Nightmare on Sedgwick Avenue – “Trials and Tribulations – Drew & Clue – 2018 Album Review”



Artist: Drew Burgundy and Clueless Michael

Album: 2018

Release Date: June 20, 2019

Buy/Purchase album: Soundcloud currently

Hello Hip Hop Heads and Horror Fans,

Today I will be reviewing Drew Burgundy and Clueless Michael EP titled, “2018“. Drew hit me up on social media a few weeks ago and wanted to know if I did album reviews. I was humbled that word was getting around about my blog. I replied to him and told him I am doing album reviews and would be glad to review his project. He emailed me his EP and I listened to it. I was pleasantly surprised at how dope it was! San Diego is full of creative and talented individuals. Drew and Michael are no exception! I love my city. I know eventually we will become the next hot spot/mecca for dope Hip Hop just like Buffalo and Rochester are killing the game with that grimey lyrical rap!

This EP consists of 4 tracks that speaks on different relatable topics. Here is a brief rundown of each track. As I always like to say music is subjective so I interpreted the songs this way, but others might have a different interpretation and that is great! I love music that sparks conversation and this is one of those projects!

1.No Calls – I don’t fuck with you type vibe. The song is  telling us to not put up with people who are fake. Put simply if I don’t like you, I won’t pretend to be friends. The moral of this track is don’t lie, be real, if you don’t like someone just don’t fuck with them!

2. Losing My mind – This song has a trap soul type vibe. Definitely a banger it has a catchy hook. Drew is singing on this track and he killed it! The song is about facing one’s demons or going through a difficult time and still pulling through. Very inspirational track with a party vibe to it!

3. Hard For Me– This track is about going through tough times. It is a song about feeling like the world doesn’t understand you. Another deep introspective track. The beat is melancholy with the piano and the singing on this track is amazing!

4. Dead Presidents – The beat on this track gives me 90s R&B mixed with a boom bap vibe. I got a feel good vibe when listening to this track. They rap that working 9 to 5 is a way to keep us chained. We are wasting our time when we can be doing something productive and following our dreams instead of chasing money. The song is also about how we tend to focus on monetary gain and forget about ones mental health to be able to pursue our dreams. This song has a real dope message!


I asked Drew to send me a mini bio to share with you all. Here is a bit about Drew, his journey in music and the significance of this EP.

“Hello My name is Drew Burgundy, I was born and raised in Southeast San Diego more specifically born in Lincoln Park right off Gloria and Ocean View. How I got into music, I have always been around good music. From André 3000, Eminem, Pac, Busta Rhymes, etc., to so much gospel music. But I really didn’t want to start rapping until I was about 15 when my homie Meaty passed away . It was the beginning of a very dark period of my life. I was battling depression because of so many things, dealing with my family literally tearing itself apart, and my grandmother passing. It really changed my perspective about life and humans as a whole and made me want to do more to create a positive change in the people around me . Since then my desires has grown even bigger, I’m hungrier. This EP that me (Drew Burgundy) and my homie Michael (Clueless Michael) have put together embodies both our struggles, but specifically focusing on the year 2018. Which is why we decided to go with naming the project that. Some what of a short fun recap of what we went through this past year that will give you a lot of different feels.”

Overall this is a dope EP with a positive message, great lyrics and relatable topics. I definitely recommend checking out this project! My favorite track is “Losing My Mind” which was the first single for this EP. Go support this dope San Diego rap duo!

Thank you for reading my review. Hope you all enjoyed it! Until next time horror fiends and hip hop heads! While you’re at it follow my blog on social media @7octoberz and Facebook!




Artist: Nems and Producer Jazzsoon (Featuring: Conway the Machine, Spit Gemz, Al-Doe and Axel Leon)

Album: Gorilla Monsoon

Release Date: May 31, 2019

Buy/Stream album: All Platforms

Hello Hip Hop Heads and Horror Fans,

Today I will be reviewing Nems’ album titled, “Gorilla Monsoon“.  The album consists of 13 tracks with a running time of 58 minutes. The project was solely Produced by Jazzsoon. From start to finish you get these grimey boom bap beats. The production on this project was just masterful! Each track on this just transitions perfectly. Each song is hard with pure bars! New York is definitely having a resurgence of that pure grimey rap and sound we’ve been missing. Griselda Records re-awoke it, 38 Spesh and his crew, Eto, Jamal Gasol, Flee Lord, Nems the list goes on! I mean all these artists and other’s that I might not have mentioned have been putting in work for years. I just feel it was more underground and now due to streaming and social media we are able to give this sound the limelight once again!

I honestly just came across Nems music through friends and rappers I know who kept posting this project and I kept hearing great things about it. Even from some of my favorite underground emcees like Apathy named it album of the year worthy. I then made time to go check it out and give it a listen, I was definitely hyped when I heard it. It definitely was NOT overhyped every single person who said this album was fire, dope, hard AF was right! Man if Prodigy was still alive he would be fuckin’ happy to see emcees like Nems that are blowing up and getting the recognition they deserve! I name Prodigy because I feel him and Havoc were one of the main emcees who started and kept that gritty/grimey NY sound alive and pushed it to where it is now. The movement has definitely grown and their influence is still dominant today you can hear it in artists like Nems. It is also dope to see Nems collaborating with San Diego artists like Bubu the Prince who is one of my favorite San Diego emcees out right now! Daygo Zoo, 858!

Nems is an emcee from Coney Island who takes pride where he is from, he shouts it out in his music anytime he gets! The intro track “Step Aside“, oh man as soon as the beat drops my head just started bobbin! Nems raps with aggression and emotion. In this track he tells us a bit about his journey in the rap game and how he has been doing this shit for a long time. He mentions how he was told many times he was not worthy, but look at him now. Who is having the last laugh now?! Another dope track is the second track, “Where You Know Me From“, featuring my favorite murderous emcee Conway the Machine! They both spit real lyricism.

The track, “Timb Boots” has a catchy hook! The beat gave me some blaxploitation funk type vibes. Then right after that track you get Nems’ hit single, “Gahbage“! On this track Nem savagely murders and calls every wack rapper out! I love his cadence and flow on this one he uses dark sense of humor, but states facts! I don’t want to give out the whole album away, you all have to listen to it to come up with your interpretation and just vibe to it! One last track I’ll mention tho is, “No Reggaeton“. Ironically I love Reggaeton lol, but I get what Nems is trying to say. He is breaking the stereotype, that just because your Puerto Rican or a Latino from South America you get grouped into making the most popular genre there, “Reggaeton”. He proves he is a lyrical beast who raps and does NOT do Reggaeton! I can respect that! Some of the best lyricists in my opinion are latinos and some times they get overshadowed for that fact alone like Big Pun, Sick Jacken, B-Real, Joell Ortiz and Immortal Technique to name drop a few!

Overall this project is fuckin dope! Enjoyed all the gritty and grimey Production. Along with Nems dark sense of humor, witty lines and over all his aggressive raw delivery! This is definitely a high contender on the list of best albums of 2019! Fuck Your Lyfe Till Tha Casket Drops season!!! Nems keep killing the rap game! Hope to see you soon in San Diego if you go on tour! Salute! Go buy, stream and listen to this album you don’t want to miss what the streets are talkin’ about!

Favorite Verses/Tracks:

1.Timb Boots:

Fuck KFC, my two piece absolutely
Will knock yo ass outta the screen nigga like “Whooptie!”
Wake up, little uzi
Wake up (Bah-bah-bah-bah-bah-bah-bah-bah, bang)
No vert, though
Leavin’ em’ murked, though
Hip-hop died, Gorilla rose from the dirt, though
Niggas out here rappin’ in skirts, bro (Fuckin’ ridiculous)
I will fuck you up
Out here fuckin’ bitches with the mushroom cut
When you see me all you hear is, “Buck, buck, buck, buck”, uh

2. Kings:

I love my crew, one for all and we all for one
Just gained a hundred pounds (I’m tryna live), little Pun
Can’t compare to that nigga, ’cause he was truly great
I’m just tryna do me before it gets too late
‘Cause Latins goin’ Platinum was destined to come
So I’m blessin’ the drum with every last breath in my lung
All these rappers talk about is vests and guns
And rhymes be just about as fresh as a bum
But along with this music shit comes the politics
And I don’t like to be fake, so I want no parts of it
Every bar is sick, I put my whole heart in it
But they still try to ignore me like I’m a nondescript

3. 200:  The whole track! Pure lyricism!

4. Where You Know Me From:

Come and try, nigga, I’ll put you in a coma (Bop)
Say it’s lonely at the top, well I’ve always been a loner (Uh)
Bitch I’ll make ya boyfriend go to the store to buy me Dutches and I don’t even smoke
‘Cause he a doja (He ain’t tough)
Yea I don’t smoke and I hate drinkin’
But I’ll shoot you right in front of ya bitch like Abe Lincoln (Bop)
Was at a barbecue earlier
Ma man said, “Gorilla, how you not signed to a label? What is they thinkin’?”
I said it won’t be long ‘fore they acknowledge it
Built my whole shit off of skills, I never politic
Real niggas and college kids
Know they ain’t a rapper as hot as this
But even if there was I’d fuckin’ rock their shit
Where you know me from?

Thank you for reading my review. Hope you all enjoyed it! Until next time horror fiends and hip hop heads! While you’re at it follow my blog on social media @7octoberz and Facebook!




Artist: Rob Markman (Features: Yuri Koller, Jnyr, Styles P, Cris Streetz, The Ichiban Don, Punch, Komi and Enuma)

Album: It’s Too Late At The Wake

Release Date: May 8, 2019

Buy/Stream album: All Platforms

Hello Hip Hop Heads and Horror Fans,

Today I will be reviewing Rob Markman’s sophomore album, “It’s Too Late At The Wake“. The album consists of 13 tracks with a running time of 46 minutes. About a month ago or so I had the pleasure of interviewing my favorite Hip Hop journalist Rob Markman for my blog. Of course it was not in person, but nonetheless the power of social media made one of my dreams come true! Thank you Rob for being humble and for being open to answer some interview questions. Which brings me to my next point, Dreams! This album touches on that theme from start to finish. This album is a continuation of Rob’s first album/EP, “Write to Dream“. Where he motivates us to follow our dreams before it’s too late and we are 6 feet deep under the ground!

The first track titled, “It’s Too Late” sets the theme in motion. Then we are blessed with tracks like Grown Man Gossip one of my favorite tracks off of this project. Rob raps how older men get caught up in gossip and hating instead of uplifting others and focusing on their own shit! Rob Markman is creating a legacy to let us creatives (whether young or older) that we have to believe in ourselves, love ourselves and follow our dreams, fuck what the haters think! This the main reason why I fuck with Rob Markman as a journalist and a lyricist he is always spitting knowledge and positivity!

You also get tracks like “Raheem’s Funeral“, which Rob connects a similar story with the movie Juice where Bishop is at Raheem’s funeral and he is the killer. Rob had a similar situation happen to him in real life and tells us the story creatively crafted into a song! You also get one of my other favorite tracks off this project, “If I Should Die“, Rob raps about his family and letting them know how much he loves them and that he wants his loved ones to know he followed his dreams and wants to be known for that! I don’t want give away too much. You gotta listen to the project in its entirety. It is a very motivational and inspiring album.


The whole project from beginning to end is like a movie/story about life the ups and downs  we go through. Also how we have a choice to either follow our dreams and die legends for our cause or die without having accomplished nothing! That is why I titled this post, The saddest thing in life is wasted talent!” For those who are movie fans know I got this quote from my favorite movie, “A Bronx Tale“. My interpretation of this quote for me has been that we all have a talent or gift and it is up to us to use it or let it go to waste! I’ve lost friends who died real young and did not get to reach their full potential and it is a true sadness! They each had their own dreams, aspirations and talents! They were taken too soon rest in power to: Francisco Avalos, Lino De Los Santos and Hildy Molina!

I really love this project and what it stands for! Rob you created a timeless album with a positive message! Very inspiring to any creative that appreciates true lyricism and storytelling. Go cop, stream or just listen to this album!

Favorite Verses/Tracks:

1. Grown Man Gossip:
“Flip it maybe cash it in, invest it where ya passion is
Do it cause you’re passionate even if they laugh at it
Shoot till you mastered it no matter where the basket is
Pull up like Steph from the logo
They gonna talk about ya name and that’s strictly for the promo
They gonna hate you while you breathin’
Write to Dream, I gave em somethin’ to believe in”

2. Next Check:
“I got sins I ain’t pay for yet
Copped the Jesus piece just to cover the debt
I must admit last summer was lit
Now I walk up in this bitch like it’s money to get
Toast to the life that we choses
Took losses, came up like roses
Tryna paint a picture only got two poses
The Pablo cut, with a part like Moses
Walk with my team in a sea full of posers
Offset the flow, my Migos for the culture
Dropped Write To Dream now the dream getting closer
Nightmares of devils drinkin’ lean with the vultures
Awakened by cold sweats
Dapper Dan Gucci paid in full with no debt
Got mine before rap, facts, no flex
Tryna cop the crib before I cop the Rolex”

3. Last Supper At Babylon: (Featuring Punch)
“It’s gettin’ stranger by the second
People you never met with, gettin’ angered by ya mention
And at your coronation, you can sense all the dissension
Homies say they down, but really mad at your accession
You try to split the pie into the fairest of dimensions
They plotting at the table you just sensin’ all the tension
This the last supper, make ’em check in all they weapons
Heard ’em speaking evil with the devil in their sentence
You try and keep your cool maintainin’ all of ya essence”

“Look, I don’t even rap for real
I only do this just to keep my true intentions concealed
Build the stock up till it’s time to reveal
And peel the top off these niggas, the thought gimme the chills
This what happens when the madness matches the skill
Of a savage who lives life on the hill
It’s nothin’ to front the bill
My treat, hungry wolves gonna eat, you lookin’ like a meal
I watch smiles turn into ice grills
It’s a different type of drip when you get hit with life’s ills
I gotta ways to go still
The slightest infraction I make a mountain out a molehill
While you push up tulips, I’m tryna grow still
My soul is in the soil, I’m from the dirt but chill
It’s nothin’ new under the sun, same light bill
Dirt nap, lullaby, NyQuil”

4. Raheem’s Funeral:
“Only time you see ya family’s on funeral night
But shit be extra stressed when it’s shooters on site
And shit be even worse when it’s Judas on site
Damn, backstabbers gave Brutus the knife
It’s like Bishop kissing Ms. Porter on the cheek
Knowing damn well he shot her son dead in the street
It’s an evil world that we live in
I can’t promise though that I’ll never sin again”

5. I Think We Lost The Culture Too:
“We makin’ music or we makin’ memes
I think we losin’ all these sacred things
I just wanna chase my dreams
But it’s never as real as they make it seem
We’re all slaves to the algorithm
With astigmatism, but this is my vision
Nowadays it just be hittin’ different
But you don’t care about them streams when ya mission different
Who give a fuck about them likes on a prison visit
Trolled ya way to a muthafuckin’ prison sentence
Look in the mirror, but it’s been a minute
You can’t relate to the fake when you been authentic
My best advice is to love yourself
Salute to Styles P he be preaching health
Rest In Peace to Nip he was teaching wealth
They gotta put ya killer on his knees in hell
I got lost in the moment
Up early on the day of atonement
This ain’t for fame or the fortune
I just wanna stand for something when that day is upon us”

6. The Greatest:
“You’re the greatest if nobody ever say it
That’s on the record if nobody ever play it
Point ’em out middle finger to your haters
Bitch I made it, this exactly why I made this
No one built like you, or designed like you
They don’t work like you, they don’t grind like you
I’m the greatest if nobody ever say it
That’s on the record if nobody ever play it”

7. If I Should Die:
“Legend, two games like I’m Pee Wee
I just hope that these creative kids see me
And I ain’t tryna act like I’m Weezy
Hol’ up, why the fuck I can’t be Weezy? Believe me
I don’t want no cryin’ when he call my name
Just make sure they put my shit in the hall of fame
Make sure when they tell it, that they tell it right
That boy there, he was fuckin nice
Tell Melly that I loved her since the day that I met her
In that math class Brooklyn Tech, writing her letters
I’ll do anything to hold our lil’ family together
Till the day that I die, I’m screaming, “Family forever”

“If I should die
Write to Dream dream to write
I brought all my dreams to life
Man I lived my fuckin life (Fuckin’ life)
If I should die”

Thank you for reading my review. Hope you all enjoyed it! Until next time horror fiends and hip hop heads! While you’re at it follow my blog on social media @7octoberz and Facebook!

NIGHTMARE ON SEDGWICK AVENUE – “Even In darkness It Is Possible To Create Light!!!– Milky Wayne & Skinny Veny – The Hideous EP REVIEW”



Artist: Milky Wayne and Skinny Veny

Album: The Hideous

Release Date: December 28, 2018

Buy/Stream album: All Platforms

Hello Hip Hop Heads and Horror Fans,

Today I will be reviewing Milky Wayne and Skinny Veny’s EP, “The Hideous”. They are a producer and rapper duo based out of San Diego. This EP consists of 8 tracks with a running time of 19 minutes. Milky Wayne is the one who bless us with the melodic, mellow, chill and at times grimey production throughout the project. While Skinny Veny raps about various topics from drug addiction, hitting rock bottom and persevering. He has punchlines and rhymes that have a dark sense of humor.

I have seen both Skinny Veny and Milky Wayne at hip hop events in San Diego, but never really had a conversation. I recently went to a hip hop show at Bar Pink where Milky Wayne was DJin a set. I went up to him and introduced myself. He is a very chill and humble dude. He was kind enough and gave me a physical copy of The Hideous EP. I finally had some time to listen to it and cruise to it!

One of the standout tracks for me is, “I Ain’t the One”, very introspective. This track is about how Veny battled with using drugs and going through tough times. Then another dope track is, “What You Need” it has a catchy hook. The beat on this track is sort of grimey, which is the main reason I love it! Skinny also spits pure lyricism, “Life path to the left hand/No Ouija board or Pentagrams”. Another track that is dope is, “Money.Sleep”, Veny raps that positivity will keep you free and making your own money as well so you don’t have to be a slave to no one! Favorite line is off that song, Euphoria the weakness/Therapeutic thesis”. I also loved the sheep sample on the track, it went with the theme and it was funny! Also I believe the intro to that track sampled a bus stop saying, “University” which is genius! Another track I liked was, “Sour Cream” it has a soulful vibe, whatever the sample is I dug it!


Overall Skinny and Milky bring out the best out of each other. They have a lot of dope chemistry together. You can tell the tracks flow together effortlessly. It’s like a movie, the transitions are seamless. You can tell this project was not forced. It’s like Milky Wayne knew sonically where Veny wanted to go and Veny did the rest on his verses. Go support this project that dropped at the end of 2018. Go stream, listen or buy it! Give them a follow @realmilkywayne and @skinnyveny to keep up on their latest music and next events they will be at!

Thank you for reading my review. Hope you all enjoyed it! Until next time horror fiends and hip hop heads! While you’re at it follow my blog on social media @7octoberz and Facebook!




Hello Hip Hop Heads and Horror Fans,

Today I will be sharing with you all an interview I did with DJ JG aka Scratchtokill aka Mikey. I came across him by attending a few hip hop shows in my city of San Diego. I noticed how he still carries the tradition of scratchin’ when he DJ’s, which is amazing to me! Glad he is keeping that Hip Hop tradition alive! I first saw him DJin for a dope event thrown by Dirty Primo (Carlos) called, Hope 4 the Homeless and I was like who is this guy? It was a busy night, so I didn’t get to introduce myself. I then saw him again DJin at Superiors 1989’s event at The Salty Frog and he killed the show again! Once again it was a crowded night, so I didn’t get to meet him then either.

Ironically the universe or cosmos were in my favor lol. A few weeks ago, I was interviewing Nomad at his house and unexpectedly DJ JG came by which Nomad had forgotten that he was dropping by. So, in the end it all worked out. I introduced myself and told him how dope I thought he was. I asked him if he would be open for an interview and he said he was down. He is a humble and talented dude. I won’t make this any longer, without further a do please read the brief conversation/interview we had about his beginnings in the Hip Hop scene and the positive impact he wants to continue doing through music!

Please introduce yourself to those who might not know who you are?

I’m DJ JG, I’m originally from San Diego, CA. I’ve been doing music since 2008. I originally started writing and then I got into beat making. Then in 2012 I started scratchin’ and doing the whole DJin stuff. Since then the whole experience of my life has changed.

What is the significance of your moniker DJ JG? Any special significance?

Yeah, it means something. The initials J.G. is for Justice Good. So it’s like I’m always doing stuff for the better of the people and giving good vibes out.  So I’m always jus tryna give that good positive vibe out there. So my name means I’m out there for good and I’m out there for the change of the world for the better.

How long have you been Djing? Can you share a bit about your journey how you got started to where you are now? How did you start getting booked for shows?

Well like I said earlier I wrote first for a little bit. I actually created a whole album, but I never released it. Then in 2008 to 2010 I started getting into Producing and making beats. Then 2012 is when I started DJin and I just kept learning how to scratch by watching YouTube videos. One of my homies showed me and told watch this video and that video and then from there I just took off. 2012 I got my first pair of turntables. I’ve been DJin ever since. I took a 2 year period off, but I was still making beats. Doing the whole DJ and scratchin’ thing I took 2 years off of that. I’ve been back for a year and like 10 months now and it has been taking off like crazy.

My brother was always pushing me all the time. He was like man you lock yourself in a room for so many hours, I see your talent and I see your push. You’re pushing so much, but you’re not doing any shows. I just didn’t feel like I was ready. But he told me just go out there and he booked me for a show and I had no choice. That was actually at Diamond Jim’s. I did that, that was my very first show in 2013. My first year, and from there I was getting around by word of mouth. Once I first performed someone’s like here I want to book you again. Then I met more people and started getting booked for different venues. I haven’t really attempted to really try to contact someone to be like, hey can you book me for this show. It is an amazing feeling, it’s cool.

I see you at a lot of events DJin from Hope4Homeless to Superior Productionz Salty Frog event? How did you build those relationships and connections?

I ran into Primo (Carlos) for Hope 4 Homeless originally it was held at Blonde Bar we were doing it there. Also my brother booked me for that one too and he opened another door for me. That’s how I met Carlos and then he just started booking me for more and more. Then Superior ended up coming out to perform with his different artists and I met him that way. I definitely thank them highly for that. If it wasn’t for them I wouldn’t be having these shows and be able to perform. They gave me that platform and I just built relationships with them. I told them hey you guys need anything I’m there for you. You know I can run the whole show however you like it and yeah we just connected and had great shows!

I think it is dope you actually scratch. For a DJ it is rare to see at least nowadays where some DJ’s pre record a beat and play it on their laptop. How did you pick up that skill and continue to hone it?

Yeah, I would just watch videos from different types of scratches. From scratchin’, fading and all those kinds of scratches. I was just researching them and I didn’t know how many there were. There’s different kinds and different styles. Really just interested from DJ Shiftee, DJ Cuebur, DJ Craze, A-Trak, Grandmaster Flash, all of them inspired me big time. I would just watch them and it just inspired me. I would lock myself up in my room and I would just throw on some beats, like old school beats or whatever kind of beat. I would speed it up or slow it down and just scratch. Probably like 6 hours a day just pushing.

What made you fall in love with Hip Hop and the culture?

That right there takes me back to kinda the beginning cuz when I was doing Diamond Jim’s I started doing Cypher at the Park. That opened up a whole new format too, like old school hip hop, all these cats where coming out, like even Sam R i and Aye Two Zee were in the Cypher events. I think it was at Cesar Chavez Park too. I entered into that and that was just a whole different platform too. Out here in San Diego there is so many different platforms and scenes. That opened me up to doing more old school hip hop, doing scratchin’ and doing doubles. That was when I had both my turntables fun times! Right now I only have one, but I’ma get another one soon.

Who is your favorite emcee/rapper?

I would say Eminem (8 mile) cuz I grew up with that. He really inspired me just to never give up on your opportunities and specially everything that you go through in life. You know to not let that affect you and that is what has definitely given me a big inspiration.

Any favorite Producers that inspire you?

Scott Storch, I know Nomad mentioned him too (laughs), but yeah he is definitely one of my top favorites because it’s just the way that he works and he is wise. He is such an inspiration to me. He is one of my favorite Producers for sure. Dr. Dre too!

What is your favorite hip hop album and song of all time?

That is a tough one there. I listen to like everything! I don’t know a lot of San Diego artists have inspired me. I mean I listen to a lot to Wu-Tang, Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg, WC, a lot of old school West Coast kinda of music.

What is your favorite scary movie? 

Can it be scary funny? I’ma have to say Scary Movie 3 (laughs)


What kind of legacy do you want to leave behind whether creatively or on a personal level?

I like this one, this is cool! What I would want to leave for real it’s to make a huge platform for every artist out here and just everybody that I meet in general. I’m all about building and connecting. So, if I’m striving to become something and get something and I’m able to succeed off of it then I’ma push that to everybody else too. I’m just gonna open platforms and open doors for everybody out here and that is what I wanna leave too. Not just in the city, but everywhere, worldwide! Definitely that is one of the things I want to leave. I want to help a lot of communities out, there is a lot of things I want to do!

What is next for DJ JG? Any upcoming projects or any other creative outlets you want to be involved in in the near future? You mentioned you are working on a documentary series?

Oh yeah, that is Gypsyness’s documentary series. The event was held on May 31st. Pretty much is is a platform for artists. We had that event so that we allow others to know that this is going to be a San Diego documentary series. To where every artist is going to have an opportunity to spend either 12 to 24 hours a day having a whole video about them. Do whatever they wanna do, their music scene, if they wanna go out and do something and whatever it is. Just spending a whole day to really get to know them on a more personal basis.

Any words of encouragement to those who are thinking getting into DJin?

Definitely put you heart and soul into it! That is something big in music I feel it. It has allowed me to become the person I am too. Keep going! There is so much too it, a lot of practicing too and connect with people!

What has been your greatest accomplishment so far being a DJ?

Definitely meeting everybody that is a big accomplishment because there is a lot of great people I’ve met. A big one, I just did on the 23rd of May was in Pomona at the Fox Theater with Sante Prince we go to open up for Black Star! With Mos Def and Talib Kweli, I was going crazy up there (laughs). I didn’t get to meet them. It was a huge impact and it happened so quick. I’ve also done House of Blues main stage.

Any shout outs?

I want to give a huge shout out to literally everybody out there in San Diego! There’s so many names, definitely Primo for putting me on a lot of show he has been carrying me on quite a bit. Also just everybody out there that believes in me and I am very thankful for that. Shout out to everybody out there for sure!

Thank you DJ JG for your time and being open to do this interview! I truly appreciate you!!! To my readers and supporters hope you all enjoyed reading this interview. Go give DJ JG a follow @dj_jg to keep up on the events he will be DJin at next! Until next time horror fiends and hip hop heads. While you’re at it please feel free to follow my blog on social media @7octoberz and Facebook!





Artist: Nemy & Indian.K (Featuring: El Maco, Pretty Kronic, Boxcutta Maxx, Smalls Uno, Ric Scales, DreCat, Kahlee, St. Cyr)

Album: The Undercard

Release Date: June 13, 2019

Buy/Stream album: All Platforms

Hello Hip Hop Heads and Horror Fans,

Today I will be reviewing Nemy and Indian.K’s EP, “The Undercard”. Nemy and Indian K allowed me to listen to it prior to its release so I got to vibe to it for a bit. It is a 6 track EP with a running time of approximately 22 minutes. The album is Executively Produced by the talented homie PottieMouth. Engineered by: PottieMouth and M9st3rmind and Mastered by: KillcRey. This EP brings together two dope emcees, Mr. Oucchhyy and Indian Kool (Sky High Krew)! Their rhyme schemes and styles are completely different. They are on the end of each others spectrums, but this allows them to stand out on their own!

We have Nemy on one side of the ring who brings his aggressive and gritty cadence as he delivers his rhymes. He has a hunger no one can duplicate! On the other side of the ring we have Indian K who brings the street poetic verses with a chill and laid back delivery. They balance each other out like Yin and Yang! I am blessed to know these two emcees they are humble human beings who love Hip Hop as much as I do! I am really happy to see them collaborate on this project and bring what the streets been needing!

The album starts with the first single of the EP, “Holy Ghost”. Indian K opens up his verse by talking about surviving the streets and succeeding past his struggles. Nemy comes in and goes into a lyrical frenzy, he catches the Holy Ghost! He spits about fake people trying to pretend they’ve always fucked with you and the shadiness of the music business turning your friends into foes. The second track is, “1999” which is one of my favorite tracks off this EP! The hook is catchy and the beat goes hard!!! This is definitely the hit banger of this EP. Nemy takes us back to 1999 and brings dark sense of humor bars!

The third track I’ll mention that is also a standout to me is, “The Press Conference”, which a deep and socio-political track! I love it because both Indian K and Nemy rap about how it would be if we never had modern day slavery, no police brutality, no mass shootings, if 9/11 never happened, no Hurricane Katrina, no overcrowded prisons, etc! They then realize they are just dreaming. One can only dream we lived in a Utopian society! I love this track because it has a positive message that makes you think and sparks deep conversation! It reminded me of the song by Lupe Fiasco called, “All Black Everything”, where Lupe dreams about a world if all the leaders had been black and slavery never existed.


I won’t give out my interpretation of the remaining tracks, I’ll leave that up to you guys/girls to listen to it and digest it! This EP is filled with a variety of themes many of us can relate too! This album shows each emcees versatility they speak about their struggles, surviving the streets, bars and they even get a bit socio-political in the track, “The Press Conference”, which I covered a bit above. This is a dope project with a consistent theme (Boxing/The Undercard). The order the tracks were chosen to be in was orchestrated perfectly. The transition from track to track is smooth from start to finish! Go cop or stream this album! You do not want to miss what the San Diego streets are talking about! This album will spread like a viral video. Forget about Old Town Road this is the new wave!!! Spooky season is in full effect!!! Spooky Gang Takeover!!! The album drops today and the EP release party will be tonight 9pm at the AC Lounge the event held by @HipHopWeds every Wednesday! If you are in San Diego this is the place to be tonight! You do not want to miss history in the making!


Favorites Verses: 

1. Holy Ghost:

“I see they acting out
O’while I hold the crown
Cheers to the streets that tried to drown me
But instead I swam and found the ocean open to succeed
Bright light hoping this world remembers me
Fuck the critics, they talk too much
Couldn’t sit in our presence, let alone walk with us
Building an empire while you rap for blunts!”

“Take of your shoes respect my dojo
I’ma teach you how to put these rappers in a chokehold
How to kick the illest shit as you grapple with your soul
So you could learn to bob and weave
And underneath the belt is a low blow!
I’m the Van Damme of this kumite
I heard they check your warrants at the Super 8
The last shit that I  jus gave you was a teaser
You ain’t convinced I’ma bout make you a believer”

2. 1999:
“It was 1999 back when Reggie would get me high
Bumpin’ Dark and Hell is Hot
Back when J. Lo was still a thot
Beanie Siegel signed to the Roc
I knew how to rap before I knew to eat the box
They cutting off our lights we use lanterns
Food stamps came in pamphlets”

3. The Weigh- In:
“I dropped a classic with my grandmothers face on it
Excellent production and my vocals sounded great on it
My worst enemy he heard it, he couldn’t hate on it
Nobody believed in my vision, not even my fam, not even my day ones
They say I won’t make it, I’m wastin’ my time with the music can’t wait til’ that day comes
To pull up in a Wraith, with my house on a lake and my fuckin’ 30 gold chains on!
I’m petty as fuck, you know I’m pullin’ up just to rub it all up in your face huh
No weapon formed against me shall prosper
I ain’t worried about shit, hakuna matata
My kundalini reaches my medulla oblongata
I’m so ahead of you ,that my yesterday is your mañana!”

“Open my mind like I cracked the safe
Calculated moves I’m headed outer space
Twistin’ and turnin’ rubix cubes
Slow motion, stoppin’ time
Always focused bendin’ spoons thru my eyes
Gate to the soul look and you will find
Architecture when designing rhymes structure like this, you will never capture one of a kind”

4. The Press Conference:

“This is my tabernacle
No books with hidden chapters
There’s no forbidden apple
There’s no religious statues
There was no 9/11
Katrina didn’t happen
Whole lot of cotton pickin’
But this time we the masters!”

“No forced Catholicism
No reservations get our land back and the resources taken
Education ain’t a lease to the devil
No school shootings, Tv was absent cuz our parents are present”

Thank you for reading my review. Hope you all enjoyed it! Until next time horror fiends and hip hop heads! While you’re at it follow my blog on social media @7octoberz and Facebook!




Hello Hip Hop Heads and Horror Fans,

I had the opportunity to sit down with Chris Reyes aka KILLcRey (kill-see-ray) and pick his brain a bit about his music, Platform Collection and our common love for sci-fi and horror movies! It was a dope interview that I really enjoyed! Chris has a lot of knowledge and insight about the music business, internet platforms and Podcasting. I met Chris when I started going to HipHopWeds at the AC Lounge. He is a very humble dude and intelligent. He is multi-talented. He not only runs Platform Collection, but is also a rapper, photographer, Producer, etc. Please join me and read the interview below on this dope talented individual known as KILLcRey!

Please introduce yourself for those who might not know who you are?

My name is Chris Reyes I go by KILLcRey. I’m a rapper, Producer, Photographer, Director, Podcast host, and one of the partners at SD Loves PR.

I just got put on to your music. How long have you been rapping? How did you get into the SD Hip Hop scene? Are you Originally from San Diego?

Yeah, I’m from San Diego so I was born here in Logan Heights and so I got into the Hip Hop scene just kind of naturally. By living here. I started going to shows. I watched a lot of the San Diego Hip Hop kind of develop you know going as a younger person to a lot of those events. I think just during that time I got into a kind of place of like I was just making music. Everybody was making music so we you know this is kind of what we did.

Rapping since a kid, but literally like all my life. Professionally I’d say like within the last 7 or 8 years. I really started to like push it to the level ,that’s the thing, I’ve done some weird, we have had really dope opportunities. We’re a really blessed group of people that have had really good opportunities in life. For instance I went to Hawaii with Xzibit and opened up for Xzibit and that was before I would even consider myself a Professional. The reason I say now, now I’m in a place where I understand the business everything that I need to do.

You run the Platform Collection. Please tell us more about that. What is it? How did you get started? How do you juggle that and your other creative outlets?

I think with Platform Collection the way it started was we had a Podcast or I still have a Podcast, “Crappy Awesome”, at that time it was hosted by myself and one of my creative partners at the time Arash and we both did it for close to 4 or 5 years. The Podcast started and then we met JDS from the Cypher Effect and we started filming for the Cypher Effect. Me and Arash had been filmmakers as well for a while so he asked us to come and help with the filming and then we kind of agreed to that as long as we could bring the Cypher Effect to San Diego. We were like we will shoot it, we’ll revamp it, and we changed it to like multi-camera. The Cypher Effect was just one camera at first. Then it was multi camera and we brought it to San Diego. We were actually the second people who tried to bring it. The first people, there were some cats up in North County, Steez, like a bunch of those cats, tried to bring it and it just didn’t stick. We were working with Cypher Effect for about a year and a half. That’s how we kinda met everybody in the Industry. You know we were shooting in LA a lot in fact Platform Collection was more or less founded in LA first cuz those were the artists that were around us.

We always had the goal of, we need to put Platform Collection on to a level that can actually help San Diego artists you know what I mean? There’s like a big difference, you know, we could have started here, but then we’re all in a place trying to get to a certain level so we got to that level and then brought it back. So Cypher Effect just decided to go into a different direction that we weren’t like really interested in going in. We really wanted to concentrate on Independent artists that are home grown from different areas. We had started a relationship in the I.E. wih Noa James and just through talking to a lot of our mentors they said we should really try to do this on our own, really get out there. We had a lot ideas about shows and the direction we wanted to take Platform Collection in.

Just like you, we just jumped in and we had already built a lot of relationships so getting access to the artists was what we kind of made our name on. We have really personal relationships with a lot of the artists that have grown with us like Reverie and Self Provoked. All these are people we have grown with because we were in two scenes at one time.

Now Platform Collection is kind of more of, the website is an entity right? That’s kind of more where we put the stuff that we’re just into. We are tryna’ be real honest with what we put on there. We don’t put anything we don’t like, so we don’t ever put bad reviews. That’s just not what we want to do. I have strong opinions about judging people’s music. I think it’s different for everybody so it’s hard to just say what’s good and what’s not.

With this website we just put what we like and this is what’s going on in our world. If you go to Platform Collection you see all the artist that we fuck with that are here and abroad. Not just in San Diego there’s even artist from Europe that have gotten to know artists here through Platform Collection. Now it’s like Platform Collection is also a production company. We’re partners with THOPFest and yeah. It’s kind of in a building phase right now. You’re the first one that I’ll tell. We’re launching the label later this year. Some of artists from San Diego will be the first artists signed to that label.

With the idea that we have finally gathered everything we need to break an artist on a National level. So we want to be able to do that with artists that we really believe in, you know? In this day and time we don’t have to worry about a label and get money from other places, you know? There are different ways to make money now. Which is really dope for people like us. We’ve always kind of made money like that, so I think right now Platform Collection is kinda in a transition phase.

Platform Collection has about 8 Podcasts on there. I believe there’s like 4 or 5 that are active constantly. Cookbook and Murs they’re on the network, 2Mex is on the network. Our podcast Crappy Awesome, there’s a bunch. 60 East.

When we started Crappy Awesome, like literally, that’s not bullshit, nobody was doing a Podcast! We actually thought we might be making a big mistake cuz we were doing live streaming radio. In fact Breal.TV now, is what we kinda used to do. We used to do something very similar to what Breal.TV is and we would stream live and have Dj’s live. People could get into the chat room. It got a really big name, just doing that out of my bedroom. We went on a crazy run that got a lot of attention. We interviewed everybody from like members of N.W.A., Keith Murray, KRS-One, like everybody that was poppin’ and you know the OG’s.

We walked away from that because I had heard a Podcast, which was the The Nerdist. At the time it was this Podcast by this dude named Chris Hardwick. That got me interested in Marc Maron and I started listening to other Podcasts and it blew my mind. I was like, this is next! What we were doing was super dope and it was ahead of its time and we could have probably rode it out and made more money off of it, but to me, I just wanted to be in front of the curve. When we started the Podcast everybody we would interview, the first year, we would have to explain to them what the fuck it was. That it wasn’t live and that nobody is listening to it right now. They can’t call in. They would be putting it out on Twitter like, “aye I’m about to be on this Podcast call in!” Cuz nobody knew what it was! We had some amazing early podcasts. Where we had artists cry, we’ve had artists talk about death and losing people. Like they’re their first interviews. We had Gavlyn and Reverie’s first Podcast interviews.

Everybody does kind of start off as…that was our idea of like, how do we get in? Alright, let’s interview people and then we’ll talk to those people and then you’ll become friends. Legitimately that is what happens.

We got into the business and we started to realize that is what everybody does. It is the only way to do it. You have to kind of assert yourself. We knew that we had value. We looked at the the landscape of Hip Hop here and in LA and if there was anything lacking it was organization.

There was a lot of artists like Reverie and we also met Open Mike Eagle very early on. These artists were putting in really hard work, but for the most part a lot of the artists thought they were working hard. They didn’t know the output they were doing was not gonna let them compete on a National level. Cuz there was a million people doing two times the work they’re doing. You just don’t know right? There is nobody that tells you. There’s like no Handbook how to get into the industry.

But we knew that we filmed, we wrote, we did Podcasts, we knew how to film shows, we were already filming our original content.  We actually have a show on Platform Collection called Prose, which was actually like Mic Check on the Cypher Effect. We started that show first and then we went to Platform Collection. So we were already filming original content. A lot of artists we met, they were missing all the chunks that we had. We were like, “we gotta do something with this right?” At the very least we knew we could help A LOT of people. We decided to go into it with that mindset. We don’t know what’s gonna happen, but I bet this will help a bunch of people.

[With the podcast,] we we’re like, we are going to open the curtain to let people talk about exactly how they got on. Exactly what they did and the stuff behind the curtain that we don’t see. We were filming in people’s bedrooms, we were filming in people’s front lawns. It got really personal for Platform Collection. That’s kind of how that became what we are known for.

The umbrella part came simply because the artists that fuck with us we’re using our energy and our stuff to fill in things that they needed. We went with that same formula and we were like yo, SDlovesPR we love what they’re fuckin’ doing! Nate [CEO, SDLovesHIPHOP] is an amazing dude he has a great business mind. But he is in San Diego. Nate deserves to be around the world! So we can take what he’s doing and put it on to a National level and all of a sudden it changes everything for everybody, right?

That’s always been our approach for Platform Collection. Even our partnerships, like Bars Weekly, Kahlee and I had that conversation about the creation of Bars Weekly and HipHopWeds years ago. Kahlee was talking about HipHopWeds, the concept of what it is now 100% clearly exactly what it is right now. He was already talking about that like 2 years ago, but it’s because we were able to give each other access to things that we wouldn’t normally have.

That’s something I really, really learned through Platform Collection and starting a business. Timing is everything! But you can make the time, you can manipulate it. You have to be conscious of that.

It’s like opening up a coffee shop right in front a coffee shop it makes no sense. So the answer has to be, at least in my heart, in my mind from what I’ve learned, after 300 plus episodes of interviews, is, literally the answer is to be as different as the person next to you, as possible! You have to! You just gotta find a way to show people and that’s the challenge.


What do you want your brand to stand for or it means to you? Both you as an emcee or Platform Collection?

Music wise is just about freedom! That is everything to me. Everybody I know that is doing what I’m doing or pursuing the paths that I am pursuing on all levels, levels above us, below us, like wherever you are on your journey, everybody’s really just trying to get more time to enjoy the things they want, right? So my music that’s all that it represents.

I feel like in this time, right now, people are super confused, right? I feel like people are just confused and angry and sad. There’s a lot of it going around. The internet didn’t make us worse, right? It just exposed us for everything that we really are and what we really think. We were not ready for that. I don’t think as a people… we weren’t ready for that much information at that much time!

So through my music, I try, it’s super important for me, to be clear, to be concise. I want people to hear what the fuck I’m saying! I want to say the most profound things in the simplest ways. I’ve always loved artist like that. I love artists who could just say this really simple thing that you might hear every day, but the way they say it, its like, fuck, that just changed my life! I’ve always been partial to that kind of music. But I also love, like in my crew, The Fresh State, I think we have some of the dopest lyricists around. So I really respect high level lyricism. It’s just not what I do.

One, I am not at a point in my life where I want to recite my diary to somebody. I’ve already kind of done that. I’ve processed a lot of that shit. My journeys been, you know, it’s been a journey. So now I’m in a place where I kind of just want to share energy with people, and there’s an art to it. I see people who do it at a high level, you know? Like Miki Vale is in our crew and it’s a spiritual experience to watch Miki Vale. That’s what I shoot for! I shoot for that kind of thing. You just can’t do that with just normal hip hop a lot of the times. You know? You have to push the boundaries. That’s a hard thing to do as an MC though. Because talking less is so counterintuitive for us. It’s been a discipline thing for me! Like you don’t need to! Shut up! You don’t need to say everything in your rap. Like, just let [the audience] feel good for a minute.

For Platform Collection? I think it’s about information for me. I want it to stand for healthy thorough information. I have a really good friend Curtiss King. We were just talking about, how on YouTube, one of the biggest problems with the “informative videos”, and thank god for people like Curtiss, who doesn’t do this…and you know this because you are a consumer of this too, you’re a part of this community….Most [“informative videos”] are just to get you to watch another video. If I told you, “Yo, Gaby this is how you get on a tour” and I was just like, “you got to meet people and then, you know, you gotta send your music in”. Well how the fuck? You know? That shit. But you wanna know! Like really though! What the truth is. The truth is, you have to build a relationship with an artist because touring is more about being comfortable than it is how dope you are and that’s the sad, but real truth. Because people want to travel with people that they like. It has nothing to do with your fuckin’ music and it’s a heartbreaking for a lot of artist to hear that. But that’s what you need to hear. I have a lot of opinions about thinking in the minority and poor communities. We have to get more educated on these things because we’re too talented not to be able to prosper off of our natural talents. It’s literally just missing content. Its just missing [honest] information!

Why are we still like doing the same shit?! We have to do something different. It’s why I love what you’re doing! The horror, hip hop? You can tell somebody to throw that on the table for a 100 people and 99 of them might not take that idea that’s why they don’t win! That is why people don’t win! You have to be unafraid!

What’s the meaning behind your moniker Kill C Rey, what does it mean?

C Rey was always kind of what my friends called me. There was a close friend of mine named Chris Gomez and we kinda went to school together all through our lives. So we kinda had the same circles. Do they would call him Gomez/C Gom and they called me C Rey.

Then I had a bunch of rap names. When I came up with KILL c Rey, I kinda wanted to… because one of the things I do in my music, at least I try to, is there’s always a visual component. So the art that I make during the time that I’m recording certain songs, it’s all kind of the same. That is just the vibe I’m on, like 360. I try to be on the vibe. Photos, video and even videos I make for other people at a certain time, have a feel.  KILL c Rey, I was thinking, you know what would be dope? Like a band name! Even though it is not a band, it’s just me.

Inevitably, it was literally such a dumb idea. For a year it was like, “Killcray”. But that kinda meant something to me. Cuz it started to become…you know… l smoke weed. I’ll sit there and I’ll ponder shit. So, I was like… what’s dope about “KILL c Rey”, to me, when I was thinking of the band name, I liked it because it meant… like C Rey is my ego.  So it meant, kill my ego! That’s everything I’m trying to do. Trying to kill that ego! Then people inevitably killed it [for me], by fucking up the name! They were killing my ego! So like, I know I manifested that shit!

[Manifestation] never looks like the way I want it to look [exactly]. It never does! For a year I had to stop people and go, “No! It’s Kill. C. Rey. Then that would inevitably end up in different conversations that have been really dope! So it turned out to be a blessing. But, that is what it meant…kill ego.

You just put out a single, “For The Record”. I am going to paraphrase, “I’m going to lose my mind just for the record”. I interpreted it as people try to make music to cater to others that can cause you not to be yourself and you might end up sacrificing your sanity to satisfy others. What do you mean by that line? Any upcoming music?

That’s a dope thought. That you said that. I mean, yeah, that’s it!

It’s two things right? Real shit. I never told anybody that. It is exactly what you just said. My art gives me a chance to…cuz I’m normally, like, I don’t like going out. I’m not into that shit! I’m super focused on what I do, and plus, I really, really have fun doing what I do. So I don’t really try to look for fun. I haven’t looked for fun in years, you know?

I feel super blessed by that. So I’m also super careful and conscious that I don’t wanna lose that! So that’s what I do a lot and through my music. Sometimes it’s a break for me. I don’t write. Everything on Spotify are all songs that I didn’t write. I just recorded em’. I have a recording process and I’ll just start freestylin’ and really try to feel where it takes me.

For me, it really is like a dump. I dump everything on the songs. To make a record I get to do that. But, also, for the record, there is stuff that I said, specifically, on the record, where I just wanted it to be known. Because I feel, you know… I mean, that’s the rap side of me. I’m an MC. You know what I mean?

For those who have not listened to your music. What are some songs you think are slept on or should be listened to?

For The Record and the song that drops next!!!(laughs)

Yeah, you know, what I wrote an article on this too. You could probably find it still if you search for it I think it comes up on I wrote an article on me dealing with depression and thoughts of suicide. Like early, like maybe 2 years ago. I went through it for almost a whole year. I’ve never been that type of person. I had just never been someone, like I didn’t even think it was real. I didn’t think depression was real.

I wrote an article about that. What started the healing process was a song called, “Failing Forward”, which is on Spotify and a lot of people,  once they know that that songs about me taking DMT, they go back and they listen to it. They can see it in a different light as it was the first time that I did DMT.  I immediately went and wrote that song that’s what came out. I shot the video that night too. I shot the video on my own and then I picked up some scenes later on. So check out “Failing Forward” if you haven’t.

Untitled-1 (2)

Any upcoming Events you want to promote?

We’re in talks right now with Noa James for a tour in July with The Fresh State. Then I’ll be touring with The Fresh State and then solo. Actually on another tour with some of cats from The Fresh State later this year.

You said you are a horror and sci-fi fan as well. What are some of your favorite movies in those genres? Why?

Oh man, that makes me the most nervous cuz I know, your like a veteran on this shit! I’m a sucker for sci-fi movies. I watch a bunch of shit. You know what? Okay here’s something special for sci-fi. I am absolutely obsessed with the YouTube channel “Dust”, that you should watch. It’s young independent filmmakers that are really making high level sci-fi short films. I’ll literally put on a playlist and watch them all. It’s always about the future or, you know, it’s very pertinent to a lot of the stuff we talk about [currently].

Then for horror, I love Insidious. Insidious is probably one of them. Okay, I got a new one, which I did not think was gonna be… or I didn’t think it was going to affect me like it did. There is a movie called Brightburn. I’m not going to spoil it for you, but the way they present it? I think the concept is out there. It is basically: what if Superman was evil? But seeing the movie and the thoughts they put in your head is horrifying! Like, if that truly existed? A [super] being really wanted to do whatever it wanted to do? There would be, literally, no hope for anything! I’m wondering… I heard stuff leaked recently, within the last two days. People that are saying it is actually a “Man Of Steel” movie. It is about Bizarro Superman. That would be pretty dope!

But yeah, Insidious for me, one, as a filmmaker, I loved Insidious. I think the way they filmed that and their use of camera? There’s a scene in Insidious.. don’t know exactly what happens. There’s a scene where you can see one of the apparitions just standing in the background. The camera just goes by and they never reference it! They never talk about it again! It never comes back up! That kind of shit is so dope, to me! For me, even with my music,  I really believe in my audience. I think a lot of people talk to their audience like they’re dumb. I know I’m into [deeper] shit, so I know there’s other people that are into [deeper] stuff. That’s why [movies like Insidious] inspire me to make my shit layered.

What made you fall in love with the Sci- fi and horror genre? Do you incorporate any references in your lyrics?

Oh, have I? I feel like the way I think is “sci-fi”! Anyways, you know what I mean. I talk a lot about, like Kahlee told me this, that I talk a lot about flying and crying, what else did he say? He said some other shit (laughs). I heard this from Mike Eagle. He said he likes things that are whimsical and that kind of made sense to me. I kinda do too. I always like the magic in shit. I think I’ve always had that. When I was a kid, instead of skateboarding, I was building  a satellite dish out of, like a garbage can. I really, literally, doing that shit.

So I’ve always been into the sci-fi part. Then the horror thing? I’ve always been into the  [horror] films. But when I really got into them… I just recently talked to somebody about this… was the first time I did DMT. I don’t know why. I think one of the thing,s is because when you do DMT, it’s definitely my experience anyways, and I know I shared this experience with a lot of people… there is an entity present! But it’s not like you can explain it really. But it’s not you. Then the idea of what spirits are, what ghosts are, what apparitions, demons, all this stuff… I just feel.. I have a very strong feeling that science will explain it all at some point. Then we are gonna feel like, wow, that really made sense, right?

Me and Ric Scales were talking about what we thought ghosts we’re, right? [I think] what ghosts are, are like a stain on a time. You are watching a stain in a loop right. It is such energy… and usually isn’t that always a story about ghost? It was a tragic thing? Really it’s just like a release of energy during that time! During a very…either stressful time or happy time or tragic time..  I feel like it can just stain a place.

I know that, from when I was a little kid, I used to go to Mexico. When we would go to the pyramids? One of my earliest memories of going to pyramids was being a little kid and picking up a rock and this old man slapping the rock out of my hand. He explained to me that you don’t take stuff from [the area] because you don’t know where the energy is from. He told me that at 12. So I’ve always kind of been open to at least that idea. Now when I watch horror films, I’m just trying to look at directors… like giving me clues on what do they think it is. [Are ghosts] even scary? Like is it really scary?! Like, horror is a part of our essence, you know? It is in all of us.

[The Movie] Get Out, right? Smashed it! I think the reason that movie is so influential is because in some way all horror movies are about everyday things that we should or should not even call horror. It shouldn’t be horror and that is horrifying.

What is your writing process like? Who or what influences your music lyrics?

I find a lot of inspiration outside of hip hop. I think it’s kind of obvious in my music. I use a lot of different sounds that other people probably find are not “traditional”. From every level of my life, I’ve always had a really diverse group of friends. Even though I grew up here in Logan Heights (predominantly Latino), somehow I would always just find these really different people.

I’d always kind of just thought music wasn’t a thing that you chose. I just never really looked at it like that. I thought of it… it’s like breathing! There is a bunch of music out there. You can’t just get into only one cuz you’ll get malnourished. If all I did was listen to hip hop, then how can I get better at hip hop? I can tell you this, when I’m writing or I’m working on something, I’m not listening to anything. I don’t listen to anybody else’s stuff cuz I really want to try to shoot for… even just different pockets… or like frequencies in the beats that nobody’s using. I feel like if I’m listening to [other people’s music] subconsciously, sometimes, you just fall into that.

Any favorite horror soundtracks or horror-core albums?

The Gravediggaz album. It is an amazing album. That’s an old school album, everybody should get up on that. Anything by the Gravediggaz, they pretty much invented the [horror] genre in Hip Hop.

The Insidious soundtrack is amazing. It’s not like I would just sit down and bump that. That would be weird. I mean, I might (laughs). You know what was a really good soundtrack, in an all right movie? I mean, I really don’t like it, that movie “Mother”. It’s really interesting. It’s more of a horror religious type thing. I love when the music speaks for… like body movement… like somebody moves and you can hear the violin go with it.

I love that because that’s kind of like how I feel, like, a lot of artist just see the world.  They see the world in sounds and colors. So when that’s in movies I feel really natural watching it like that.

What would you say your sound is in Hip Hop? What sub-genre would you categorize yourself in?

One thing that my friend Arash always used to say when he would co-host on Crappy Awesome was that Hip Hop needs more sub-genre’s and we need to be OK with it. That’s a huge, huge thing. Like Nemy sounds nothing like Ric Scales! Nothing like him! But they’re both fucken’ amazing! How could you be… like ..well I only want to listen to one of them? That doesn’t make any sense! But, that is a very hip hop thing.

I honestly feel things… like what Kahlee (@hiphopweds) is doing? With HipHopWeds? It’s starting to break that [mentality] down because he consciously books acts that are not like each other… all the time! He does try to expose the hardcore hip-hop heads to what the young cats are doing. I think that’s super important! But I’ve heard like.. I’m kinda Hip-Hop alternative music? Here’s the other thing though. It is super important for me that people know that… you guys haven’t heard anything yet! So much shit you haven’t heard yet! It’s gonna kind always evolve, but I’m definitely always gonna fuck with other types of music! Just cuz that’s what I already do!

What kind of legacy do you want to leave behind either creatively or in your personal life?

You know, in The Fresh State we talk about that a lot! This last time we were on tour we had a long conversation, on a drive, about legacy. I know for me, I’ve had visions of myself… and I kind of feel like I know what I’m supposed to do, right? I’ve envisioned myself in places that have a lot of need… and just helping [people]. I know that at some point, in my layered life, that’s probably what I’ma end up doing.

I also know that the path that we’re on, with our art, can get me to that point in a more comfortable situation…and it’ll give me an ability to help way more people quicker than I could ever do without [pursing art]. For me my art has become a blessing for me… to be able to live the rest of my life how I want to live it! My legacy has always kind of been… I want people to understand that it’s okay to define hip-hop for you!

I would have never been into hip-hop, if hip-hop could only be one way. Cuz I had a bunch of friends that were doing a bunch of shit and I wasn’t willing to leave my friends for [a certain music], you know what I mean? Why couldn’t they enjoy it too? In their own way.

So for me, it’s always just been about being able to define yourself, you know? I want people to, if they take away anything from my shows or whatever, I want them to have an experience where they feel good! I haven’t always felt good and I know other people don’t always feel good! Man there is a lot of negativity right now. I hope that my legacy is definitely spreading positivity.

Any advice or words of encouragement for anyone entering the creative arena? Either an emcee or running a podcast?

From what I’ve seen in this business, it seems like, with everything… all that shit our parents tell us when we’re growing up? [Your career], it’s what you put into it! That shit sounds super simple, but it’s not.

It’s super complicated! The reality of the entertainment business is that it’s a people game. It isn’t a talent game, it’s not art game, it’s a people game! If you wanna just make art though, and art makes you happy… do that for free! If money is not an issue? You don’t care about it? You don’t want to get into that? Cuz understand, the moment that you inject money into your art it is slightly tainted. There’s a way to do that without losing your soul though.

That’s big for us in The Fresh State! We kind of made our name off of not doing anything we don’t want to really do. If something’s not the way we want it we will just not do that. It’s more important for artists to know themselves… be okay with who you are, understand that people are people and give them credit enough to know you might be growing! They might be okay with it. Dude, I’m telling you right now, a genre of hip hop that I really like, which is not an actual genre, but I kinda made it a genre, is developing rappers.

I fuckin’ love watching that shit! I love watching it because I like to watch things grow and wonder… what does this still need? I learn from it. I look at it right? This still needs a little polishing here, maybe more stage presence there… but they’re doing it!

That’s the hardest part. Because I have yet to meet anybody who’s [ignored or] walked away from their passion and remained 100% happy. They might find a life and be cool, but they always go in the room play music, you know, or write and some shit. Why people think that has to happen is mind blowing to me.

There are NO rules! Why are you following rules that literally don’t exist at all! You don’t have to do all the cookie cutter shit that people tell you you need to do.

You can make a living out of all this art, but you gotta understand like it’s all in! Some of your favorite rappers, some of all of our favorite rappers… I’ve seen behind the curtains… and even they’re not working to their highest potential! So think about that. If you really wanna do this? It is  work, you know? You don’t do this to NOT have a job… IT IS A JOB!


What is your favorite hip hop album and song of all time? Why? Who are some of your favorite emcees or rappers? Why?

Album, maybe anything by Organized Konfusion. I really love Open Mike Eagle, not just as a friend, but I love his music. I love his fearlessness. I love artists that are fearless! Illmatic is an amazing album! I don’t know that one is tough. Favorite rappers? Like right now? You know what man? Honestly, I’m super happy, that right now, all my favorite rappers are people that I actually know! People need to check out Nemy of course. I think he’s super special. Every once in a while people come around that are just kind of like…Nemy’s that dude.. he better make it! Cuz you know what? I mean, cuz you don’t want Nemy on the streets you want him making music. (laughs). I think Nemy is that guy, I think it’s really special what he is doing. Plus the fact that his heart is so into it! It is almost to like an athlete perspective! He hits it like an athlete hits it.

I obviously like everyone in my crew, but I think, like 18scales, is probably one of the most complete acts out there right now! Thank God they’re finally getting their just do! They did THOPfest (@thopfest)  this year. They are gonna be on some big tours. They got some really big things coming this year. People are going to be really excited what 18scales has. Then out of the city I love Noa James, Endz, I love everything East of the River is doing. We’ve known them from the beginning and it is super exciting for them. Odessa Kane always been one of my favorites. Yeah man, like I said I’m super happy! At one time it would have been a lot of artist I never really knew. Now I really am a fan of the people I know. Oh, Parker Edison! Dre Cat! I love what Dre Cat is doing right now!

Any shout outs to any platforms?

Of course shout out, first and foremost to The Fresh State. Shout out to Platform Collection, you know, the collective. Shout out all the various scenes that we are in. Shout out to Ventura, the IE, LA, San Diego, the Bay area. We have a lot of friends and family in all those cities. So shout out to all of them. I also think it’s super dope that all of them are starting to work with each other now.

I think the end of 2019 is gonna be amazing! I already know the stuff that we are gonna do, and I started hearing rumors of stuff other people are gonna do and it’s gonna be amazing! It’s gonna be a huge year specially for San Diego. Right now I am willing to bet, I’ll put money on it right now that San Diego is in its best time ever cuz I’ve seen most of the other times! This is… if not the most talented… the most focused and organized I’ve ever seen a big group of people!

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