Nightmare on Sedgwick Avenue: “Belief in oneself is contagious – Glass Movie Review”


Review By: Gaby Moreno

Release date: January 18, 2019

Main Cast: James McAvoy, Samuel L. Jackson, Bruce Willis, Anya Taylor-Joy, Sarah Paulson, Spencer Treat Clark.

Brief synopsis from online:

“From Unbreakable, Bruce Willis returns as David Dunn as does Samuel L. Jackson as Elijah Price, known also by his pseudonym Mr. Glass. Joining from Split are James McAvoy, reprising his role as Kevin Wendell Crumb and the multiple identities who reside within, and Anya Taylor-Joy as Casey Cooke, the only captive to survive an encounter with The Beast. Following the conclusion of Split, Glass finds Dunn pursuing Crumb’s superhuman figure of The Beast in a series of escalating encounters, while the shadowy presence of Price emerges as an orchestrator who holds secrets critical to both men.”

Hello Hip Hop Heads and Horror Fans!!!

Welcome to my blog, Nighmare on Sedgwick Avenue!  Thank you for reading and hope you enjoy my review of Glass! This weekend I went to check M. Night Shyamalan’s most anticipated superhero trilogy “Glass”. Mr. Shyamalan spent years developing this series.

Everyone was taken by surprise at the end of Split where we found out it took place in the same universe as Unbreakable. Here we pick up after the events that occurred in Split. The beginning does drag a bit, but then it gets to the action. “The Beast” AKA “The Horde” is still on the run and still kidnapping young teenage girls.

The film then moves onto David Dunn’s life and how it’s been after the events of the Unbreakable film. David has turned into a vigilante and has a very close relationship with his son, who know’s his superhero secret as we knew from the first film.

We finally get to see a brief showdown between “The Beast” and “The Overseer”, which is Dunn’s coined superhero name by the media. Of course this film could not be complete without the infamous villain Elijah “Mr. Glass” Price who loves to cause chaos like the Joker. It was an entertaining film, we get to see more of these characters and what shaped them into who they have become.

In this film you get to see all three characters interact with one another and get to know a bit of their psyche, what motivates them, their trauma that played an important role in making them stronger or weaker. You also get to see the people in their life’s who care for each of them and how the actions of these three main characters impact and shape their loved one’s lives. It is a film that allows all three stories to come to a full circle.

We are also introduced to psychiatrist Dr. Ellie Staple, played by the talented and gorgeous actress Sarah Paulson who is treating all three characters making them believe they are NOT superheroes/villains.

This film became more of a superhero/comic book film than Shyamalan’s normal horror movies, which is not a bad thing. I always love two see two genres come together to create an amazing universe with in depth characters and a fresh new storyline.

The cast once again pulled it off! James McVoy deserves an award for his brilliant portrayal of Kevin Wendell Crumb and “The Horde” in this series!

This couldn’t be a Shyamalan film without him delivering a twist at the end. I can’t say I was too happy about the ending, but I understand why he did it, to give some “closure” in a sense.

I am still rooting for the story to continue though. There are several characters that the torch can be passed onto like Dunn’s son and Crumb’s victim/survivor Casey Cooke. Definitely go check it out the movie in theaters! You know everyone is going to be talking about so you don’t want to miss out!

In the end this film could be said to be more than a superhero film. It touches on the following topics: mental illness, child abuse, childhood trauma, toxic relationships and believing in oneself, as if we are superheroes who we can do anything we set our minds to!

Thank you for reading until next time!

Nightmare on Sedgwick Avenue: “This is My Design: 2019 Most Anticipated Horror Films & Tv Shows”

By: Gaby Moreno

Hello Hip Hop Heads and Horror Fans!!!

In this post I will mention the most anticipated horror films and tv shows that I am excited to see this year! Oh what a great year to be a horror fan a lot of dope films and tv shows are being released!

To another year of gore, creepiness, fear and dark humor! There are also horror tv shows that are returning from hiatus to please our horror desires!

Excited to see the following TV shows and films that allow us to escape our reality for a few minutes/hours to be consumed by fear, amazing storytelling, entertain our imagination and also remind us about the dark reality of today’s society as well as the beauty!!!

2019 Most Anticipated Horror Films:

  1. IT Chapter 2
    Release Date: Sept. 16
  2. Scary Stories to tell in the Dark
    Release Date: Aug 9


  3. Are you Afraid of the Dark
    Release Date: Oct 11

  4. The Curse of La Llorona
    Release Date: April 19th


  5. Annabelle 3
    Release Date: July 3


  6. The Prodigy
    Release Date: Feb. 8
  7. 3 From Hell
    Release Date: TBD


  8. In the Tall Grass
    Release Date: TBD


  9. Zombieland 2
    Release Date: Oct 11
    Related image
  10. The New Mutants
    Release Date: August 2
  11. Us
    Release Date: March 15
  12. Grudge (Sam Raimi’s is Producing!)
    Release Date: June 21
    Image result for grudge 2019
  13. Captive State
    Release Date: March 29

  14. Velvet Buzzsaw (Netflix)
    Release Date: TBD

  15. The Final Wish
    Release Date: Jan 24

  16. St. Agatha
    Release Date: Feb 8

  17. Glass 
    Release Date: Jan 18

  18. Jacob’s Ladder (Remake)
    Release Date: TBD
    Image result for jacob's ladder 2019

  19. Godzilla: King of the Monsters
    Release Date: May 31st

  20. Rabid
    Release Date: March 25

    Image result for rabid 2019

Skeptical about watching:

  1. Pet Sematary (Release Date – April 5th): The 1989 version is one of my favorite horror movies of all time. Honestly I don’t believe it needs to be remade, but we will see how this new version brings Stephen King’s story to life!
  2. Child’s Play (Release Date – June 21st): Another favorite childhood movie of mine. It’s crazy that this movie is being created without involvement of the franchise creator Don Mancini and Brad Dourif voicing Chucky. The funny thing is Mancini’s franchise is owned by Universal and it looks like there is a Child’s Play tv series in the works. On the other hand MGM owns the rights to the first film so they decided to remake their own version based on the same plot as the original 1988 film that was written by Tom Holland. The only reason I am giving this movie a chance is they’re going to use an animatronic doll vs. CGI, which I am glad since I am a fan of practical effects! Either way looks like Chucky won’t be dying anytime soon! Now he has a tv show and new movie that will keep him immortalized!!!

2019 Most Anticipated Horror TV Shows:

  1. Good Omens: TBD (Amazon Prime) Based on Neil Gaiman’s fantasy novel about Angels and Demon
  2. NOS4A2: TBD (AMC) Based on Joe Hill’s (Stephen King’s son) novel about a supernatural killer and the amazing actor Zachary Quinto is playing the monster!
  3. Chilling Adventures of Sabrina S2: April 5 (Netflix) Season 1 was great! I love this darker version of Sabrina can’t wait for season 2!
  4. The Passage: Jan 14 (FOX) A vampiric virus outbreak involving Zach Morris (I mean Mark Paul Gosselaar) count me in lol
  5. I am the Night: Jan 28 (TNT) When I saw the trailer I was like WTF is this. Nonetheless the trailer was intriguing. The story involves an investigation on a gynecologist that might be connected to the infamous Black Dahlia Murder. The trailer reminded me of that artsy type of horror show like Hannibal. I am def tuning in to see this!
  6. Swamp Thing: TBD Based on the comic book series of the same name
  7. Stranger Things S3: July 4 (Netflix) Let’s see what adventures Eleven and her friends get into this season. Excited about the brand new cast from Jake Busey to Cary Elwes.
  8. Lovecraft Country:TBD (HBO) Based on Matt Ruff’s novel by the same name. A story that takes place in the 1950’s Jim Crow Era with lovecraftian type monsters!
  9. Locke & Key: TBD (Netflix) Based on Joe Hill’s comic book series by the same name.
  10. Westworld S3: May/TBD (HBO) Even though it is more of a sci-fi series, it has some horror elements. I have to say this is one of my favorite shows out right now. Not only is the writing, cast and cinematography astonishing, but the score solidified it for me. Especially the episode in S2 where they did an instrumental version of Wu-Tang’s C.R.E.A.M by composer: Ramin Djawadi. This was an amazing moment for the hip hop culture! I can’t wait to see what this season has in store!
  11. Siempre Bruja: Feb 1 (Netflix) Glad to see Netflix picking up new horror shows that also represent the brown and black community! 
  12. Channel Zero – Fall 2019 (SyFy) This anthology series is like no other you’ve ever seen. It’s psychologically terrifying with a creepy vibe! A unique horror show like no other!
  13. American Horror Story S9 – Fall 2019 (FX) Four words “Wednesdays we wear Black!”
  14. Into the Dark S1 Continues – Feb 1 (Hulu) A fresh new take for an anthology series its a mixture of tales from the crypt, tales from the darkside and influence of today’s society. From our obsessions with technology to the new era of self care/love. I really enjoyed the dark humor!
  15. Deadly Class S1 – Jan 16 (SyFy)

Hope you enjoyed my list. Until next time!!!

Nightmare on Sedgwick Avenue – “All I Have Is One Mic! Most Anticipated Rap & R&B albums of 2019!!!”

Hello Hip Hop Heads and Horror Fans!!!

In this post I will mention the most anticipated Rap and R&B albums of 2019!!! It is purely subjective so some projects that I might mention might not be on your list, but that is okay. Feel free to comment below or follow me on social media @7octoberz and let me know which projects you are looking forward to see drop this year!

First I will list my top rap albums that I am most excited to see drop. Then I will list my top R&B albums. Also I will share my list of Rap and R&B artists that I believe will rule 2019! Finally I will cover singles that have dropped in the last few weeks of January.

This year just started and we are starting to see that trend again of artists beginning to drop new singles, projects or begin recording in the 1st quarter.

As mentioned in my other post, with the era of streaming and people’s attention span being so short, artists seem to drop projects or singles back to back to remain relevant. This has worked for some artists, but not all. Some artists are better at taking their time with their craft to release a great body of work. Other artists have a formula or great team where they can drop songs/albums back to back and still produce amazing projects! With that being said, I am excited to see what the hip hop culture has to offer this year!!!

Most Anticipated Rap Albums for 2019:

There is more albums that might be announced later in the year, but for now this is my list!

  1. Canibus – Full Spectrum Dominance 3 – Dropped Jan 11fsd3
  2. WS Boogie – Everything’s for Sale – Jan 25https___images.genius.com_c8fec481549332112e883f8e4b16a996.946x946x1.jpg
  3. Childish Gambino – Don’t know if it will be a rap album or another soul/funk/r&b album. He also hasn’t given us a release date or name.images.jpg
  4. A-F-R-O – TBDb1ea4bb9e1ad3dbe21ddda74c004c69f.1000x1000x1
  5. Schoolboy Q -TBD022814-shows-106-park-exclusive-access-schoolboy-q-31.jpg
  6. Q-Tip – The Last Zulu -TBDfeature_11142016_gonzalez_tribequest1_gavin_bond.jpg
  7. Freddie Gibbs and Madlib – Bandana if it’s ever released, but I will keep waiting! lol -TBD1395162478_freddiegibbs_madlib_600_22-e1462715115472.jpg
  8. Immortal Technique -TBD – been waiting too long, but I know it will be worth it!Immortal_Technique-Election-hhdx.jpg
  9. Black Star – TBD663f6c1619b88636b92432f5c4365ea3.png
  10. Joyner Lucas – ADHD – TBDhttps___images.genius.com_d0eb2b80d212b93b097d604c4c6af62e.680x680x1.jpg
  11. Run the Jewels – Run the Jewels 4 – TBD94c83514d5589ff98ec3194ba5a694d1.1000x1000x1.jpg
  12. Big Sean – TBDdownload.jpg
  13. Joey Badass -TBDjoey.jpg
  14. Pro Era Album – TBD09d265d0fced40713664d95f7f20f23c.900x900x1.jpg
  15. Czarface and Ghostface Killah – Feb 15C86DBD34-419A-416D-8A48-22297A489C69.jpg
  16. Saba, Smino & Noname – possible collabo album?DizeLFpVQAADrh5.jpg
  17. R.A. the Rugged Man – Drops in AprilA-82702-1414491093-7114.jpeg.jpg
  18. Earthgang – Mirrorland -TBD


  19. Cyhi the Prynce – Black Histori Project 3 – Feb 2019cyhi.jpg
  20. The Underachievers – Lords of Flatbush 3 – TBDDvhZKtCVsAUnr5j.jpg
  21. Griselda crew will be dropping projects once again! They are bringing back that gritty/gutter street rap back!DPCSa3HWkAMtNZH.jpg

Most Anticipated R&B Albums for 2019:

  1. SZA -TBD
  2. The Weeknd – Chapter 6 – TBD
  3. Chris Brown – Indigo -TBD
  4. Kehlani – TBD since she dropped a single their might be an album in the works!

January singles of 2019 so far:

  1. Noname – Song 31: Noname is bringing a new sound to the rap game. Her sound is a mix of storytelling and spoken word. Also her choice for beats is unique love the live instrumentation and jazzy vibe. I am excited to see her grow this year. Really diggin that she is creating a new lane for spoken word rap and that is also representing for the ladies!
  2. Chris Brown – Undecided: The choreography to the music video is amazing! The song and music video show how MJ had and has played a huge influence in Chris’ music specifically in this song. It sonically sounds like a melody MJ would have chosen. Also the music video is like a movie similar to how MJ’s music videos were so elaborate. Chris Brown is one of the few artists who still cares enough to have dope visuals that tell a story.
  3. Benny Blanco ft Calvin Harris & Miguel – I Found You/Nilda’s Story: Miguel’s vocals are always on point def one of my fav R&B artists that has been consistent. He is versatile and it shows it even in this song his voice shines and its a vibe!
  4. WS Boogie – Silent Ride: I’m glad I got put onto WS Boogie about a year ago. His music videos are dope with unique concepts. His music is so melodic and catchy. You can hear his songs just once, memorize his lyrics and instantly have them playing in your head. He has a formula that works. His mixtapes are amazing! I can’t wait for his debut album!
  5. Halsey ft. Juice Wrld -Without Me RMX: Didn’t see this collabo coming. I am a fan of Halsey because she has a unique voice, poetic lyrics and her sound is a mix of pop and rap. Juice Wrld is one of the new generation of rappers that I like due to his melody selection and the kid can rap too! Seen his freestyles and he has a lot of potential and talent. This song is good, but I’m not gonna lie I like the original better. But it is awesome to see two artists I like from different genres collab.
  6. Kehlani ft Ty Dolla Sign: Nights like this: Loving this song the lyrics are simple, but melodic. As always Ty Dolla provides a dope feature as always.
  7. Pharaohe Monch – Yayo – Pharaohe is back!! Hope this means a new album?!
  8. Canibus ft. Pyrit – Pen Game – Canibus always bringing that dope lyricism! I will be reviewing his album that just dropped on Jan 11th!
  9. More than That – Lauren Jauregui
  10. Deadass- Kemba
  11. I’m Alright – R.Lum.R & Brasstracks

2019 Predictions of Rap and R&B artists that will be killing the game!

  1. YBN Cordae – Should be dropping an album soon too this year!
  2. Joyner Lucas
  3. WS Boogie
  4. DaniLeigh
  5. Melii
  6. Freddie Gibbs
  7. JID
  8. Noname
  9. Saba
  10. Smino
  11. J. Cole and his Dreamville crew (dropping Dreamville compilation album “Revenge of the Dreamers” and his solo album)
  12. Brent Faiyaz (one of my favorite new R&B artist out right now)
  13. DVSN (best R&B duo out right now in my opinion. The duo is composed of Producer Nineteen85 and Singer Daniel Daley. Saw them live last year and they were amazing!! Daniel can sang!! They need more recognition. Their album, “Morning After” that dropped in 2017 has been my fav R&B project that has dropped in the last few years. They will be at Coachella this year so I believe people are gonna see their potential and finally blow up like they deserve!
  14. Daniel Caeser
  15. Rapsody
  16. H.E.R.
  17. Griselda Crew (Conway/Westside Gunn and Benny the Butcher)
  18. Denzel Curry
  19. 6lack
  20. Big K.R.I.T

Honorable Mentions of artists that will get more recognition in 2019:

  1. IDK
  2. Buddy
  3. Locksmith
  4. Phony Ppl
  5. Terrace Martin
  6. Masego
  7. Kemba
  8. Asiahn
  9. R.Lum.R
  10. Summer Walker
  11. Mahalia
  12. Reason
  13. 070 Shake

I am probably forgetting some other artists. There are so many dope new artists that have a lot of potential and talent. As well as OG’s in the game that still have stayed relevant due to their skills and being able to reinvent themselves to not only please their loyal fans, but even the younger generation!

Don’t think I forgot about my Horror fans! I will be dropping another post of my most anticipated horror movies to be released this year so stay tuned!!!

Nightmare on Sedgwick Avenue: “What’s in the Box?! – Escape Room movie Review”

Image result for escape room 2019 poster

Review By: Gaby Moreno

Release date: January 4, 2019

Main Cast: Deborah Ann Woll, Jay Ellis, Taylor Russell, Logan Miller, Nik Dodani and Tyler Labine.

Brief synopsis from online:

Six adventurous strangers travel to a mysterious building to experience the escape room — a game where players compete to solve a series of puzzles to win $10,000. What starts out as seemingly innocent fun soon turns into a living nightmare as the four men and two women discover each room is an elaborate trap that’s part of a sadistic game of life or death.

Hello Hip Hop Heads and Horror fans!!!

Welcome to my blog, Nighmare on Sedgwick Avenue!  Thank you for reading and hope you enjoy my review of Escape Room! I got a chance to check out “Escape Room” this weekend. I saw the trailer a few months back I had a feeling it had potential to be an entertaining film especially with the cast involved. I was not disappointed definitely worth a watch!

I have yet to watch Bandersnatch on Netflix, but this film was one of those that made you want to interact and help the characters search for clues or yell at the screen at the same time! This film had my full attention. I kept wanting to predict what was going to happen and how it would end. There were a few movies that came to mind while watching this film. You can tell they had an influence or inspired this film. Also it bared a bit of a resemblance to these films that I will mention below. I won’t go too much into detail since I don’t want to spoil the movie for those that plan to go see it.

1. Saw films

2. Cabin in the Woods

3. Final Destination

4. Cube 

5. Hellraiser– the escape room invitation box reminded me of Lemarchand’s Box AKA the Lament Configuration


This film had it’s comedic moments as well and cheesy one liners, but it worked for most part lol. Favorite line: “To breathe Bitch!”. A few things I would say that made the film lose some points were:

Not enough character development. I know it didn’t go in depth about the characters due to the plot of the story. They had keep the storyline a mystery for the viewer to solve, but Deborah’s Character Amanda and the female lead  Zoey had a connection and the movie failed to build on it or say why they seemed to have a bond. It just had the viewer put two and two together.

I know that timing had to be fast paced due to the characters having to get out of the rooms, but by the time the characters began to talk to each other about their commonalities the film was at its climax and about to end.52f5348ad57f34681eb845f16d9b2722

(SPOILER) Also there were few loopholes with the ending. For example when did the main character who was very shy and innocent become an expert at handling a gun? It was also a bit predictable where the film was going after having seen a lot of saw films I was prepared to solve the puzzle and predict the ending! Lol

Just a bit of a think piece because this movie is def not the one that is meant to make you think. It’s a film where the writers just wanted you to be amused and escape reality for an hour and half.

(SPOILER) But I did like that the film described the escape room game as an example of how us humans are attracted to watching violence and savagery occur. Examples of this are having had gladiators back in the day, extreme games, even having public executions. This is still relevant to today’s era where we are desensitized to violence due mass shootings and blacks being murdered by the police. Even to go as far as to mention the death of XXXtentacion’s, where people were filming him instead of checking his pulse to see if he was still alive after his fatal shooting. Sadly that is the society we live in today and even though the film wasn’t that deep it shed a bit of light on that dark side of humanity.

The film also touched on seeking new opportunities or getting out of one’s comfort zone I won’t go too much into the film, but in this case getting out of the box didn’t turn out to be a good idea, I will leave it that lol


Overall I would give this movie a B- rating it was a thrill to watch and kept me at the edge of my seat! Def would recommend it! If you don’t see it in theaters it is worth streaming once it releases! The only flaws as I mentioned a bit predictable, loopholes and not enough character development for me to care enough what happened to the characters. Also like all horror thrillers it was set up for a possible sequel. I feel this film has potential to be the next Saw/Final Destination series for this generation, we will see!

Thank you for reading, until next time!!!

Nightmare on Sedgwick Avenue -“2018 Top Rap, R&B Albums and Top Horror films & TV Series”

As 2018 comes to a close, I can say it was a great year for hip hop and the culture! We were blessed with so much dope music! At one point I have to admit; it became hard to keep up with projects that seemed to be dropping almost every week.

Rap definitely made its presence known in 2018! Even movie soundtracks were curated or produced by hip hop artists. From Black Panther, The Grinch, Creed II, to Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse just to name a few.

There were also amazing podcasts, shows and interviews that were impactful for hip hop culture. From Joe Budden’s Podcast and his deal with Spotify. To his new revolt show “State of the Culture”. Genius also brought their ‘A’ game with dope interviews, By: Rob Markman just to shout out a few. We were even serenaded early on this year with great rap and r&b albums that set the tone for what was to come!

In the era where music is dominated by streaming, singles and the life expectancy of a record depleting quickly after release due to competition, there were albums that managed to standout for me. These albums became my soundtrack to 2018!

It was difficult to come up with my top 2018 rap list, but I was able to get it done! I selected these albums due to the following: the great content, lyricism, replay value, catchy hooks, flow, cadence and the cohesiveness of the album. I separated my top 20 rap albums into two categories: mainstream rap and lyrical/underground rap. They are not listed in any particular order.

By no means am I saying rappers cannot be lyricists, but I found it easier to separate my list this way to show the rap albums that were radio played vs. the ones that were more for the streets, streamed by die-hard fans or most likely overlooked due to so much content being released this year.

I will briefly cover why the top 10 mainstream rap albums made my list. I would have gone into the other albums selected, but I could go on forever!  Next year my goal is to review albums/movies/tv-series’ throughout 2019, so by the end of the year there is no need for me to cover why I selected those projects. 😈🎙

Rap Section:

Top 10: 2018 Mainstream Rap albums : 

1. Pusha-T – Daytona 

Pusha be that dude that is always bringing his lyrical skills to every project. He is always criticized for his songs being about drugs, but he always manages to do a refreshing new take on what he calls luxury street rap! His lyrics use drug references and metaphors to tell a story, he is always bringing those bars, punchlines and double entendres. This year he made waves with his diss track that was aimed at Drake, “The Story of Adidon”. We all know who took that “W” in that battle, if that is what you want to call it given Drake never responded! Yes Drake still dominated the game as he aways does, but Push proved why he is an OG in the rap game. Pusha-T’s album was short with only 7 tracks, but it worked in his favor. I replayed the album like 3 times and I still have his album in rotation. The lyrics, cohesiveness and Kanye’s production/samples were on point! Definitely the best project from all the G.O.O.D Music releases that dropped this year next to Teyana’s. Congrats to Push on his Grammy nomination well deserved!


2. Mac Miller – Swimming 

R.I.P Mac! Hip Hop lost Mac Miller this year, still can’t believe he is no longer here :(..He blessed us with a beautiful and soulful album! It’s like he foreshadowed that this would be his last album. A lot of his songs in this album were very personal about self care and growth. My favorite track on the album, 2009 just gets me every time! The lyrics are simple, but the melody is so melancholy. You can tell it was created with feeling. Overall  I loved the album for being very introspective, the soulful melodies, positive message and the dope live instrumentation! Wish he could have been here to celebrate his Grammy nomination!


3. Reason – There You Have It

TDE’s new signee definitely proved why he was chosen to be part of the camp! I was happily surprised at how dope this project was. The track Situations with the Usher ” U Don’t have to Call” sample was crazy!!! Overall the production and samples were great! Enjoyed the storytelling, he went in with his street lyricism and dope punch lines!


4. Cozz – Effected

Dreamville label did their thang this year! Cozz’s second album Effected had an old school LA vibe, it makes sense he is from South Central so he had to represent! Loved the production and sonically it was wavy. This is one of those albums that each track you can just play in your car, have it on replay and just vibe to it! 


5. J. Cole – KOD (J. Cole bodied all his features this year by the way!)

KOD dropped early in the year, April to be exact and each song I still have in rotation. The KOD tour was amazing! I love that J. Cole interacts with his fans, explains the backstory to his lyrics and speaks on the significance of each song. I have been lucky enough to see him perform live twice and every time it is a dope experience! I can honestly say his body of work and personality bring his albums to life! He is this generations best Rap performer! Once again he delivered a solid project. He used trap beats to show his versatility and that lyricism can still be done on those type of tracks. He also delivered a positive message to the youth about mental health, lust and drug use/abuse. Again with no features only Kill Edward lol! 


6. Jim Jones – Wasted Talent

Jim Jones beat me to the punch and created a dope concept that was based on one of my all time favorite movies ‘A Bronx Tale’. He sampled scenes from the movie which I loved! He managed to bring that New York grittiness back in this album. In the era of trap beats it was refreshing to hear that old school NY sound. Jim Jones pulled it off nicely!


7. J.I.D – Dicaprio 2

Once again another Dreamville project that went hard! J.I.D is one of the  rappers I consider to be in the newer generation era of rap. He gives me hope rap and hip hop will be alive for years to come! Even though he has been in the rap game for about 8 years give or take, I feel he has started to reach the fame and recognition in the mainstream that he deserves! This album definitely puts him on the map and shows off what he has to offer! Can’t wait to see him evolve as an emcee! His flow, cadence and lyricism are on another level!


8. Denzel Curry – TABOO

Denzel has easily become one of my favorite rappers of this generation. His dark production, lyrics and sound is something I gravitate towards. Especially being a horror fan and hip hop lover! Denzel is reminiscent of the 90’s horror-core era! Taboo was a mixture of a dark and light side of Denzel Curry’s wicked mind! Even his visuals for “Clout Cobain” was dark, but he delivered a great message. I won’t do any spoilers so check out this album and his music video if you haven’t done so!


9. Bas – Milky Way

Bas another Dreamville signee who dropped a unique sounding album. It had an exotic vibe to each track. Of course my favorite track was one of the singles, “Tribe” ft. J. Cole. As mentioned J. Cole killed every feature this year and this is no exception! This album has a relaxing feel, poetic lyrics and wonderful melodies! Bas style of rap reminds me a bit of Wale, so if you are a Wale fan and never heard Bas check him out!


10. Benny the Butcher – Tana Talk 3

I admit I been sleeping on the Griselda camp, but better late than never! Glad I was put onto this album. The GxFR crew: Westside Gunn, Conway the Machine and Benny the Butcher are bringing back that gritty, drug/gangster rap! This album is the definition of pure lyricism, punchlines, dope production and great storytelling! Benny lives up to his rap name! It’s surgical rap each word cuts you like a blade, he is a dope spitter! The rest of his crew had dope albums this year as well!


11. Bonus: Meek Mill – Championships

This year Meek literally made it to the championships! He was released from prison and dropped an album that was inspired by his situation and experience in the prison system. From beginning to end you can hear and tell this project was highly influenced by his prison time and how it affected his relationships. He used his voice to speak on issues about mass incarceration that is targeted toward the black community, black on black crime, the gang mentality used to keep the black community controlled, police brutality, fake friends, street PTSD and of course his trap bangers. He proved that even in your lowest moments you can rise and come back stronger! This album is proof of that!

meek mill_championships.jpg

Honorable Mentions:
Logic -YSIV
Freddie Gibbs – Freddie
Jay Rock -Redemption
Buddy – Harlan & Alondra
Mozzy – Gangland Landlord
T. I. – Dimetrap
Flatbush Zombies – Vacation in Hell.
There were many more, but had to cut the list short.

Top 10: 2018 Lyrical/Underground Rap Albums:

1. Canibus – Full Spectrum Dominance 1 


2. Apathy – The Widows Son


3. Canibus – Full Spectrum Dominance 2

canibus 1

4. Vinnie Paz- The Pain Collector

vinnie paz

5. Joell Ortiz & Apollo Brown – Mona Lisa


6. The Underachievers – After the Rain


7. Jedi Mind Tricks – The Bridge and the Abyss


8. Locksmith & Apollo Brown – No Question


9. Locksmith – Ali

ali locksmith

10. Conway the Machine – Blakk Tape


Honorable Mentions:
Evidence – Weather or Not
Royce da 5’9 – Book of Ryan
Black Thought- Streams of Thought Vol. 1 and Vol. 2
Hermit and the Recluse – Orpheus vs. the Sirens

2018 Best Verses/Lyrics:


To change it up a bit I wanted to also share my top 10 favorite verses/lyrics of 2018. As mentioned there was so much dope projects that dropped that I might not have mentioned here, but it doesn’t mean they were forgotten. This list might included verses/lyrics that might not have made it to my list of best 2018 albums.

I thought in this section I would also include my favorite verse from a poem I wrote this year and performed it at my first open mic. 

‘3’ By: G Lyric:

“Anubis vibes, I’m a jackal
Not easily rattled
Fuck the forbidden apple
Knowledge freed me from these shackles
My brain on a different channel
Always see things from a different angle
Obsessed with three’s, pyramids and triangles” 

Top 10 Verses/Lyrics of 2018:

  1. Janelle Monae – Django Jane:
    “Black girl magic, y’all can’t stand it
    Y’all can’t ban it, made out like a bandit
    They been tryin’ hard just to make us all vanish
    I suggest they put a flag on a whole ‘nother planet
    Jane Bond, never Jane Doe and I Django, never Sambo 
    Black and white, yeah that’s always been my camo
    It’s lookin’ like y’all gon’ need some more ammo

    I cut ’em off, I cut ’em off, I cut ’em off like Van Gogh”

  2. Black Thought – Twofifteen (whole song he goes in!):
    “Who the technical culprit? I don’t mess with no vultures
    I’m electrical voltage, not the regular dosage
    Too obsessive compulsive, I’m a fuckin’ explosive
    Mixed message in a bottle, I left with the postman
    I’m that arachnophobia, black petroleum
    Ceremoniously holy when at the podium
    Even though it’s hotter than weapons-grade plutonium”
  3. Pusha-T – The Games We Play:
    “This ain’t for the conscious, this is for the mud-made monsters
    Who grew up on legends from outer Yonkers
    Influenced by niggas straight outta Compton, the scale never lies
    I’m two-point-two incentivized
    If you ain’t energized like the bunny for drug money
    Or been paralyzed by the sight of a drug mummy
    This ain’t really for you, this is for the Goya Montoya

    Who said I couldn’t stop, then afforded me all the lawyers
    The only kingpin who ain’t sinkin’
    Chess moves are made, my third eye ain’t blinkin
    Stay woke, nigga, or get out”

  4. Canibus – The Odds (Both albums were lyrically amazing!! that is why he is my #1 fav MC):
    “Hypnotized by the magic practice
    Pragmatic practicalist poetry in motion by accident
    And cry like I never asked for this
    The experiment for buzz, that’s what Hip Hop was
    I stutter and s-s-s-shit on you cuz
    The great Pun breath control vernacular
    Ginger extract with cold press
    Canibus oil so elaborate

    Asymetric incription eyeballs can’t see”

  5. J. Cole – Pretty Little Fears:
    “Beautiful black child, come and share your black cloud
    For your vibe and your smile, I don’t mind a lil’ rain
    I’m your dog, ears perk up at the sound of your name
    Count on your main, wildfire, can’t handle your flame
    Download your shame, wild high, come drown in your fragrance

    You that red pill that a nigga found in the Matrix
    Before I had you this shit was fantasy
    You plant a seed to grow some roots, a branch and leaves
    Becomes a tree of life until our nights are filled”

  6. The Underachievers – Channeling:
    “I learned a lot from the other side
    Destroyed and built my mind
    Showed me the drunken side, the different way the colors vibe
    But every chapter in your life changes like the season
    Can’t depend on a drug when its controlling how you feelin’

    Can’t depend on getting high just to give your life meaning
    Everything in moderation but a nigga couldn’t see it
    Been abusing different things and convinced myself I need it
    ’til it went from a pleasure to a nigga just fiendin’
    But you know that we could weather the storm
    Learn to perform with the heart
    Like throwing darts, a nigga hittin’ the mark
     dont regret I always learn from the dark”

  7. Apathy – Hypnosis:
    “Through your stargate, supernovas onto your star shape
    Elders try to tell us that we can’t escape our fate
    Were far from the days where they stargaze
    Now we man ships that absorb cosmic rays
    Over the radio, talkin’ hoes into fellatio

    Sapiosexual so I kicked the golden ratio
    Transmittin’ like the last man livin’
    So my writtens hold more weight than King James editions
    Charles Dickens and Lord Francis Bacon
    Believe in the creator but I don’t believe in Satan
    I believe the Devil’s a Homosapien
    And Heaven and Hell exist in your cranium”

  8.  J. Cole – Sojourner:
    “Born into pain, alcoholic veins
    Over-analytical brain a product of the shame
    And runnin’ from a past, that’s checkered like the game
    Somewhere ‘long the way somebody snatched my peace and main
    Maybe that’s the reason I spent decades seekin’ fame

    And fortune hopin’ that a proper portion would contain
    The sadness in my eyes, remember when I came
    In this music business, all their questions was insane
    “Why you never smile in your pictures?” I refrain
    From givin’ you the answer ’cause that answer wasn’t plain”

  9. Meek Mill – Stay Woke:
    “How can I pledge allegiance to the flag
    When they killin’ all our sons, all our dads?
    I come from a place, when you kill your own brother you can brag
    Like he got bodies, but that’s a fad, no, that’s a fact
    I’m screamin’ out at your corner, nigga, that’s a trap

    Screamin’ out at your homie, nigga, that’s a rat
    Catch a case with him, bet he crack”
    The odds against you and they double stacked, stay woke

  10. 070 Shake – I Laugh When I’m with Friends but Sad When I’m Alone ( This whole songs is emotionally amazing!):
    “Don’t be alarmed, it’ll get brighter, it’ll get better
    It’s ’cause we are fighters and tougher than leather
    The strong you is inside, but you just haven’t met her
    Only we control our storm because we are the weather
    Don’t get how I could love the things that really torn me

    Remember tellin’ myself that I was quittin’ in the mornin’
    And did you really try and help or was you tryna tell a story?
    It’s okay ’cause I got me and I don’t need you to feel sorry”

  11.  Bonus: YBN Cordae – Old Ni**as (This was a response to J. Cole’s 1985, I had overlooked this young rapper, but this record gave me hope that there are still younger rappers who got shit to offer the rap game and care about Hip Hop culture! I will be on the look out for YBN Cordae in 2019. I feel he has potential to become the next best rapper from the newer generation.):

    “Let’s take it back: when hip hop originated
    And old niggas said it was wack, they couldn’t take it
    And called it a lil’ trend, said it wouldn’t last
    Now, it’s the number one genre as the time passed
    Young niggas won’t listen and we know it, ha
    But old niggas always talk and never show it, uh
    You gotta practice what you preach and the classes that you teach
    We’ll eventually listen, my mind mentally prison, uh
    Lately, all my idols, they been failin’ me
    Catchin’ sexual assaults and some felonies
    Then, you want me to listen what you tellin’ me
    And wanna hate when we sing our lil’ melodies
    And other idols, they be broke, get your funds in order
    And Kanye West is a Trump supporter
    Then, we got R. Kelly and Bill Cosby
    Who still probably got lil’ girls in the Hills lobby
    And these supposed to be our heroes? Negro, please”

R&B/Soul Section:

I also have a top 10 list of R&B/Soul albums. Not only was it a great year for rap, but also R&B/Soul. There are so many new dope R&B artists bringing back that nostalgic 90s R&B sound like Brent Faiyaz, DVSN and CVIRO & GXNVS to name a few. As well as just great crooners and singers both old and new school artists. These projects made my list for the same reasons I listed above. The only addition as to why I also selected these albums was the vibe and feeling I felt when the artists sang with emotion and brought the lyrics to life!

Top 10: 2018 R&B or Soul Albums:

1. Kali Uchis – Isolation


2. The Internet – Hive Mind


3. Teyana Taylor – K.T.S.E.


4. 6lack – East Atlanta Love Letter


5. Jorja Smith – Lost & Found 


6. Russ – Zoo


7. SIR – November


8. Brent Faiyaz – Lost EP


9. H.E.R. – I Used to Know Her – The Prelude


10. Trevor Jackson – Rough Draft Pt. 1


Honorable Mentions:
They – Fireside EP
Ty Dolla Sign & Jeremih – Mih-Ty
CVIRO & GXNXVS – Now you Know EP
Nao – Saturn
Masego – Lady Lady
Leon Bridges – Good Thing
H.E.R.- I Used to Know Her Pt.2 EP

Horror Section:

The horror genre did not fall behind in 2018! There were great tv shows and movies that released this year. Netflix surprised me on the horror gems it dropped. I have created two lists: Top 10 favorite horror movies and Top 5 favorite horror tv shows. I also decided to make this section a little different and include my top 5 favorite horror movie quotes. Read below if you dare!😈

2018 Top 10 Horror Movies:

1. Hereditary – (SPOILER BELOW)


This film had a unique story/plot about the demons that get passed on to us, dark family history and also how we never really know our relatives. Everything about this movie was amazing! The pace was perfect it built up to what was to come, great acting, creepiness vibes thru the roof and graphic decapitation scene! 

2. A Quiet place 


Another original plot in the era of horror remakes! They added a new type of monster/creature to the horror universe, def a must see (Bird Box joke lol), just don’t speak or scream! 

3. Mandy 


Finally a movie that matches Nicholas Cage’s craziness lol.. and the scene where they played “Cielito Lindo” added an awesome touch to it!

4. Summer of 84 


80s serial killer movie with kids count me in! Nostalgia at its finest! It was a mix of Fright Night (the original), Stranger Things and Disturbia.

5. The Endless 


Cult, sci-fi horror and time loop = Awesomeness!

6. Terrifier 

Picture/Image By:Mario Frias 

Art the Clown makes Pennywise look like a friendly clown lol. This movie had a lot of gore and one of the scenes was graphic yet I could not look away and didn’t know if I should laugh or be shocked lol

7. Tumbbad 


Indian mythology about a demon god. Touches on greed, karma and a curse/boon passed through generations! Great foreign film!

8. Terrified 


Argentinian horror movie nothing like I have ever seen. Loved it! It had me on the edge of my seat trying to figure out what was going on and some good jump scares!

9. Overlord 


Nazi + War + Zombie like experiments = Horror Action top notch!

10. The House That Jack Built 


This film takes you inside a serial killers mind who has OCD and obsession with art. As well as the POV of a serial killer, a bit graphic, but not as gory as I expected.  The way the movie was filmed was cinematically remarkable! I admit this is the first Lars Von Trier film I’ve watched, but now I will have to check out some of his other films. Loved the dark humor. I found myself laughing at some scenes that normally one should not find amusing. 

Honorable Mentions:
The Ritual
Tales from the Hood 2
Suspiria (have NOT yet watched it, but I heard amazing things and love the original. I will be watching it once it releases digitally)

2018 Top 5 Horror TV-Series:

1. The Haunting of Hill House 


My favorite horror show hands down this year! Beautifully written, a new spin on Shirley Jackson’s book, great character development and a great cast!

2. Chilling adventures of Sabrina


Loved this show a darker version of Sabrina based on the comic books under the same name!

3. Eli Roth’s History of Horror


Eli Roth did his thing with this history of horror! He covered almost all the sub genres from Zombies, Slashers to monsters. It is a horror documentary style type series. Commentary from different horror directors, actors to special effects guru’s. A must watch for horror fans.

4. The Purge


I thought the whole purge storyline had been used up and no new fresh ideas would be good enough for a show, but I was happily surprised with this series. The character development was great, each episode I tuned in to see each storyline and what would happen to the characters. 

5. Into the Dark (currently still airing episodes on Hulu)


Honorable Mention:
Ash vs Evil Dead Season 3 – still heartbroken that it was cancelled!

Top 5 favorite horror movie quotes of 2018: 

  1. “In this town, Michael Myers is a myth. He’s the Boogeyman. A ghost story to scare kids. But this Boogeyman is real. An evil like his never stops, it just grows older. Darker. More determined.”
    – Laurie Strode (Halloween)
  2. “You’re just meat. Without a soul, without a brain, without anything. Animal. You, you have no spirit- everlasting! No, no radiant light! I possess elucidations you will never know!”
    -Jeremiah (Mandy)
  3. “I’m just floating in this ocean of nothing and I wonder if this is it, if this is what death is, just out there in the darkness, just darkness and numbness and alone, and I wondered if that’s what she felt…”
    -Theo (The Haunting of Hill House Episode 8)

  4. “Some people claim that the atrocities we commit in our fiction are those inner desires which we cannot commit in our controlled civilization, so they’re expressed instead through our art. I don’t agree. I believe Heaven and Hell are one and the same. The soul belongs to Heaven and the body to Hell.”
    – Jack (The House That Jack Built)
  5. People, they wear masks their whole lives. Pretending that life has meaning. When you kill somebody all of that is gone. Halloween is the closest people come to admitting that we are defined by death.
    – Wilkes (Into the Dark Anthology Series: The Body Episode 1)

If you haven’t checked out these albums, songs or movies, hope this post encourages you to check them out! Once again as I said in the beginning of this post, 2018 was dope year for hip hop and horror!!! To 2019, that it may bring us more horror, lyrical rhymes and beautiful melodies!

By: Gaby Moreno

Nightmare on Sedgwick Avenue – “Welcome to Fright Night!”


20180915_102913 (1)

I am excited to begin this new journey! I decided to begin this blog titled: “Nightmare on Sedgwick Avenue” that will be ran by yours truly. I wanted to use my extra time in a productive way and what better way than to write about two things I have love for hip hop and horror culture.

I wanted my first post to be about what you can expect from this blog and why I am combining these two cultures. For those who know me I am a lyricist and poet. I have been writing lyrics and poetry since I was 13 years old. Music has always been my therapy and my creative outlet to vent out my emotions, frustrations, dreams and nightmares.

I fell in love with music and movies as a 5 year old kid. My first encounter with films is when my grandma would have me join her in watching black and white films that were made during La Epoca de Oro. The films featured Mexican actors: Pedro Infante, Jorge Negrete and Maria Felix just to name a few. Mexican cinema was also full of horror gems. Even though some were cheesy they will always be a fond childhood memory and the reason I grew to love the horror genre. From watching films like Capulina contra los Vampiros, Vacaciones de Terror, Panico en la Montaña, Hermelinda Linda the list goes on. 

Getting to watch horror movies with my grandma was not only a form of entertainment, but it built a deeper bond between us. She would also enjoy telling my sisters and I stories about Mexican lore or legends from ‘La Mano Negra’ to ”El Chamuco”. These stories sparked my imagination and gave me another reason to become obsessed with horror culture and urban/folk legends.

20180915_131632 (1)

My exposure to the horror genre through Mexican cinema only made my addiction grow. Then, I moved onto American horror films. I remember being obsessed with Child’s Play one of the first American horror films I watched as a kid. As well as Fright Night, Friday the 13th and Nightmare on Elm Street. I didn’t begin to appreciate Freddy Krueger’s witty humor and Wes Craven’s brilliant take on dreams and nightmares until I got a bit older. Now it is listed in my top 10 favorite horror films. Eventually, as my fascination grew it led me to foreign horror films.


Yes, there are horror films that are just made for fun and entertainment. But like rap, horror has sub genres that may not be for everyone’s taste. This blog will provide my opinion and insight. It is purely subjective and I am open to having an open platform to hear other opinions or feedback on the topics I write about.

This blog will allow me to share my love for horror films and its culture. There is more to horror than blood and scares. As I’ve gotten older I began noticing horror movies touch on the following topics: our society, to teach us lessons, speak about our fears and also reflect on our past, present and future. To me horror films have a deeper meaning.  One may argue that some horror films exploit women, but it is true to what happens in the real world. I also see the duality to that statement since the horror genre gave birth to the ‘Final Girls’.  These women were female characters who took on the lead role in a horror movie (specifically in the slasher sub genre) that by the end of the movie they became heroes/survivors/fighters and not just victims.

As for my love for hip hop, where do I even start? Well, it all started when I began watching films with Pedro Fernandez who was a child actor and singer. I wanted to be like him, I started making up my own songs. That would be the precursor to me becoming a songwriter. Then, I began memorizing songs. It wasn’t until I was in middle school that one day I got into an argument with my twin sister and I got this urge to write down what I was feeling. Without even knowing I had written my first rap. It was not my best work, but I realized I had a gift that needed to be shared. With time I worked on my craft and have evolved into the lyricist I am today.

Let’s take it back to the first time I heard rap music. I was 7 yrs old listening to Tupac and Biggie. As a kid growing up in the 90s, rap music was the soundtrack to my life. It was only right that years later I would end up writing lyrics. I fell in love with the hip hop culture through rap. The day I began writing lyrics I knew I had a talent with words. I knew I could use this skill to spread positive messages that people could relate to, tell stories and like horror-core rappers write lyrics that were heavily influenced by horror movies. Being able to put words together that fit perfectly and rhymed was a great feeling!

Hip Hop gave me self esteem. Rappers and lyricists became like my therapists. There are rap songs that got me through tough times, others gave me the motivation I needed to to keep going when I had no inspiration. Not only did hip hop boost up my confidence, but it became a part of my daily life. My style of dress was influenced by the culture such as becoming a sneakerhead and buying graphic tees. I would and still listen to rap music on the daily to get motivation or inspiration when writing my own lyrics.

I also became obsessed with rap lyrics how they painted a picture. I even became fixated on memorizing lyrics. When I would buy rap albums I would look at the booklets and check if the rappers wrote their own lyrics and ponder on how or why they wrote those lyrics. Now we got Genius and Youtube to see the meaning behind the lyrics or what inspired them to write these songs. As human beings we interpret every song different to apply to our own lives and give it our own meaning. I also loved how the lyrics spread knowledge about things they did not teach us in school. Rap music taught me to question everything and come up with my own answers. I mainly loved the inspirational messages and the beauty of hearing rappers rhyme complex words to tell a story. Simply put hip hop was my best friend that was always there for me! As the great KRS-One said, “Rap is not something you do, Hip Hop is something you live!”

These two genres: horror and hip hop were and have been my way to cope and at times a way to escape my reality. As well, as an outlet to release my emotions, dreams and fears.

While writing this I had an epiphany of how these two genres have more in common than they are different. Yes, Hip Hop is a culture that is made up of 5 elements: Emceeing, Deejaying, B-Boying, Graffiti and spreading knowledge or having fun. But it used to be a culture that was and sadly still is harshly criticized for its controversial messages about society, politics, drugs, objectifying women, and violence. Likewise, with horror, it is criticized for bringing to light the fears and negative aspects of our society, exploiting women, the gore and violence. I feel these two genres have always been given a negative reputation and I am here to change that perception. To me they allowed me to feel brave and continue to have a positive impact in my life.

It’s crazy how times have changed! They used to say rap was just a phase and it wouldn’t last. It is now the #1 music genre in the United States. Horror has also become an embraced genre throughout the years, with loyal fans including myself. As the great horror legend Wes Craven, may he rest in peace, once said, “Some people ask why people would go into a dark room to be scared. I say they are already scared, and they need to have that fear manipulated and massaged. I think of horror movies as the disturbed dreams of a society.”

As a lyricist and a horror fan on this blog I will share my lyrics that are highly influenced by horror movies and rap legends. I will touch on different topics involving both genres from reviewing rap and R&B albums to reviewing horror films/tv shows. Keep up with the latest horror and hip hop news. That is just a glimpse of what is to come. I will be learning along the way and that is what makes this journey even more unpredictable!

I want to bring this post to an end by discussing the meaning behind my blogs name. I have named this blog “Nightmare on Sedgwick Avenue” to properly shout out one of my favorite horror films ‘Nightmare on Elm Street’ that fed my obsession about dreams and nightmares. Sedgwick Avenue is the street where the first hip hop parties took place. It became known as Hip Hop’s birthplace. This blog is under my company “7 Octoberz” that has a sacred meaning to me. It is not only my favorite number and favorite month, but it’s the day my grandma Rafaela Ojeda passed away. This is a website that will allow her memory and legacy to continue. She played a huge role in why I love horror movies and music. She believed in my dreams. When I told her I wanted to sing and play guitar she bought me a guitar. That was the type of person she was. She empowered my creativity and for that I am grateful. Now my dream of writing about horror and hip hop will come to fruition through this blog. I hope you all join me on this journey and enjoy what I have to share! 

By: Gaby Moreno

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