Heads and Horror Fans,

In honor of Throwback Thursday today I will be reviewing Indian K’s album, “Duality“. The album consists of 7 tracks and one track features San Diego based emcee Ric Scales. Most of the project was produced by Marcey Yates, except the track “Record It Up” that is produced by BillyNoJokes. From start to finish Indian K spits knowledge about life, the streets and his culture.

The first track, “Duality” is the introduction track that talks about living life and Indian tell us to just “GO LIVE!”. The hook is catchy and inspirational. This track features San Diego based emcee Ric Scales who also goes in. He drops some gems and personal anecdotes! The second track is “D.O.D.N.“, which has a dope music video that show off my beautiful city of San Diego! This is one of my favorite tracks off this project. The beat is mellow with a vinyl sound to it. Indian K is spitting lyrical knowledge about surviving the streets, being himself and being appreciative about living another day!

The third track “Record It Up” has a blues vibe to it! The beat is fire, was waiting to hear some Muddy Waters! The sample if I’m not mistaken is Howlin’ Wolf – Evil (Is Going On). In this track Indian K touches on people who are not “real”. He says he is here to bring that back and show that he is really genuine! As he rhymes, “Death before dishonor!” He talks about the duality about good vs. evil and how we all have a choice on which side we take! The ironic thing is this is one of the shortest track on the album that I wished could have been longer since the beat is addicting and the lyrics were on point!


The following track is “Lil Indian Boy” that has a Native type beat that is accompanied by a flute. Indian K talks about his heritage and culture. It is an inspirational track where he is rapping to another “Indian boy”. He is telling him to keep going even though his people are constantly being marginalized and have the odds against them. He also mentions how being native and not living on the reservations is frowned upon. Like I like to say “ni de aqui, ni de alla” aka “not being Native enough for his people and being too Native for the Americans. It is a catch 22 situation, but he is saying to follow his path, keep his culture alive and to just thrive! This is a very dope and introspective track! The chorus is also captivating.

The track “OverStand” is another track where Indian K gets introspective and talks about having to leave his “home” to find himself . The duality of being Native (Indian), but also in a sense being American and adapting to both cultures. He also raps how this should not make him less of a native. I can really relate to this track because being Mexican (native), but being born in the U.S. we learn two different cultures. Sadly if we speak good English, listen to hip hop music and dress a certain way we are too American for our people. Then on the other hand I’m too brown if I speak Spanish, listen to musica regional. I’m to “Mexican” for the Americans. Either way you are never going to please “them”. The truth is it doesn’t matter what anyone says as long as you take pride in who you are, your culture, have morals and values!

The last track is the “Earth Caves In“, Indian K recites he is still finding his way in this thing we call life! He just wants to inspire his people and the youth. He also wants to be great and leave a mark! He definitely inspired me! I love that his music has a positive message! Music like this is timeless!

This album touches on finding your own identity and being happy with being you! Self love and loving your own imperfections! This project is also about the duality we all have within ourselves. We all go through that journey where we all have self hate and just gotta live life, seek knowledge of self and learn to love ourselves! This album is really relatable to those who have had an identity crisis or just living life! Very motivational album! Indian K created a dope piece of art that breaks thru all the cultural barriers! Go stream, buy, support this project! San Diego has dope talent and Indian K is one of them!

Favorite Tracks:
1. D.O.D.N

2. Record It Up

3. Lil Indian Boy

4. Earth Caves In

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Nightmare on Sedgwick Avenue – “Keep Moving Forward! – Ocalypse – The Earth Will Provide EP Review”


Artist: Ocalypse (One Feature: Lolo)

Album: The Earth Will Provide

Rating: 4.5/5 (based on replay value, content, cohesiveness, lyricism, beats, production, and cadence)

Release Date: March 15, 2019

Buy/Purchase album: All music/streaming platforms

Hello Hip Hop Heads and Horror Fans,

Today I will be reviewing Ocalypse EP titled, “The Earth Will Provide“. I first came across Ocalypse on Superior’s album “1989” where he was featured on a track called “Excellence”. I thought it was a dope song and an overall amazing album! Check out my review I did on that album as well. I  then began following Ocalypse on social media and that is how I found out he was dropping an EP. I had to show love to a San Diego based emcee!

I reached out to him on social media to get my facts right and share with you all a glimpse of who Ocalypse is! He was kind enough to respond to me and provided me a detailed response as to how this EP was inspired. I was amazed by his story and how of a down to earth individual he is!

Ocalypse is his artistic name, but his actual name is Nate. Nate was born in Duarte, CA, but grew up in Fontana. He then moved to San Diego in 2008. This project is his first full length project under that moniker. He has been actively involved in the San Diego hip hop scene for a little under two years.

In his own word he says, “This album is where I feel I’ve finally found my footing. The title “The Earth Will Provide” stems from a mantra I had when traveling across the country back in 2014. I walked from Chino, CA to Washington DC in order to raise awareness for homeless veterans and veterans with behavioral health issues (I myself was in the marines from 2007-2012). It took about 8 month to walk 3200 miles and whenever I felt lost or hopeless I would remind myself that as long as I was moving in a positive direction forward with a goal that is beneficial to more than myself, the Earth Will Provide and help me achieve that. The album is a culmination of everything that’s happened to me since then, and how after something as monumental as that you still have to keep moving forward.

He also mentioned that when he was out on the road, he had an IPod filled with 64GB’s of music. He said he spent 8+ hours everyday freestyling and rapping along to beats and other people’s music. He describes this experience as a “rap boot camp” that helped shape his style.

Ocalypse has a unique sound, voice and cadence that I would compare to P.O.D and Rage Against the Machine. He has one of those melodic flows where he can rap and sing. I love it because that makes him stand out from his peers and competition! He definitely has rock influence that bleeds into his music. He did mention Rage is definitely a group that has influenced him. Ocalypse also mentioned that he listened to bands like The Blood Brothers, The Locust, and Daughters. He also has his hip hop influences.

This EP consists of 7 tracks. Seems like 7 is the lucky number! Ocalypse touches on several topics from instant gratification, inspiration to keep going, self medication/drugs to deal with pain, to the search of self and even self doubt! It is a dope album that speaks on many relatable subjects.

The first track on the EP is a catchy song called, “Cut Me Off“. The hook is melodic! This track shows Ocalypse’s versatility. Their is a short singing part around the 2:45 min mark that gave me chills! The second track is, “Instant Gratification”. This song is about instant gratification and how this has  caused him failed relationships in the past. He blames himself and also his ex/exes for each others childish actions. This song also touches on this generations obsession with not wanting to put effort in building real relationships. He raps, “Knowing this is just a part of hook up culture“. Definitely my favorite track on this EP! It is so relatable to me as a single girl in this era lol. This song gave me Linkin Park vibes.

Another track is, “Peace/War” that speaks about self medication and drug use to numb the pain. Very introspective track about drug addiction. Then the song, “Holiday” speaks on his guilt and regret for neglecting his partner in a past relationship. Another standout track is “Wwyd“. The track stands for, “What would you do”. The song is about finding himself and also how far will it take for him to reach happiness or is it unattainable to the point that it consumes him?! That is how I interpreted the song. The spoken word at the end was the icing on the cake, it was amazingly beautiful! Poetic to the core! I was not expecting that track to end on that high note, I was very blown away in a positive way!

The last track is “Another Day” it is a song about self doubt, negative thoughts and the constant battle we have with our own minds. Loved the piano on this track. I really connected with this track since most of us have had at one time or another a mid life crisis aka mental breakdown. You begin to question yourself and ask what the fuck are you doing with your life?! If I had to make an anthem for that feeling it would be this beautifully composed song!

The Production is dope as well. I really enjoyed the mixture of rock and rap melodies. Loved the guitar and snares. This EP stands out from what I have heard lately which is a great thing. I think Ocalypse has created his own sound and lane successfully. I can’t wait to see what he puts out next! I see great things in the horizon for this dude! Even though he is not a San Diego native I welcome him as one of our own! Daygo stand up! Go check out his EP. Buy, stream it, post it on social media. Just show love and support.This a dope EP!

Favorite Tracks/Verses: (Lyrics provided courtesy of Ocalypse himself)

1. Instant Gratification:

“I want instant gratification
Especially in my relationships 
Blame it on commitment
Or lack of effort put in to it
Yeah we can fuck, but what happens after that moment is over and I’m wondering how long I get to hold ya
Knowing this is just a part of hook up culture 
Anything more you berate my ass on social 
Media got ya thinking you a bad bitch 
Your heads held high up you a savage
Run around town thinking that you slang dick
Tell the truth I just see it as pathetic 
Catch 22 cause I do the same shit
Probably why I drink enough to stay complacent
Ona budget but I went and spent a couple hundred just to see if I still had a taste for it

I swear this generations sick”

2. Peace/War:

A moment of silence for everything that we gave up
For our dreams 
And this fake love
It’s time to wake up
Handled my anxiety
Through isolation 
While society required
Daily medication
Raised on
The illusion
I could fix myself
With nobodies help
Well at least that’s how I think right now
So I’m stuck in this hell 
Fighting just to keep my head strong
And my nose clean
Watching people I held close
Disappear Around me. 
From dope fiend 
To coasting around the states invoking
Passion in the form of a product you find revolting
I am just a servant of man
Trying to find a woke queen

3. Wwyd:

“Endlessly provided for
Green maternal wasteland
Purveyor of a constant flood
Hounded through darkness and scarred for your atrium 
We abide by no rules 
Furthering our grief stricken resistance 
We break free from our self imposed exile all while retaining what we’ve learned 
In hopes of showing off how far we’ve gone to attain our freedom
But yet we still need you
To facilitate our growth 
You push us forward towards our goals
In hopes of a positive exchange of values
The potential for greatness is there
But when is enough enough. 
Will the omnipotent surface and remind us of our fragility
Or allow us to consume until we are all that is left. 
A fate worse than death. “

4. Another Day:

“Another day passes
We’re still getting older
How are things with you and your dreams
Further or closer
I’ve been Mulling over how it should be
How it’s supposed to end up for me
Will I finally ever feel free
Will I ever give my mind the satisfaction it desires
Or return to the earth
Unfulfilled when I expire
Will I burn in Hell Fire
Undeserving of mercy or
Did my efforts shed a light on ways to keep on improving”

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Nightmare on Sedgwick Avenue – “We All Have A Shadow – Us Movie Review” SPOILERS


Movie: Us

Review By: Gaby Moreno

Release date: March 22, 2019

Main Cast: Lupita Nyong’o, Winston Duke, Elisabeth Moss, Tim Heidecker, Shahadi Wright Joseph, Evan Alex, Yahya Abdul-Mateen II and Anna Diop

Brief synopsis from online:

A family’s serenity turns to chaos when a group of doppelgängers begins to terrorize them.

Hello Hip Hop Heads and Horror Fans,

Today I will be reviewing Jordan Peele’s film, “Us“, that he directed, produced and wrote! I went to see this movie the Friday night that it came out! I left the theater with so many different interpretations, and I was left to process. Watching the film in theaters was definitely an adventure. What I love about Peele’s films is they grab the viewer and make us willing participants. I felt fully immersed in the film. He knows how to develop the characters to the point you care what happens to each of them. This was the case with the Wilson family. There are scenes where I wanted to laugh, cry, be frightened, wanted to yell and cheer for them.

This film is a horror masterpiece! Jordan Peele did it again! He once again created an original concept and story. I loved that he created a new doppelgänger mythology and added to the lore. As well as continued his trend with giving black actors the protagonist and lead roles. It is amazing the representation Peele has continued to bring to the forefront of the horror genre. It is refreshing to see a black family as the main characters in a horror movie! Peele also did a hell of a job in blending horror with comedy.  As always he inserts satire and social commentary.

The film’s main premise is about the Wilson family who goes on a family vacation to Santa Cruz, CA. I do not want to give out too much, but in the opening scene the main character and mom of the family Adelaide has suffered a traumatic experience that still seems to haunt her on this trip with her family. She finally opens up to her husband that when she was a kid she saw her doppelgänger and she thinks that her double is still out to get her! Her doppleganger, “Red” indeed comes back for a vengeance, but it is much deeper than the surface I leave it at that.

What I took from the movie is that Adelaide and Red both came from two different worlds (above ground) and (underground). Yet each one chose their own fate. One led to success another to self-pity, but became angry that it finally drove her to form the “tethered” rebellion.

This film comes at the time of the Post Trump era. Where we are continuously being fed ignorance from the news to spread fear that “the outsiders” aka “immigrants” are coming in waves to cross the border illegally. When in reality we should be looking at ourselves! We are privileged here as Americans and sometimes we fail to see this when we are making ourselves out to be the victims. We all have our demons and sins we carry and some of us pass it onto our children. For instance the twist ending that the true doppelgänger was Adelaide all along and the only one who now knows this is her son “Jason” who witnesses “Adelaide” murder “Red” in the underground. Now Jason carries this secret or burden.

The film can also be said to connect with the following topics: immigration (migration), homelessness, and classism. Also the fact that the United States keeps repeating history and not owning up to the violence and damage they have caused in the past. They write out certain oppressed groups out of the history books. They tend to forget the fact this country was built on Native American genocide, slavery, and now mass incarceration geared to oppress minorities. Which brings me back to the film the way Adelaide repressed the memory of being the true doppelganger and now her actions have a direct connection as to why the “tethered” decided to rise up!

The U.S. also has its duality, we have better living situations than other countries, technology, and we are a melting pot. This film was created to spark conversation, start a dialogue of how each of us can change within in a positive way and work with each other. As corny as it sounds together we can achieve more than divided. This means all social status, creed, gender, sexual preference, race, etc. It does not come easy, but we gotta start with ourselves.

I know it might not be the time with Michael Jackson’s past being brought back, but his song “Man in the Mirror” fits perfectly with the theme of this movie. The line I am referring to is: “If you want to make the world a better place, Take a look at yourself, and then make a change!” You can see Michael Jackson’s influence in this film. More specifically the “Thriller” music video that has certain homages throughout the film. Even in an interview Peele said Michael is the patron saint of duality. I believe his duality is due to his music and philanthropist side, but also the allegations. I always wanted a sequel to the Thriller music video since at the end we see Michael Jackson’s evil smile and his iconic yellow eyes showing the viewer he was the “werewolf/monster” the whole time. But his girl is made to believe it was all a nightmare! The final scene where Adelaide smirks at her son Jason is a direct homage to Thriller. She is confirming our suspicion that she was the doppelgänger the whole time!

Lupita’s performance as both Adelaide and Red was phenomenal she deserves another Oscar!!! Playing two totally opposing characters or are they? Don’t we all have a darker and lighter side and it forms only one of Us! Regardless Lupita showed off her versatility as an actress. Can’t wait to see what role she plays next!

The music or should I say score was once again composed by Michael Abels! The score was amazingly haunting! I love that Jordan Peele is all about originality and decided to have Abels compose a brand new score. The opening shot of the bunnies was made creepier with the score that is a mix of opera and eeriness. I loved the choice of songs chosen to be in the movie, I Got 5 On It, Janelle Monae’s I like That, Fuck the Police and Why You Treat Me So Bad. I am really glad Peele has opened up the lane for rap and r&b songs to be in horror movies!

As a twin this movie hit me even deeper. It reminded me of the stereotype that there is an evil and good twin. That is one of the most common questions people always ask my twin or I. I have always disliked that question. The truth is we all have this obsession with good vs. evil. The reality is we all have a good and bad side that lives within us! We are our worst enemy and all have a shadow self!

Peele has created his own lane and sub genre for horror and given us new heroes and heroines, as well as villains! He has started a new universe of monsters that can even lead to potential sequels. I love how he drops easter eggs, foreshadows and horror references. He has easily become a master of horror. He knows that our primal fear is about our day to day reality. That is what makes a film scary when they get in touch with things we deal with on a daily basis.

This review can go on for hours, but I will cut it short (pun intended). I will most likely continue having new interpretations as I continue to process this horror masterpiece! I have heard so many interpretations of this film and it goes to show how of a genius Peele is. I love that this film has sparked conversation. This film forces you to self reflect and ask yourself who are we to judge others when we ourselves are not perfect! He has created films that make you think and search within yourself and I think that is beautiful!

In the meantime if you have not seen the film go see it! It is worth every single penny and the experience is like no other! Haven’t felt this thrill from a horror movie since “Get Out” lol! Jordan Peele has proved himself to be a high contender in the horror genre! I can’t wait what his complex mind comes up with next!

Horror Influences/Homages/Easter Eggs:

C.H.U.D.: Tunnels & homeless

Jaws t-shirt: suspense and takes place at the beach

Goonies: Adventure / underground

Invasion of the Body Snatchers: The primal scream/moan the tethered use to communicate with each other

Hands Across America: 1986 benefit campaign to do a human chain to raise money for homelessness, hunger and people in poverty. This is what Red used to inspire her rebellion.

Jeremiah 11:11 Bible Verse: Therefore thus saith the Lord, Behold, I will bring evil upon them, which they shall not be able to escape; and though they shall cry unto me, I will not hearken unto them.

Werewolf Mask: Jason (son) wears this throughout the film. The werewolf is still a human who transforms into a monster. Duality!

Thriller: mentioned above in my blog

Night of the Living Dead: The “tethered” takeover just like the zombies.

Nightmare on Elm Street: Jason’s doppleganger is burned and the gloves the tethered wear.

The Lost Boys: in film takes place at the Santa Cruz Pier and beach where the film was filmed. As well as in the opening scene Adelaide’s mom mentions they are filming a movie at the boardwalk.

The Invitation: I might be far off, but when Gabe and his doppelgänger are fighting on the boat and his doppelgänger screams and seems to be communicating with other doppelgängers reminded me at the end of this film where the main character realizes the cult is taking over Los Angeles and his friends aren’t the only casualties.

Bunnies: Peele mentions he finds bunnies creepy since they look cuddly but have a scary smirk on their faces and seem to look past you.

Scissors: I took this as a weapon that normally scared me as a kid. I remember in elementary school when the teacher teaches you how to properly pass scissors so you do not accidentally cut your classmate. Peele states that scissors are created by two parts to them which they have a duality to them.

Trauma: Repressing memory after a traumatic experience

Fuck the Police: Police never save the day for black people or minorities get there too late! Peele NEVER makes them out to be the heroes and they never arrive!

Thank you for reading my review. Hope you all enjoyed it! Until next time horror fiends and hip hop heads! While you’re at it follow my blog on social media @7octoberz and Facebook!

Nightmare on Sedgwick Avenue – “Oucchhyy! Spooky Season is Among Us! – Nemy – It’s Nemy EP Review”


Artist: Nemy

Album: It’s Nemy EP

Rating: 5/5 (based on replay value, content, cohesiveness, lyricism, beats, production, and cadence)

Release Date: March 14, 2019

Buy/Purchase album: All music/streaming platforms

Hello Hip Hop Heads and Horror Fans,

Today I will be reviewing Nemy’s EP, “It’s Nemy”. He is a San Diego based rapper. I first heard Nemy on Smalls Uno’s project Beastmode that I reviewed earlier this month. It’s a dope project that you should also check out! Also if I’m not mistaken I came across Nemy on HipHopWeds IG story where he was performing at the AC Lounge. Even though the clip was short I noticed how he engaged and hypnotized his audience with his performance. I heard he was dropping an EP via social media and I had to show support!

I purchased his EP on Amazon and pressed play. I was very impressed by his lyricism and mesmerized by his storytelling. The EP consists of 7 tracks. I actually am a fan of EP’s since you get a taste of who the artist is and most of the time all the tracks are cohesive with great content and no fillers. This project was one of those examples! From start to finish Nemy takes you on a lyrical rollercoaster ride. This EP will make you laugh, cry, get angry and feel inspired! The production and beats fit perfectly with Nemy’s gritty voice.  You can hear and feel Nemy’s emotion in every verse!

Each track tells a story that captivates the listener. The EP begins with the track ” I O U“. Right of the bat the beat is amazing with a dope sample. He shows of his lyrical abilities and proves he is nothing to fuck with! I mean he says, ” I’m out of this world I got my own spaceship!”. This track sets the tone for the rest of the EP.

His second track is called, “Georgy Porgy“, it is one of the standout tracks in my opinion. It is an emotional and socio-political track. Mainly touches on Trayvon Martin’s killer George Zimmerman.  In the song Nemy touches on various topics from Trayvon’s tragic murder to the corrupt system that has and continues to work against minorities to keep us down! Nemy sums it up perfectly when he raps, “You think it’s gon’ change you get your President impeached, sheesh?!”.

Nemy also has his hit, “Mr. T” which is a track with a catchy hook and dark humor! Definitely a banger to bump in your car! He also has a track called “Mami Luchi” that consists of a voice message from his grandma. I loved that given I too had a strong bond with my grandma. It’s dope he reflects his respect and love for her in his music. He has a lyric in one of his songs where he spits, “My grandma is like a saint to me!”. I could relate to that 100%! In the message she describes Nemy and how he has always remained the same and loves him for that. This adds a personal touch to the project. As well as displays his vulnerable side and shows Nemy is as genuine as they come!

The EP also has a track called, “Spooky Kinda Luv“, which is a funny, morbid, weird love song! The second to last track “Sometimes/Sit Down” touches on his struggles and pain he has dealt with. He also shows how he still pulled through! The final track, “It’s Nemy“, is another standout track for me. It has a chipmunk vocal sample. The song is an anthem for those who have been through the ringer and overcame their struggle. In this track Nemy gets a little introspective and talks about just that! He proves to his haters that he made it and he will continue to thrive!

I just had the opportunity to meet Nemy briefly at one of his shows. He is a humble dude and I see longevity in his career! Listening to this project I got to see a glimpse of who he is and how his mind works! Glad I bought this album! It is an amazing project to just bump on your way to work, at the gym, getting ready to go out or while your doing your daily routine! San Diego Hip Hop scene is thriving and Nemy is proof of that! Oucchhyy!!! Spooky season is in full effect!!! Go show support and cop Nemy’s EP!

Favorite Tracks/Verses: 

1.Georgy Porgy:

“Don’t prey on the weak
Don’t shit where you sleep
Keep your eyes off the sneaks I bought my son last week
Practice what you preach
The cocaine whiter than the god that they teach
Brown skin, hair ?? that some shit that they don’t preach
You think it’s gon’ change you get your President impeached, sheesh?!”

2.Sometimes/Sit Down:

“Cuz shit gets fuckin’ real sometimes
What you do? For the $100 dollar bill sometimes
What, it makes you want to kill sometimes
But wait, I’m just tryna kill some time
Ya’ll tryna destroy, I’m tryna build sometimes
It takes a lot of pain to help you heal sometimes 
I never fuck her when I’m juggling rhymes
And these streets are like a motherfuckin’ jungle sometimes, It’s Nemy!”

3. It’s Nemy:

“I give you these no pen involved
It’s hard to be a GOAT without a set of horns! Oucchhyy!
And fuck a piece of the pie
Nemy just want the recipe
I think that you livin’ a lie
I don’t believe what you tellin’ me
And no I do not wanna buy, nope
The bullshit that you sellin’ me
You wanna live in the skies
I’ll do you a favor you live in the skies
I looked at the Devil, I stared in his eyes
I weathered the storm I fuckin’ survived
All of my losses I took them with pride
I walk with a purpose just look at my stride!”

Thank you for reading my review. Hope you all enjoyed it! Until next time horror fiends and hip hop heads! While you’re at it follow my blog on social media @7octoberz and Facebook!

Nightmare on Sedgwick Avenue – “Fails to Captivate – Captive State Movie Review”


Movie: Captive State

Review By: Gaby Moreno

Release date: March 15, 2019

Main Cast: John Goodman, Vera Farmiga, Ben Daniels, Ashton Sanders, Jonathan Majors, James Ransone, Machine Gun Kelly etc.

Brief synopsis from online:

Residents of a Chicago neighborhood deal with life under extraterrestrial rule.

Hello Hip Hop Heads and Horror Fans,

Today I will be reviewing the movie Captive State. I had seen the previews/trailer and it gave me a Cloverfield with a mix of The Purge: Anarchy vibe. I hoped it would be entertaining. This film even made it to my list of most anticipated horror films to watch in 2019. Even though it is more of a Sci-Fi movie.

In the midst of the current political climate involving immigration it makes sense a movie like this came out this year. As we horror fans know alien movies touch on our fear of invasion. That fear can cause paranoia that might not even be valid. I will just leave it that!

The opening scene starts with good momentum, but as soon as it fast forwards to the current state of the Earth being occupied by the aliens it got confusing. They began the movie like if the viewer had background knowledge as to what was going on. I was a bit lost trying to piece everything together. At times it became boring and I caught myself just not caring what was going to happen next.

The movie failed to deliver. They had a solid premise, they just didn’t fully develop it. It lacked action and when the little to no action scenes occurred they failed to captivate the viewer. They also failed to develop the characters to the point I did not care for them. The only thing going for the film was the relationship between the main characters Gabriela and Rafe who were brothers trying to survive.  I felt the writers and directors focused most of their time on developing the plot twist rather than the actual story. They had a great cast from John Goodman, Ashton Sanders, Ben Daniels to Vera Farmiga . They failed to use Vera to her full acting capabilities. They tried to build mystery and suspense and subtle hints about the “Trojan horse” in order to infiltrate and spark a war between the humans and the aliens, but I could have cared less.

They also never showed who the alien leader was. They did not even show how the aliens reached an agreement with the humans to occupy Earth. There was a scene where a politician was going to meet with “them”, but the anarchist group planned a hit and the meeting didn’t occur. The story left a lot of loop holes. Now it makes sense why Vera didn’t promote it on her social media lol. I would suggest skipping this movie. You are not missing out on much!

Thank you for reading my review. Hope you all enjoyed it! Until next time horror fiends and hip hop heads! While you’re at it follow my blog on social media @7octoberz and Facebook!

Nightmare on Sedgwick Avenue –”Lyrical Masterpiece with Jazz Vibes! – Vel the Wonder – La Sena Ave Album Review”


Artist: Vel the Wonder

Album: La Sena Ave.

Rating: 5/5 (based on replay value, content, cohesiveness, lyricism, beats, production, and cadence)

Release Date: March 12, 2019

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Hello Hip Hop Heads and Horror Fans,

Today I will be reviewing Vel the Wonder’s third album “La Sena Ave”. Vel the Wonder is a lyricist/emcee who is holding it down for the ladies in Hip Hop! As I like to say she is a rapper who just happens to be a female. Her gender should not define her, she is a lyrical beast! Some may consider her underground, but I wouldn’t box her into that category, she is well known. I just recently began listening to her music and she is an amazing lyricist/poet. Her songwriting consists of poetic rhymes that are relatable and tell a story.

For those who do not know who Vel the Wonder is, she started off as a graff writer and her love for the Hip Hop culture led her to become an emcee. She hails from Baldwin Park, CA. She has dropped two previous albums (Laced with Pearls & Joyride) and also some mixtapes. She has remained consistent in delivering albums with substance, dope lyricism and great production!

This album, La Sena Ave. has a mellow jazzy boombap vibe and I love it! It’s an album you can play from start to finish without skipping any tracks. The way the tracks were placed flow beautifully! The album consists of 15 tracks, running time 50 minutes. The production on the beats are by 4thbeats. She raps in English and Spanish. She sings a bit on some tracks like Frutas, Luck and Deep End to name a few. It is mesmerizing and just a relaxing vibe!

The track “Deep End” is one of my favorite tracks on this project, it has a dope sample. 4thbeats did a great job on the Production! The whole album is cohesive each track blends together perfectly. It’s like a movie in sonic form! The album is a mixture of street rap, love of the hip hop culture and Vel’s antidotes about her personal life. From the passing of her dog to her growth and family bond.

I highly recommend you buy or stream this album! I already bought my copy! It is one of my favorite projects from 2019! I will definitely have it in rotation. This album is an introspective lyrical masterpiece with jazz vibes. You have to listen to it over and over. Every listen I catch something new. This album is like a soundtrack of pure lyricism and poetry. It tells Vel’s story about living in California, the streets, women fighting stereotypes and family values! You can just cruise to this album, press play and enjoy the ride! Vel is the true embodiment of what an Artist is!

Favorite Tracks/Verses: (I love all the songs, but these stood out)

1.Transit Kid:

“As I grow
All I think about are children
And I ain’t even tryna be a mother
If I ain’t building a better foundation
For my kids to hold on
I’m talking a whole generation of seeds we need to grown on
Be proud of who you are and be proud your brother
Even if she looks nothing like you we need each other
Help the ones that you can and pray for those that you can’t
And understand no man is more great than all the land
I wanna tell you to hold on
You’ve been struggling awhile i see you painted the gold on”

2. Vinyl Frontier:

“I’m a real innovative type of bitch
Never follow the course
My people needed water I bottled the source
Yea, speak my future into existence
Manifest my destination
While maintainin’ knowledge and resistance
And I am a women of color with light skin 
Ill never forget what my privilege gets me or what I might win
But I promise to use my pens to keep writing
I wont throw in the towel til I get my fight in
I’ll push past all of the tragedies, devastations..”

3. Lisa Simpson:

“Society is inclined of holding you back from finding you’re spine
They don’t want you feeling sturdy 
They don’t want you recognized
They don’t want to see your value, they only wanna sexualize
But what they don’t seem to understand is that the center lies
The seed of life the birth of all things, paradise, yo its life!”

4. Mija:

“Dream big mija
You can see the world
Everything the sun touches is yours
Don’t focus on this place, na
dream bigger than anything then
focus on that race
you were meant for big
Yea I’m talking real loud
Got me feeling like your dad real proud
Listen anything boys can do you can do better and no man will love you more than me ever, your mom too
Rooting for you always focusing on your future always
Take care of your brothers and sisters you only have each other on this earth
I promise you this word you gon’ learn from all of my mistakes
ill prepare for you to settle in for all of life’s embrace
And if I ever yelled a little too much is cuz I love you
My first daughter no one comes above you”

5. Mr Green: ( The hip hop references! Loved it!)

“Oh Mr. Evidence what’s the weather
Leave me underneath this umbrella
Ain’t no motherfuckin fella out or on top?
Better keep your sunshine and pretty days
I’m a threat with rough plays and gritty ways
Step to me pretty ricky or get it a taste of the body bag?
Been blazing since Vinnie Paz, Ill call him the verbal hologram
Smoking on a 100 fucking grams listening to Jedi Mind steadily shinnin 99 
Like it ain’t nothin man Protect ya Neck and start a ruckus clan!…”

6. Deep End:

“What’s a life to live if you can’t love it
Why invest all of your time in something, you can’t hug it
No talking about what you gon’ do if you can’t run it
And don’t be playing these big boy games if you can’t fuck it
I always knew that I was suppose to win
But I didn’t know I have to give up love so I could focus in..”

7. Anonymous:

“The premonitions of a psycho 
Yo everybody wants me to fail everybody wants me to win
Everybody wants me to be skinny and curvy and still hit the gym
Everybody wants me to stay worthless and give in to the bigger man
Everybody knows Vel, nobody knows who I really am! 2x
Nobody know who I really am”

Thank you for reading my review. Hope you all enjoyed it! Until next time horror fiends and hip hop heads! While you’re at it follow my blog on social media @7octoberz and Facebook!

Nightmare on Sedgwick Avenue –”This Shit is Real! – Fivespace – Interview with Sir Froderick”


Hello Hip Hop Heads and Horror Fans,

I had the opportunity to interview the owner of Fivespace. Fivespace is a hip hop record store, but you can also find an eclectic mix of other genres in his discounted vinyl crates. There is also a rack of vintage 80’s and 90’s clothing, Kung Fu DVD’s, VHS’s, CD’s, cassettes, hip hop memorabilia from books, rings, pins to mugs. He also has a small comic book selection and more rarities! If you haven’t been here definitely check it out it’s in the heart of North Park, San Diego!

This record shop is the place to be for any hip hop head or a lover of the culture! It is not only for hip hop fans, but also for anyone who has a love for music period! As soon as you enter the shop you get a sense of nostalgia. As you enter the shop you immediately see hip hop records along the walls on shelves, as well as cassettes. If you are lucky enough you might also bump into local artists or other well known artists. For instance, today when I conducted this interview local artist Aki Kharmicel was there working on a project with Erick. As soon as you enter Fivespace you are greeted by Erick who welcomes you in and offers his knowledge and expertise if needed. If you’re looking for a particular item or want to custom order Erick is very flexible with that, just ask him!

                     Previous Location July 2017

Erick was humble enough to sit down with me for this interview. The first time I went to Fivespace was when there was a beat/producer event. This was when he was at his old location near Arizona St., just a few blocks away from where he is located now. That show was amazing! Ever since then I began going there and became a regular customer!

Erick is not only a business owner he is also a Hip Hop Producer. His origins as a Producer are a bit mysterious. If you want to check out his music find him on your favorite streaming platform by his moniker Sir Froderick! Without further a do continue to read below and learn about Erick as a business owner, Hip Hop connoisseur and Producer!

Q: What’s your favorite scary movie? 

Sir Froderick: The Shining, I got a chance to score it and it holds sentimental value.

Q: When did you fall in love with the hip hop and the culture?

SF: Since I was a little kid, since I bought my first album. I think it was Slick Rick – The Great Adventures of Slick Rick or maybe Big Daddy Kane – Long Live the Kane.

Q: What are your favorite Hip Hop records of all time? Why?

SF: ATCQ – Midnight Marauders, Pete Rock & C.L. Smooth – The Main Ingredient, EPMD – Business as Usual and Gang Starr – Daily Operation. Favorite because beats and rhymes are well put together and they are well thought out projects.

Q: Who are some of your favorite Producers or Producers who have influenced you?

SF: DJ Premier, DJ Shadow, Biz Markie, Prince Paul

Q: Who are some of your favorite rappers/emcees ? 

SF: Guru, Q-Tip and PMD

Q: Tells us about yourself and your brand as a Producer and business owner?

SF: Sir Froderick as a brand is just all about collage. A cut and pasting of all types of sounds and or images. My art also explains my music, which is cutting sound effects and pasting them into a whole new piece and a whole new medium to the beholder.

As for Fivespace it’s a place or a piece of me, a piece of my type of lifestyle that I can try to expose to everybody else. A shop where people can come in and feel nostalgia when they come into Fivespace.

Q: What is your motto or mission statement that motivates you or you go by?

SF: I got this piece of like a birthday card, I think from my mom, you know it’s from an unknown source. I think the quote was, “Do what you can do in life that you know you can’t fail at”

Q: What do you want your followers to know about you and what you represent?

SF: In the words of Fat Joe: “Shit is real!”

Q: Where did the name brand Fivespace come from? Any special meaning behind it?

SF: My wife Rachel, she got the idea. She is into numerology, so the address of our old storefront broke down to being Fivespace. At the end of it, it was 5 and we were in a space, so called it Fivespace.

Q: What made you want to open up a record store here in San Diego?

SF: Originally trying to do it in Seattle, but it was too expensive. We found a reasonably priced place that is blossoming and still feel its blossoming!

Q: What do you believe makes a business thrive?

SF: You have to have heart!

Q: How do you juggle business and life? I know keeping a business running is tough its having to work 24/7. How do you mentally prepare or what keeps you going?

SF: I love what I do! You gotta love what you do. I think that is really the main key. When you got any type of job or whatever work that is bringing or paying your bills you gotta make sure you love it. So you go into it with all heart! Like I was saying before it’s fun to do, it’s passion. Labor of love!

Q: Where do you see the future of Fivespace going? I know you gotta keep future plans under wraps, but it would be dope to know your vision or a brief glimpse of where you see your business going. Any more shops?

SF: I’m not thinking in those lengths yet. I am just hoping to be able to get more people into the know of this place. I want people to know that we exist! I would just love to spread the name, grow the brand and then see where it goes. I’m just riding the wave, I’m on a boogie board right now!

Q: What do you believe you have to offer that is different from your peers or competition?

SF: History! I am in the game, as well as studied the game. I feel like I’m more in touch with what is going on when it comes to Hip Hop music. I feel like when people come here I’m giving pretty good guidance or insight to what I feel is good music or suggestions.

Q: San Diego Hip Hop scene is alive and well, what are some of the people you have worked with in the past or plan on working with in the near future?

SF: I am curated who I worked with. But in the past I worked with Dre Trav and Ralph Quasar when he was 18sense. And now currently working with Mr. Kharmicel.

Q: What is “For the Cult” event, how did it get started? Please explain to those who don’t know or aren’t familiar with it.

That is me and my homie Benji. We just love movies, I love movies! We are all about just crazy type of shit that is out there. Doesn’t matter what genre, we just like good movies! We just got the idea of trying to expose the movies that we like and just share it with other people. Hopefully they want to come out and hang out, eat popcorn and watch some good shit. We kept going with it, I think we are on our 3rd or 4th event now.

Q: What advice would you give an up and coming business owner or entrepreneur?

SF: Don’t do it so I can get all this money!

Q: What advice do you have for the younger generation who might be thinking of possibly getting into the business of a record store or a business involving hip hop?

SF: Jokingly says: Don’t do it! Come into this store and give me your money! And maybe you can work for me or some shit and you can learn that way! But other than that yeah don’t do it yo!

Q: What kind of legacy do you want to leave behind or blueprint?

SF: As far as what kinda mark I wanna leave? This shit is real, nah, I don’t know, shit, I never really gave it any type of thought. I just hope that people appreciate and are enjoying what I am trying to provide for SD. Hopefully the community and the culture can thrive and we can do it all together!!!

Thank you for reading my first interview. Hope you all enjoyed it! Go shop at Fivespace!!! Erick posts daily new arrivals and sold items on his IG @fivespaceshop. His online website is Location: 2305 University Ave #101, San Diego, CA 92104. Until next time horror fiends and hip hop heads! While you’re at it follow my blog on social media @7octoberz and Facebook!

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