Artist: Fade Green

Album: The Fade’d EP 001

Release Date: January 2018

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Hello Hip Hop Heads and Horror Fans,

Today I will be reviewing Fade Green’s EP, “The Fade’d EP 001“. It is a short 4 track EP, but it is filled with pure heart and emotion. I heard about Fade Green through San Diego Hip Hop platforms I follow. I saw him performing live on an IG story at Hip Hop Weds and even through my phone screen I can see he has great stage presence and goes hard when he hits the stage. His lyrical flow, cadence and deep dark lyrics are reminiscent of Eminem (old Eminem) lol and Hopsin, but he adds his unique personality to it!


I had the chance to finally see Fade Green perform briefly with Jokwin at Superior Productionz dope Hip Hop event he had a few weeks ago in IB at The Salty Frog. Fade has this energy about him, like he was born to be a performer and bless the mic! He definitely has a gift with words! His team reached out to me to review his EP that he released last year. Honestly I didn’t need that much convincing since I was already a supporter of his music. I saw his music video for “Marionette” and it was already in my lane of horror and rap! The video is horror influenced so of course I loved it!

The first track on this project is, “Ventillation”, very introspective track where he is literally venting about people in his life. His wordplay is crazy and dope storytelling with different voices he uses. Then the second track is, “Respiration” with a guitar rap beat where he raps he is trying to get over his past and trying to build his empire with his music. Also raps how he uses his rhymes to release his life of madness. The guy on the hook killed it too! The third track is called, “Desperation“, this is a more slowed down beat. This track is about Fade wanting to get fame and fortune to help his family and how he is tired of not having the financial security to give his daughter a better life. He also raps how he is left behind in the quest of life! The final track is, “No Conversations” that is about people talking pure hate and he is running out of patience of dealing with fake people.

Fade Green is a true lyricist! He is already on the right path. He literally spills his emotions in every lyric I can feel it and hear it! From his music I sense he has been through a lot and his music is his creative outlet. Def recommend checking out this dope EP. I am always happy to see talented emcees succeeding that are from my city of San Diego! San Diego rappers/singers/creatives deserve shine just like LA and NY. I am proud to be part of this generations San Diego Hip Hop scene I see great things in the future. Fade Green is a dope emcee, I see a positive future for him! Can’t wait to see what he releases next! Definitely check out this project! Do not sleep on him! San Diego stand up!!!

Favorite Verses: (Lyrics provided by Fade Green)

  1. Desperation:
    “Honestly I only want the fame and the fortune
    So I can give all my family a portion
    Record this, then relocate and then Reinforce us
    The enforcer to get us out the places we were forced in
    Of course its important to show what the point is
    The point is to point in the direction their course is”
  2. No Conversations:
    “A fucking beast, and luckily they all fuck with me, in this stasis
    Cuz I’m high as shit, I mean placement, A-Class, face it
    Y’all fake kids are too basic to comprehend when I say shit
    And you talk about how you make dollars, and some how you don’t make sense?
    Lackin’ patience, tryna get paid quick, ain’t go pay off, when you ain’t payed shit.
    How the fuck you gon’ win the race when, you won’t take the time to tie your laces
    that’s the problem with all these lame kids, who, only want, to be famous
    So they up and jump inside the game quick, just to fucking suck and so they rage quit”

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Movie: MA

Release date: May 31, 2019

Main Cast: Octavia Spencer, Diana Silvers, Luke Evans, Juliette Lewis and more

Brief synopsis:

“A lonely woman befriends a group of teenagers and decides to let them party at her house. Just when the kids think their luck couldn’t get any better, things start happening that make them question the intention of their host.”

Hello Hip Hop Heads and Horror Fans,

Today I will be reviewing the movie, “MA”, starring the phenomenal actress Octavia Spencer and amongst other talented actors like Juliette Lewis. The main premise of the movie for those who have not seen the trailer is Octavia’s character Sue Ann nicknamed Ma is a loaner who becomes friends with teenagers from her small town by getting them alcohol and letting them hang out in her basement. From the trailer there is something far more sinister or creepy about Ma and hidden intentions.

I honestly had high expectations for this movie. One reason being that Octavia was portraying this killer lady and she always delivers in any role. Second because Blumhouse was Producing this movie. Blumhouse currently has one of my current favorite horror series on Hulu called, “Into The Dark” and it is an innovative horror show, which I will discuss in another post in the near future. So with that said I was hoping this movie will have some sort of unpredictable twist. I guess I partially blame Jordan Peele for making me addicted to reading deeper into the message of a horror movie. I admit I became a fan of horror movies that make you think on a psychological level.

The movie begins with one of the main characters named Maggie who is a teenager that just moved into town with her mom Erica (Juliette Lewis). Maggie instantly makes friends with a group of popular kids. They invite Maggie to hang out one night and they are trying to have an adult buy them alcohol from the local liquor store. That is when Ma’s character comes into the picture. The teens end up convincing Ma to buy them alcohol. Pretty much from that moment on the teens befriend Ma. Ma ends up allowing them to hang out in her basement so they are not drinking and driving around town. Only rule Ma has is they cannot go upstairs to her house.


As the story unfolds you learn Ma was bullied by some of those teenagers parents. Ma’s trauma affected her. She held onto that anger and ends up seeking revenge! I won’t go too deep into it. There was a small twist that has to do with Ma’s personal life, but I won’t give that away. This movie gave me Carrie vibes and it was entertaining. I loved the sense of humor and Ma’s creepy vibe, but felt the story was rushed and wasn’t fully developed for you to feel empathy for Ma’s character. Maybe that was just me.

Overall I did like the movie, but I did expect more. If you just want to go see a horror movie to be entertained then I recommend it, but if you are expecting something dark and horrifying twist this is not it. I did like the message though. Which I interpreted as if you don’t deal with a traumatic experience eventually it will kill you internally. Also it can be passed down to your kids and the cycle just repeats itself. So we have to confront our demons before they eat us alive!

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Movie: Brightburn

Review By: Gaby Moreno

Release date: May 24, 2019

Main Cast: Jackson A. Dunn, Elizabeth Banks, David Denman and more

Brief synopsis from online:

“What if a child from another world crash-landed on Earth, but instead of becoming a hero to mankind, he proved to be something far more sinister?”

Hello Hip Hop Heads and Horror Fans,

Today I will be reviewing the movie “Brightburn”. The premise of the movie is about a kid (alien) lands on Earth, on a farm to be exact. The farm belongs to a couple who can’t have kids. They adopt him as their own little do they know what their son will grow up to be! He has superpowers that are dormant, but on his 12th birthday things change. At night the spacecraft that he came in, located in the barn hidden by his adoptive parents activates his powers. The craft speaks to him in his alien language and reminds him why he came to Earth and that is to destroy it!

Pretty much this movie is an alternate universe or the alternative scenario if Superman used his powers for evil. We always assume if one had superpowers they would use it for good, but that is not always the case! As the great Stan Lee once said, “With great power comes great responsibility!” The super villain in this film is a 12 year old boy named Brandon Breyer who uses his superpowers for his sadistic pleasures. The movie is a mix of superhero and horror genre. Which I enjoyed loved that they blended two different genres!

The death scenes were very well done with the effects they used. It was mostly CGI from what I could tell. It would have been dope to see practical effects. With that said that did not hurt the movie. I thought the death scenes were filmed well and I enjoyed the gore and visceral carnage.  Especially the scene where Brandon kills his Uncle and his jaw is detached! Pure gore with every death, as a horror fan I loved it!


I read another review where they called it The Omen with the super villain element. I agree, definitely got The Omen vibes. Brandon’s character had the creepy gaze like Damien and he had no remorse what so ever for any of the killings. I believe if Brandon had not been an alien from outer space he would have been a child with serial killer tendencies. That is the most terrifying mix a child who has the need to kill and add superpowers, that is an unstoppable killing machine! I enjoyed the ending it was different. It left room for future sequels and a larger universe that I am willing to explore! It might be too early to say this, but this movie is hands down my favorite horror movie so far this year!

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Hello Hip Hop Heads and Horror Fans,

I had the opportunity to sit down with a talented emcee and Producer Nomad! I met Nomad at Yazi’s dope platform the SD Music Room. At one of the meetings Nomad rapped a few of his songs over his self produced beats I was amazed by his cadence, flow and dope lyricism. His sound and lyrics are unique which sets him apart from his peers in my opinion. We kept in touch and I got a genuine vibe from him. I can tell he really loves the Hip Hop culture and has a passion for helping others succeed in their craft. He is also very knowledgable about the music industry. Without further a do please read below to know more about Nomad as he speaks about his upcoming music and drops some gems for those who are currently in the rap game or are thinking of entering the music business.

Please introduce yourself for those who might not know who you are?

I am Nomad, Nomad Alexander AKA The Roach AKA Jupiter The Rev, too many AKA’s.

What is the significance of your moniker Nomad?

So when I was like growing up I kinda liked to do whatever the fuck I wanted and it kinda led to a nickname happening cuz I would dip from one place to another and I never really stayed one place for too long so I got the nickname Nomad.

How long have you been rapping and producing? Can you share a bit about your journey in the music industry?

So producing I been doing it a lot longer. Like 10 years getting paid doing it. So I guess 10 years professionally. I’ve always written for other people I won’t go to deep into that, but I’ve written for other people and then I was like you know what if it’s good enough to be played then I’ma try to do this for myself, but basically I realize that like a you know if that many people like my songs I can probably fucking do it on my own. Cuz again at the end of the day it is a business you know, like I love music I think everybody that knows me fucking knows how much I love music. Creating, collabing with people helping people find their sound, but at the end of the day it’s still a business it has to be monetizable so we can make some money make bread everybody’s happy you know!

You are very knowledgeable about the business aspect of the music industry. Any gems or advice you would give an up and coming Artist or Producer?

Oh read, go read a bunch of books, if you do minimum reading learn about contract law bare minimum scratch the surface like educate yourself. Number two don’t sign shit before you read it! I got screwed out of a lot of money that way when I was younger like people, not everybody that says they are your friend is your friend. My grandma used to say not everything that shines glitters is gold, sometimes its just fucking glitter you know shiny shit!

Book recommendation:Modern Recording Techniques” by: David Miles Huber” It’s very wordy at times cuz I like to get to the point and I feel there is a lot of set up and like filler, but there is so many truths in it if you wanna understand sound and how to manipulate it correctly. It is like my Bible whenever my interests gets piqued and that’s how I do projects. I’m like that’s weird I like that, I haven’t heard a 1000 of this so that’s how I usually get involved into something. But like it has to start with like I see the vision, I see where you’re going with it like if not like it’s not even like on a personal thing cuz everyone is on a journey of finding their sound, but I’m not tryna develop. Like in the music room like everybody is you should manage, nah. I’ve already babysat and managed enough people like I’m trying to do my own thing I’ll help you if you meet me halfway!

Sun Tzu – “The Art of War” – Understanding like, how not even being a vindictive asshole or being like you know very like me me me and like I’ma fuck everybody, but know that there’s people out there that think like that. That think it is wiser to fuck somebody over to get their money easier than working for their own money you know. There’s tell tale signs. Read The Art of War that’s all I have to say.

How have you been able to make a living by doing something you love in your case, music?

Hustlin’, like making shit out of nothing! A lot of people get caught up on gear and shit. Like listen if you really on your grind, you should be hanging  out and attracting like minded individuals. I’m sure one of your  motherfuckin’ friend has a computer, one of you guys has a microphone whatever like you can make do, you know. It really shows a level of initiation like self initiation when you’re doing shit on your own. Even if it’s rough as fuck. A real Producer is gonna be able to hear the gem in the track no matter how rough that shit is. If there is diamonds worth in their a real producer polishes them, he doesn’t tell him ay this is shit, it’s like let me help you craft your sound and guide you.

It is a laser beam you know like pure laser is bad, but when it’s focused wooh it does some badass shit! That’s what you’re trying to do, tryna focus the energy that’s what supporting one another going to the shows all that  shit. Not even just that like a lot of the support is free you can fucking make a post it takes you 2 seconds to make a post and it’s heart fell and you’re helping you know even if you can’t go to the show like somebody else can go to the show. Don’t be a hater!

Who is your favorite emcee or biggest influence in the hip hop scene?

MF Doom and J Dilla


Who is you favorite Producer or biggest influence?

I fuck with BK and Queen Producers that made me to put it like that! Apollo Brown, my respects, if you ever get to listen to this I fucken’ love you! I fuck with you in Chicago, I fuck with you in New York. I don’t know if you remember my fucken’ face, but I love your shit bro!

That one is hard like I at the tippy top, Quincy Jones’s just because he is a bad fuck. He just finesses a record, like there’s like so many stories that I’ve gotten the hear like all when Quincy… I’m like holy fuck, when you are in everybody’s mouth and everybody is saying positive shit even like positive jealousy shit. You know, like aw I just wish I had his wit, his ears whatever. That’s a level that like…He also put Black and Brown whatever on the map okay he broke fuckin’ ceilings! Like back when they weren’t letting black people touch snobs and shit. He like really broke the ceiling! I love him.

I love, I actually love some people that a lot of people don’t know that are Producers, like is like people call him a Producer, but that motherfuckers is a genius! Uncle Will is a fuckin’ genius! He will sit down and craft entire records for people and some of them he gets credit for, but like a lot of the shit he doesn’t. He is just that creative where he can give you a gem and like I don’t care I’ma shit another one in 15 minutes.

That level of being secure with yourself. There’s always gonna be somebody that doesn’t like your shit you know what I mean. And this is the thing, if they don’t like it they still picked it up, they still listened to it. Even if they got nothing but hate it might me because they haven’t heard anything like this. Ah this so trash, this is like nothing I’ve ever heard, but you already did your job and fucked up the game! Then again you are a disturbance that’s what, who remembers those people okay is who fucked up the game.

Even mumble rap I mean like who did it big?! You can name Future, you can name a couple motherfuckers who blew up that sound. That is basically what this is we should be pushing the culture forward not trying to sound the same. Now like I’m not shitting on you know artists, but like put a little bit more effort bro. Auto-Tune takes you so far and everything, but craft your shit like want to do better.

In my opinion how it seemed anyways like they take this thing in their like flexing right and they are more interested in the flex value of the money and shit it rather than like. It is the legacy thing though, if they took half the  time trying to grow those following bases okay, getting like thousands and thousands of people to follow them, but this is the truth about that I see motherfuckers that have 2 million followers right, but are broke cuz they don’t know how to monetize what they have you see what I’m saying!

That leads for 2 things to happen somebody is going to come and take advantage, that is what we call the ultimate opportunist. Or somebody’s gonna like basically fuck them out of his every dime you know what I mean. The opportunist usually comes with like, “Yeah you got fucked with a bad contract, but you know you live you learn”. Some of these people like they will get fucked careers you know what I mean. You can’t use your name anymore your likeness, like Prince… All these people it’s happened to them and if you think that you are bigger or better than any of these legends like suck a dick! Humble yourself cuz you are not you know it can happen to anybody.

The people who really see what happens they’re the ones that you want. You want the super fans. We go to the Nipsey model okay like even if I only sell 100 mixtapes okay, but those are the only ones of their kind now you’re creating value you see what I’m saying. Again making something out of nothing it’s gonna to be collectible. People ask me how did you get into the music thing. You just start doing it you wanna be in the music thing . You go to your local shows you start like fuckin’ working, chopping it up, trying to get your foot in the door.

This is what the old heads used to tell me in Brooklyn the people who I have the most respect for. When you look at like the trajectory of like what you want to do. If you’re walking aimlessly you’re wasting energy, resources time, and money. All these things are getting wasted. Like a lot of guys they say, “hey I wanna do this music thing” and they’ll go and record. Yeah, but you skipped the plan, you skipped the team you skipped all these things. It’s the journey to get there because they’re so in a rush to get there that it’s like they wasted all this time, energy and money going nowhere. Because they believe that like “oh, but I’m in constant motion” yeah, but you don’t know where you are going. There is no plan, there’s no destination so your aimlessly walking. Wasting energy and time, but that’s the number 1 thing I would say.

In this life you have two things to invest and that is your time and your money! Who you give those two things to is how you gotta turn out and what you gonna build. A lot of motherfuckers they talk about wanting to live this life and what not, but how did I do it, sacrifices that’s how! Putting in 6 hours in the studio instead of going out you know what I mean. Not going out like for dinners all the time. Buying yourself a studio you know those little sacrifices. Invest in yourself. You are a company if you want to make money doing this thing you have to views yourself as a company and a brand. How am I gonna wanna invest in you if you don’t have a studio.

You call yourself a producer and you don’t have the tools that you need to be…I wouldn’t call myself a contractor if I don’t have a nail gun and all that shit you know. To me like it’s comical. Cuz F.L. has enabled a generation of a…which is cool. It has driven the game forward. But F.L. to me, when I hear I am a Producer. It is curated sounds, you are not a Producer! People who know sound engineered the shit around and basically gave you a curated list of bomb ass sounds. If you can’t make bomb ass beat with that, I’m sorry, but you’re fucken’ retarded! At that point you shouldn’t be in this, but it does also enable for because you have to see it both ways and I try to.

You get guys like Murda Beatz that all they are doing is like stacking shit. That’s all they do all day and get high. They get called Producers. My issue is this, those guys are intelligent because they’re making like, they’re milking the name right? Very few…

Sorry I am going to interrupt myself right here to say the Scott Storch, you asked me producers, I love Scott Storch. Say whatever like, there are some people in the industry the have a bad taste in their mouth because of Scott, I love Scott. Scott is in your face. Everybody’s a fuck up, everybody has their vices and shit. But if you just look at the production what he does in the time that he does it in and as consistently as he doe it fuck you, like geniuses have troubles too! Imagine shitting out gems and everybody’s hittin’ you up, but then you get really lonely you know what I mean because those same motherfuckers’ like they’re really just like using you, squeezing that Stardust!

Pair yourself up with people that will actually support you. They are not saying they support you they are at your shows. They’re not saying I fuck with your shit, they are re-posting your shit. They’re wearing your shit, they’re wearing the hoodie you know what I mean. That’s who the fuck you are pandering to, your super fans!

It’s like this like this, how many followers do I have probably like 300 or 400 follow maybe? I making a living! These clowns that have million followers, but have they monetized it? It is flex power, its Instagram shit, it is whatever like it’s the facade. You can only fake it til’ you make it so far until people start realizing like holy shit he doesn’t have the star power. Very few people do.

Every dog has his day you can have one hit wonder. The panda Producer got fucked. That is one I always like to bring up cuz that motherfucker only got $320 for that beat. That shit went triple platinum and made this motherfucker’s career you know what I mean. You look at shit like that and it’s like you who got fucked or who fucked who. In reality it’s like the Producer fucked themselves by not knowing you know. He didn’t know that shit was going to go triple platinum, but it’s like if you know that you have heat you owe it to yourself to do research.

I’m not gonna do all the work and all steps for you. I ain’t hard to reach motherfuckers know me. I am pretty friendly, if you got questions like I’ll put you onto some game. Just don’t fuck anybody over! That’s my rule!

What is your favorite hip hop album and song?

I love To Pimp A Butterfly I think it was better than Damn a lot of people don’t agree with me. Content for content, favorite records he ever did.

I love like a weird shit I actually like XXXtentacion. He died too young, but left us some shit. That whole thing too, you never know when you’ll be gone so put your shit on record. Release that shit! YouTube that shit whatever. But put your shit on vinyl. Make sure that it is saved somewhere, that it’s up streamable because that then like you’re forever you’re immortal. Like Big L we lost him too soon. Put your shit on record!

K-Pop – They basically they have taken hip hop and R&B sounds and like made their own genres of music and not just that like to the point where they’re doing better numbers than American acts.

What is your favorite scary movie? Why?

Jeepers Creepers and why because when I was younger my cousin and I, I have fond memories of when I was really really little I lived in San Diego before I lived over there. Him and I would fuckin’ watch this movie and it was like horror, like we were little so that movie it fucked with us. We couldn’t sleep with the lights off and shit. Then I just became like, I was a little bit of a horror film buff myself back in the day the Hellraiser’s all the old classics. Hell yeah! That’s when fucken’ effects were good. Think about it like Thriller all that shit, the makeup that went into that shit. Way better now everything is CGI fuck that shit!

You talk about how you want to create a new sound to stand out from the rest of the rappers nowadays. How do you plan of doing that and do you have any ideas in mind of what that sound is? Any artists you like that have unique sounds? If you can share.

I like other artist, now that I had time to think I’ll name drop a couple other artist that the Dinny Skip coming from I believe he’s from the South. Dinny Skip be on the look out for that kid he is on fire and on a fast trajectory.

Oliver Tree, I fucken’ love Oliver Tree I listen to that shit like every fucking day. It’s like Rap, but you can’t really put a genre on it and that’s why I fuck with it. It has aspects of hip hop, but it also has like aspects of party anthems and aspects of EDM, weird shit. I like blurring lines like that!

Chuuwee & Trizz, Cali The Dreamer, A.II.Z, Sir Karri (holding it down for Chula), all the local motherfuckers, Nemy, and Yazi!

I mean fuckin’ Country Road whether you like it or hate it again he fucked up the game! I don’t care what people are saying, “Aw look at all these white Country artists that came out and supported him”.  Na, they needed the revamp on their career fuck that shit, call it what it really is!

They used this kid remixed the fuck out of his song that he still isn’t able to monetize by the way we won’t get into the specifics to that shit, but his management teams fucked him. He didn’t even wanna put a beat on it. Sometimes is like those creative pushes that like you can release a song two or three times the remixed version, different versions sell. Oliver Tree is one of the main examples of that. He did one song and remixed it 3 or 4 times that’s just smart releasing sake!

So a sound I just I like, I like mixing, I’ve done folk rock. I’ve done like Country shit. I like mixing, like different values from different genre’s.

What kind of legacy do you want to leave behind whether creatively or on a personal level?

I like making motherfuckers think! When people message me, like I never heard this in the song or like I put this together like that so cool, it is making people think and that means they’re listening to the words. Cuz that’s what I work really hard on. The beats kinda like by nature now you know I can poop out a beat pretty fast.

But like I really sit there and like think about my words. It’s always nice to hear when people are like hey that helped me through this moment or like this was really dope I like what you did there you know catching those little gems cuz we put them there. I mean you know as a writer.

I’ve had like a really beautiful blessed life like to meet really really talented motherfuckers and work with a lot of my heroes so just the opportunity! Whoever life’s I’ve touched I hope they go do that tenfold like that’s the whole point of this whole thing. Lend an ear, remember that we weren’t all like where we are now and I how good we sound now.  It’s all a fuckin’ dream! We are all gonna suck, everybody sucked at the beginning if they say otherwise they’re just jerking themselves off. It’s a journey and like you’re gonna get there!

What is next for Nomad? Any upcoming projects or any other creative outlets in your future?

So yeah I will be releasing. I broke my tibia which ended up canceling my tour which was kinda fucked up, but it ended up being blessing. I have a bunch of music I want to release. Just right now getting on all the paperwork and like all the legal shit to cover myself so I can start releasing. Publishing’s are your friends artists don’t forget that! 

So for sure within the next 2 months shit will be droppin and then it is going to be like clockwork. I’m just tryna release, release, release!

You are very humble, and I can see you have a passion for helping people and taking them under your wing. Where did that drive, and passion come from? Usually in the music industry everyone is out for their own benefit.

Ou, you gonna make me emotional as hell,Number 7! He was the one motherfucker that like really put me on, opened a shitload of doors for me. Taught me like so many things. I barely left the studio and he was just giving me more and more. Thanks to people like that! Thanks to people who helped when I was fuckin’ homeless that is why we do that hope for the homeless, should nobody be homeless. It’s not so nice outside you know, you know who’s president you know we don’t live under rocks like shit isn’t all rainbows and shit you know. That is the more reason to be united! Black and Brown baby, like Bumblebee’s I always say. I have one rap song and ya’ll are gonna know the lyrics, “Panthers come Black/ But they also come Brown/Seminal like the Indians/ Black and Brown we Indigenous!” That’s all you are gonna get for right now, but like unifying those two things are really important to me!

What do you believe sets you apart from your peers or competition in the hip hop scene?

Well I’m humble, but I also know I am a talented motherfucker. I bring bars to the table, I bring fuckin’ creative beats. I like to do like wild shit and I think more than anything like I’m genuine and I love all you motherfuckers who support me, I support you guys too! You see me in the fuckin’ crowd going ape shit! I really do it for the culture! For everybody, for the friends like that’s really why we are here. Boom! Put it on vinyl!

Anything you want to let your supporters know? Any words of encouragement?

Keep grinding and don’t let haters like fuckin’ steer you from your path. They’re haters like if they spent half the time that they do hating they’d actually accomplish some shit, but they are out here being insecure living insecure lives. You scared them, the fact that you’re going after your dreams and making shit happen. Two things you can do in this life, wake up and fuckin’ go back to sleep or you can wake up and chase your dreams! Like those two things can happen. Like you can keep sleeping and keep saying tomorrow. Out here there is a lot of motherfuckers that are really talented and I am not even saying it is a permanent thing that they won’t reach success, but they’re the reason why they’re not reaching where they need to be is they are their own worst enemy! Whether they’re not going out and socializing whether not cause this is a numbers thing too! Show love! Being a community like that’s how we all make it you know there’s plenty of bread on the table like don’t let people fuckin’ steer you away from that and I know your contractual releases!

Any shout outs you want to give out?

Hell yeah! Yazi is doing a whole lotta of shit with the SD Music Room. That is super important if you want to bring your game up to the next level. There’s a lot of creative people there. There’s a lot of people that can probably steer you in the right direction or just give you creative criticism and feedback.

There is a difference between criticism and creative criticism. Creative criticism is aimed to make you better the other one is just meant to hurt you and hate. You should be able to tell the difference between the two of them if not you are in the wrong game kid!

Everybody’s really working together to make shit pop off in San Diego right now! Anybody else that we are forgetting we love ya’ll, we respect ya’ll and we love that you are pushing the game together! Pass the ball back-and-forth baby it’s a team sport, we in these trenches together!!!

Thank you Nomad for your time and being open to do this interview! I truly appreciate you and your insightful knowledge! To my readers and supporters hope you all enjoyed reading this interview. Go follow his IG @goodvibetribe_nomad to keep up with his latest music and production! Until next time horror fiends and hip hop heads. While you’re at it please feel free to follow my blog on social media @7octoberz and Facebook!

NIGHTMARE ON SEDGWICK AVENUE – “La Reina Del Genero Urbano! – Ivy Queen – Llego La Queen EP Review”



Artist: Ivy Queen

Album: Llego La Queen

Release Date: February 28, 2019

Buy/Purchase album: All Streaming Platforms

Hello Hip Hop Heads and Horror Fans,

The Queen of Reggaeton aka La Caballota, La Potra and certainly not least La Queen is back! She paved the way for women in Reggaeton when there was no lane. She created it herself and that is why she rightfully earned the title of “La Queen”. She had a vision went for it and executed it! Her music evokes so much emotion. When one of her songs comes on you can’t help, but sing to it and get in your feels. Like my sister Melly said your tone of voice changes to match hers. Her lyrics uplift women and show that we are bosses, badasses and no man can bring us down! Even her songs that are about heartbreak she raps how she never let a man bring her down. She is also a dope MC!!! She has BARS! In my opinion no one at the time she came into the Reggaeton game could match her style and she stood out and still does.

She returns after a 3 year hiatus. So many things have changed in the Reggaeton and latin trap genre more women have become popular from Becky G, Karol G, Anitta to Natti Natasha. But yet the Queen still is on her thrown. Without Ivy Queen these dope female artists wouldn’t exist today. She is a chameleon, she can do any sound and still kill it! She is the Queen of el Genero Urbano. She’s done Reggaeton, Latin Trap, Salsa and Bachata! Ivy Queen needs a documentary/movie that documents her whole journey and what she has contributed and continues to contribute to el Genero Urbano.


La trayectoria de Ivy Queen es extensiva. Tiene 9 albums y 7 EP’s incluyendo, Llego La Queen! It’s been 3 years since she dropped her last album, Vendetta! It’s great to hear new music from her she never disappoints! This EP consists of 7 tracks and a running time of 24 minutes.  Please read below as I briefly breakdown each track:

  1. The Queen is Here – bringing her aggressive lyrical bars and proves why she is the queen of el Genero Urbano!
  2. Llego La Queen – Once again she spits pure BARS! She lets it be known the Queen has returned to reign!
  3. Y Tu – This track is deep its about a relationship where the girl sacrificed a lot for her boyfriend even changed who she was for him. She realized he abused her kindness and she lost the love she had for him.
  4. Pa’l Frente Pa’ Tras – A reggaeton dancing anthem. Feel good party song!
  5. Baile Para Ti – Another dance song about desire. Spanglish track!
  6. Malvada – She poke fun at the fairytale line, ” Mirror mirror on the wall”. She does a rap twist to it and raps, “Who’s the baddest of them all?” She raps how she is Malvada (Evil) and the baddest!
  7. Polvora –She spits killer bars! She raps she is a killer on the track and how there will always be haters who will try to dim your light!

Favorite Tracks/Verses:

  1. The Queen Is Here
    “Go south from the west, hashtag, #SeSoltóLaBestia
    Una vaina me hace un poco de humo en la cabeza
    ¿Qué clase ‘e capítulo? No hagan el ridículo
    Yo tengo más papilla y hasta tengo más testículos, wuh
    Déjame bajarle un poco
    Porque si yo sigo, van a quedar locos
    Yo tengo la falda y el pantalón bien puesto’
    No se hagan las películas sin presupuesto
    Y si se creían que había llegado mi fin
    Todos saben ya mi nombre
    Porque me dicen “La Queen”
  2. Llego La Queen
    “Esto no es ciencia
    Hágamen la reverencia
    Hágamen la ceremonia
    Que del bailoteo yo soy la demonia, tu paranoia
    Y no te puedes estar quieto
    Suavecito muñeco
    Yo juego con los controle’ como el viejo Gepeto
    Se rumora en el ghetto que a los rangos respeto”
  3. Malvada
    “Cuando hables mal de mí, llámame que yo te ayudo y seguro
    Si a mí no me llegan ninguno
    Roncan, roncan
    Conmigo tú no quieres bronca-bronca
    Me llaman bruja, porque yo misma me curo de espanto
    Porque los vuelo en canto, porque gozo lo que canto
    Porque no ha nacido nadie con mi sazón
    Se les revienta el corazón, así que pongan atención”
  4. Polvora
    “Que si no quieres enemigo’ no debes brillar
    Porque aquel que brilla todo el mundo siempre lo quiere ver mal
    Predican lo que no practican y este son lo canto de corazón
    Mate wait, you are my son, son clap
    Now clap, now clap
    ‘Cause the killer’s on the track”

Ivy Queen es alguien que yo admiro. As a female lyricist and songwriter I love that she is unapologetically herself and has bars! As well as very emotional and relatable music. Ivy Queen sigue rompiendo barerras por ejemplo she was just inducted into the Latin Songwriters Hall of Fame by La Musa Awards!!! For her to be getting this honor and on top of that being a female en el Genero Urbano it is a huge milestone! If you have never listened to Ivy Queen’s music do yourself a favor check out this album and her previous albums!

Thank you for reading my review. Hope you all enjoyed it! Until next time horror fiends and hip hop heads! While you’re at it follow my blog on social media @7octoberz and Facebook!

NIGHTMARE ON SEDGWICK AVENUE – “After The Calm Comes the Storm – David Ira – Between a Storm and an Ocean EP Review”



Artist: David Ira (Featured: Desha and Julee)

Album: Between a Storm and an Ocean

Release Date: April 20, 2017

Buy/Purchase album: All Streaming Platforms

Hello Hip Hop Heads and Horror Fans,

Today I will be reviewing David Ira’s, “Between a Storm and an Ocean EP that was released in 2017. David hit me up on social media and wanted to know if I could review his album. He dropped it a few years back and he thought it did not get the love it deserved back when it dropped. Honestly I had not listened to David’s music and went in with no expectations and blind faith lol. Before I even got to listen to the album I went to a hip hop show thrown by dope Producer Rob aka Superior Productionz.

I saw David Ira was one of the performers that night, amongst other dope emcees who some I have built friendships with. I went to the event to show support and finally meet David and other emcees who I haven’t had the pleasure of meeting in person only through social media or reviewing their albums. David hit the stage and he blew me away! He started with a spoken word rap, which was dope because that stood out to me. Also I am a poet myself so that was really amazing to see. He performed a couple more songs and he killed his performance. He had great stage presence and his vibe shows his music comes from his heart! David is making San Diego proud! He has great potential to succeed in music!

This project is dark, but poetic with positive messages. David raps about his insecurities and topics we can all relate to from self doubt, anger, depression to keeping hope everything will work out. This project is filled with pure lyricism. He raps about his frustration of wanting to be recognized and feeling stuck. He raps about how he wants to make it with his music and not waste his potential.

This EP consists of only 5 tracks with a running time of 20 minutes. This project is short, but sweet. It is worth the 20 minutes filled with poetic rhymes and full of heart! You can tell David Ira is a genuine dude and truly loves music. He uses his lyrics to spread emotion and thought provoking messages. Also the singer Desha has a beautiful voice. She killed her vocals and compliments David’s rhyme schemes.


Go stream, buy, support this album and David Ira! Not only is he a talented emcee he also does photography. This project was slept on, glad David hit me up and put me onto his music. Don’t sleep on this! Go support a real emcee/poet from my beautiful city of San Diego. As I mentioned before and will continue saying it San Diego’s Hip Hop scene is killing it! We on the rise, Daygo stand up!

Favorite Tracks/Verses:

1. Hope:

I see a lot of me in you
Full of anger at the waves that keep pushing you back to the cliffs
Your hatred for this typhoon only fuels you, makes you hate the east winds that sweeps you down south
I see a lot of me in you
I see the truths that I told myself once, these lies that I tried to justify
Their ain’t food for thought when your belly is full of liquor and your heart is full of rage
But that don’t matter when you feel alone
Your sense of isolation in a crowded city built these wall around you
But they can’t protect you when the storm comes”

2. When the Storm Comes:

“Working this nine to five, nineties kid yelling is this shit just working though
Cuz we pulling two shifts but these taxes are taxin my empathy mentally
Meant to be something way greater but work as a waiter so I just get faded and wait it off
When the typhoon hits, are you steady bound to the rules life gives
Who’s already drowned once it hits the ground I ain’t really found, anybody who can slide through this
Cuz we hopeless and lost this wind has set us off course
I swear this tempest has tampered the best of intentions I’ve had since like I was a boy
This life is search and destroy merk anyone who deploys
Any resentment, I’m bound to get reckless when henny and weed is surrounding my presence”

3. Between a Storm and an Ocean:

“All that I want in life is to really just live this dream
That I’ve had since I was 15 when I started writing 16’s
Put in 10,000 hours I scoured the world
Looking for hidden meanings, but see all my demons had seen me first
Giving all that I got to the process of making music
I wonder if I’ma make it or end up hanging on nooses
I’m losing a grip, on life, steadily chunkin deuces
Try to move these waters while keeping my two feet rooted
Truly zooming, through my early twenties today
Stressing over how to get famous leads to earlier graves”

Thank you for reading my review. Hope you all enjoyed it! Until next time horror fiends and hip hop heads! While you’re at it follow my blog on social media @7octoberz and Facebook!




Hello Hip Hop Heads and Horror Fans,

I am honored to share this interview with you all. I got to interview the talented Smalls Uno aka Sire Spooky! It was just a few months ago I came across Smalls music and dope album, “Beast Mode” that I reviewed as well. Smalls and I clicked and instantly became spooky fam!!! He is a dope emcee from my city of San Diego and a very humble human being! Thank you Smalls Uno for inviting me to your “M.Mind Debate Show” podcast with your co-host Mastermind Guile and giving me the platform to discuss the origins of my hip-hop/horror blog! Check out this dope podcast now on Season 2. I was featured on Episode 2, go check it out, like it, comment and subscribe to Smalls Uno and Mastermind Guile’s Youtube channel! Without further a do, read below to know more about Smalls Uno and his spooky journey!

Please tell introduce yourself to those who might not know who you are.

Yo I’m Smalls Uno aka Sire Spooky aka Smalls Krueger aka The fuckin’ King!!! I’m born and raised in Daygo Paradise Hills to be exact, artist on M.Mind Recording member of Spooky Gang.

Beast Mode was just dropped a few months ago! Dope project. I know you have dropped prior albums. How do you feel you’ve grown as an emcee and what is different about this album than your previous projects?

Good lookin I appreciate that, I feel I’ve grown lyrically for sure. The project I put out before Beast Mode was called “King and His Krown” and it was a Frankenstein project, me and Mastermind Guile had been putting out a lot of classic M.Mind albums that didn’t get dropped and I needed something to put out so I gathered a bunch of songs I had already recorded and recorded like 3 new joints for it and threw it out. But I had took a break from music in 2012 when my daughter was born so my pen was a little rusty coming back in 2016.

What is your writing process like when working on an album or song? What inspires or influences your lyrics?

I always just throw the beat on and just listen to it repeatedly until a topic forms, then I’ll try and zone out. I like to write when it’s really cold at night, something about the stress on the body that sends my brain into a reflection of my wild youth and starts pulling up dark memories. I’m way too spooky!!!

Please tell us a bit about your journey and how you began rapping?

My big bro Sick Rick Da Don, he’s from Brooklyn and when I was like 8 or 9 he let me read his rhyme book and that was when I was like I can do this, so our dad bought us a karaoke machine and mad blank tapes and we started recording freestyles and random rhymes we had over any instrumental we could find. I showed that tape to Mastermind and then he started rhyming too. I didn’t really get serious with it until I graduated from high school tho, that was ’03 me and Mastermind linked back up and started getting it in. Right now I got 6 mixtapes out ranging years wise from 2006-2018 and 3 albums from 2005-present, Me Mastermind and Sick Rick have been at this for a long time, but presently the time is right!!!

The M.Mind Recording Debate Show podcast how did that come about? I know you mentioned Season 1 took place last year. When did it begin who did you interview or guests that were on last season?

This was definitely a Mastermind Guile gem, he was just trying to think of ways to get our personalities out to the public, because some people say we’re not very approachable. I’m a talker and Guile is real laid back and reserved that’s why I’m the host, MC motormouth! Yeah on the first season we had guest like Kyanite from Dead Souls click, Darky Lowks, Speak Easy & Riquested, and Gangsta Gadget to name a few. Season two is gonna be extra lit tho, 2 episodes in already! Tune in!!!!

How do you plan of making your Podcast Season 2 different? What do you want to achieve with this Podcast? Is it a round table or will you try to discuss SD hip hop, rap news etc?

So our main focus is to spread the game and information out to help those that might need it, and who else to get it from than your fellow local artists. Then season we’re gonna do more round table style multiple guest at once, last season majority of all the guests got a lot of recognition and love from being on the show, we’re looking to continue doing that.


What is the significance of your monicker Smalls Uno?

It started out as a joke or a tease my bro sick Rick is a giant, he’s like 6’3″ and I’m only 5’7″ so people in our neighborhood would see me and say ” your killing me smalls” from the sandlot, I hated it but it grew on me, and I added the Uno to just to I guess show my Spanish side and to say I am the one.

I love that you incorporate horror references in your music. Do you have any favorite horror-core albums, songs or rappers?

The Gravediggaz. Their first song “Nowhere to run nowhere to hide” when I first heard that I was blown away, but they got a joint called “Suicide” and that’s my favorite song from them, they had another song I can’t think of the title but in the video one of the cats was rhyming in a grave that was krazy ill. But mostly my horror references come from my love for horror movies.

What is your favorite scary movie? Why?

The first Nightmare on Elm Street hands down!!! My oldest brother showed me the first movie when I was like 6 or 7, and I was spooked out so he made me watch it repeatedly until it wasn’t scary anymore.

What is next for Smalls Uno? Can we expect more upcoming albums/ EP’s this year or just singles? You just dropped “Bane Raps” tell the people where they can find your dope music!

Yeah “Bane Raps” you can get that from my Bandcamp page: Me and Sick Rick are doing a EP titled: “The Spookies”, 6 tracks spine chilling bars. I’m also doing an EP with SD producer Ray Flaqui titled “Spit Fire and Die Rhymin”. I’m gonna be adding more music to my Bandcamp page, but I got music everywhere: Spotify, iTunes, SoundCloud, YouTube just Google Smalls Uno and enjoy the adventure!

What is your favorite hip hop album and song of all time?

My favorite album has to be Mobb Deep The Infamous, and my favorite song is “Where’s ya Heart at” my Mobb Deep off the Murda Muzik album.

Who is your favorite emcee of all time? Why?

It’s a 50/50 split between Prodigy & Ghostface Killah, Prodigy’s pen is extremely detail oriented so I can visualize what he’s saying. We both little dudes that grew up grimey doin wild shit. And Ghostface is hella smooth but dangerous all in one, like he be saying shit that will leave you stunned like “yo what did he say?” His story telling abilities are highly slept on too. His verse on “Impossible” on the Wu-Tang Forever album is everything every emcee should wanna be able to create.

What do you believe sets you apart from your peers or competition?

I say the angles I hit with my pen, my ability to tell stories in great detail, and my voice. I love rhymin, to sit and think of a verse and to try and hide simple meanings inside of intricate wordplay is something I really enjoy doing.

Do you feel the San Diego hip hop scene has welcomed you? What constructive criticisms or advice would you say the SD hip hop scene needs to do to be considered a hub of hip hop like LA or NY?

Honestly this year was my welcoming year, for a long time I felt like I was invisible or being blocked out, but the invisible cloak is gone. If you would’ve asked me this question last year or two years ago I would’ve said there’s no unity in Daygo, but there’s tons of unity. What I believe is happening is there’s the hip-hop scene and then there’s the rap scene. But people like Nate from Sdloveshiphop and Gohamradio are bridging that gap by doing business with artists from both sides. That’s like me and Mastermind I’m a good ol’ backpack emcee that listened to El-P’s “Fantastic Damage” while on bombing missions and he’s a certified G that will hop in his ride and slump out to Three Six Mafia’s “Tear Da Club up ’97”. We’re bridging the Gap!

What kind of legacy do you want to leave behind either creatively or on a personal level?

I just wanna be in the argument of greatest emcees of all-times, I want my kids to see that daddy wasn’t krazy for all that time he spent writing raps or rehearsing songs for a show in the backyard. I’m not in this to get rich, yes it would be amazing to be rich, I’d rather after I die my kids and my wife get the royalties and all that money if my music can reach that status, I just wanna be in the argument!

What advice would you give an up and coming emcee?

Practice your craft, if you really wanna rhyme and be taken seriously, practice! Write all the time, I don’t like to freestyles anymore but freestyling helps, and always remember you were a fan before you became an artist so don’t be afraid to support what you consider dope. And never ever ever, try to spit darts at Smalls!!!

What do you think about Hip Hop music becoming more intermingled with the horror genre? Not sure if you heard Rza is making a horror movie. Also most recently Jordan Peele used “I Got 5 On It” for his psychological horror movie “Us“? It’s been done before like Tales from the Hood , Bones etc. Do you think this can become a successful trend? What are some of your thoughts on this.

It’s dope, I mean who doesn’t like horror movies? Redman was in a Chucky movie. Everyone has a little evil side to them, horror movies can only help you bring that out and use it for good. That sounded hella evil right now!

What other creative arenas do you want to enter if any? You are a rapper and a podcaster that’s why I ask.

I’d like to be in a movie or two, I think I can do it, be a bully in a high school movie. I’ve been writing a book for the past 6 years, I go back to it write a little leave it alone for another year or so. I don’t know, I’m open to a lot, a pro wrestlers manager, get in the ring talk some shit, smack a couple dudes and bounce. Boxcutta Maxx what’s good yo?

What do you consider is the difference between a lyricist (MC) and a rapper? Specially in this era?

To me an emcee is more of a news reporter, they’re gonna tell you what’s going on in their region, what they did last week, who got shot and why, what their favorite food is, all that in rhyme form, where as a rapper is just gonna put words together over a beat to get paid.

What do you feel about Jordan Peele bringing back the original screenplays to the horror genre. As well as giving black actors major lead character roles in a genre that typically has not been that way? Do you prefer original horror movies or remakes?

They’re both great styles, some originals have good storylines but based on the time it was made the technology didn’t allow it to be super scary, where the remakes can take the old storyline beef it up and they have the technology to do over the top shit to make little kids piss themself. I’ma be honest I haven’t seen Us yet, but I love that Jordan Peele is making a way for black actors to break into this historic genre, we all don’t have to die within the first 5 minutes of the movie, unless your talking about Kelly Rowland in Freddy vs Jason, how in the hell did she survive so long?

Who is your favorite horror villain or horror icon ? Why?

Freddy Krueger, he talked mad shit to his victims, he didn’t walk he ran, and just the whole mindfuck of him making you afraid to go to sleep and then finally your body shutting down forcing you into a coma like sleep is brilliant. Those elm Street kids would be so afraid they wouldn’t even realize they have actual control over their dreams. I need to be in a Freddy movie or on a soundtrack.

Any shout outs you want to give out to any platforms or people that have supported your craft?

Shout-out Mastermind Guile, Sick Rick Da Don, Speak Easy, Nemy, Indian K, Boxcutta Maxx, Ric Scales, Yazi, Twomps, AC Braxton, Pottie Mouth, Bubu The Prince, Kyle Jimenez, Spookygang!!!!! Shout-out to Nate at Sdloveshiphop, Kill C Rey at Platform Collection, Kahlee, HipHopWeds, Bars Weekly, Hip-Hop with Robby C, DJ Escobarz from AEO music group & 1700 Radio, 7 Octoberz hip-hop/horror blog, Dee Barber, Westside Spanky & Westside Pee-wee, and Mama Bear! M.Mind Recording X Spooky Gang!!!!

Thank you Smalls Uno for your time and being down to do this interview! I truly appreciate you! Spooky Gang👻👻👻!!!To my readers and supporters hope you all enjoyed reading this interview. Go stream, listen or buy Smalls Uno latest project, “Beast Mode” and his new single, “Bane Raps” to support dope hip hop music! Until next time horror fiends and hip hop heads. While you’re at it please feel free to follow my blog on social media @7octoberz and Facebook!

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