TV Show: Into the Dark: Culture Shock (Season 1, Episode 10)
Release date: July 4, 2019
Main Cast: Martha Higareda, Richard Cabral, Barbara Crampton, Shawn
Brief synopsis:
“A mother gives her 13-year-old son a toy doll for his birthday, unaware of its more sinister nature.”
Favorite Quote: “We’re not paid to give them the American dream. We’re paid to keep them out of it.”


Hello Hip Hop Heads and Horror Fans,

Today I will be reviewing the 10th episode of Into the Dark titled, “Culture Shock”. For those who might not be familiar with this dope horror anthology show I’ll give a brief overview. Into the Dark is an innovative horror anthology series that streams on Hulu and is presented by Blumhouse Productions. Each episode is a completely new story and it’s like a movie since the episodes are an hour long. The concept of each episode is unique and original. Each episode contains horror elements that are mixed with deep messages about our society. The episodes release only on Holidays. For example there was a New Year’s episode, International Women’s Day, Father’s Day, etc. Also if I’m not mistaken each episode is directed and written by different people.

The episode Culture Shock is the 10th installment of this anthology series. It is releasing tomorrow July 4th! It is the most fitting Holiday to drop an episode like this that touches on the horrors of obtaining the American Dream! When I heard an episode like this was being done as a horror fan I was beyond excited! It is also no secret I love the Into the Dark series. I really find it refreshing to see a series like this that has original concepts and dope messages! I’ve been saying this anthology series is one of the best horror series I’ve seen in awhile! When a heard an episode touching on immigration was going to be a part of this series I knew it would be done in a respectful way! I became intrigued and began researching and found out the Co-Writer and Director of this feature was a female and Mexican Director named Gigi Saul Guerrero (La Muñeca Del Terror) I was inspired! As a Mexican girl myself who loves horror it was dope to know someone like me could be behind this masterpiece!


This episode comes in a time where once again the media and the government are using immigration as a weapon to cause panic and fear.  Blaming immigrants (most of them should be considered indigenous or native, but that is another topic for another time) with coming to the United States to take our resources, jobs and cause crime. When in reality crime is already at an all time high. Let’s be honest most of the violence is caused by Americans. From mass shootings being primarily at the hands of white males and white cops murdering black men. The reality is immigrants come here in search of a better and safer life. They come to work hard to attain their version of the American Dream. Also I loved how Gigi also sprinkled a bit of light on misconceptions that only Mexicans are the one’s crossing the border. It is people from all over the world. In particular the character of Ricky who is from Guatemala trying to get to the US.


The episode focuses on Martha Higareda’s character, Marisol who is pregnant and wants to cross the border to provide a better life for herself and her unborn child. We are also introduced to Santo Cristobal who is also trying to cross the border and leave his sad past behind. As well as Ricky a young kid from Guatemala who is also in search of a better life and having to leave his family behind. We see the story told in English and Spanish. We also get to see the dark side of having to cross the border. From the Coyotes taking advantage of someone’s desperation to cross to the US by making huge financial gain. As well as it touches on sexual assault, abuse and the activity of drug cartels at the border. We then see a creepy interpretation of what the American Dream would look like. The vibrant pastel colors used in the production and scenes give you a 50s vibe. We also see a too perfect community where we know something is strangely off! It reminded me of a mix of the Invasion of the Body Snatchers, The Stepford Wives and Get Out!

The character of Marisol is a powerful woman who is the only one who is able to see through the false reality! She goes from being a victim to the heroine of the story! She is able to wake up Santo from the trance and they save the day. As a horror fan the scenes I loved was when Santo kills off the bodyguard with the club! You feel his anger and wrath, it was definitely a gory kill! We don’t see too much gore, but that scene made up for it! As well as the scene where Martha tries to break his trance the first time and he freaks out and stabs himself to death!


This feature allows for us to have a conversation about immigration. It gives us a brief background of what it really takes to cross the border from the dangers to the struggles immigrants have to face. It also touches on society’s misguided fear about immigration. This is due to the media and the government creating a negative narrative to push their agenda of keeping immigrants out of the US and the American Dream! Currently we are witnessing the horrors of detention centers that are more like concentration camps due to the unsanitary conditions. Also families being separated because of this. It is a horror story in itself! I truly loved this episode and the song at the end, “Y Volvere” by Los Angeles Negros perfectly fits the ending. It definitely gave this episode an authentic vibe that it was directed by a Mexican Director! Also the music composed for this episode complimented the eerie vibe of the scenes. The music composer Chase Horseman brought each scene to life! This is a very emotional episode with a powerful message!


I had the opportunity to view a pre-screening of this episode at the LA Egyptian Theater! It was an event thrown by Etheria Films! I was able to meet the talented Director of this Episode Gigi Saul Guerrero who was very humble! As well as two of the talented actresses from this episode! The horror legend Barbara Crampton who was kind enough to take a picture with me. As well as the talented and beautiful Mexican actress Martha Higareda who is the main protagonist in this episode. They were all so kind! It was an amazing experience! Go stream this episode once it releases mañana 7/4/19!!!

Trailer below:

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Movie: Annabelle Comes Home

Release date: June 26, 2019

Main Cast: Vera Farmiga, Patrick Wilson, McKenna Grace, Madison Iseman and Katie Sarife

Brief synopsis:
“While babysitting the daughter of Ed and Lorraine Warren, a teenager and her friend unknowingly awaken an evil spirit trapped in a doll.”

Hello Hip Hop Heads and Horror Fans,

Today I will be reviewing Annabelle Comes Home! This film is the 3rd film for the Annabelle series and the 7th installment of The Conjuring Universe! The movie begins with the Warren’s taking in the Annabelle doll after 2 nurses had an encounter with the demon that is attached to the doll. This is the exact same scene in the 1st Conjuring film. This movie takes places after the events of The first Conjuring film. We then see when the Warren’s lock up Annabelle in the famous case in their museum in Connecticut. This is to keep the evil contained. The room is filled with other cursed and evil objects the Warren’s have collected through out the years as Demonologists.

At first I was a bit disappointed when I realized the Warren’s weren’t going to be the leads in this film. The main character turns out to be Lorraine Warren’s daughter Judy. Judy happens to have the same gift and curse of being a Medium, not quite a clairvoyant like her mom. I quickly changed my mind and loved that the leads were 3 strong woman! The actress that plays Judy was also in The Haunting of Hill House and she killed her performance in that show. I knew she was gonna kill this one as well! I wasn’t wrong she was a brave girl!

We are also introduced to Judy’s babysitter Mary Ellen. She has a best friend named Daniela who has an interest in the Warren’s and their supernatural cases. We soon find out Daniel just lost her father and is looking for closure of his death. She blames herself for his death. This makes sense as to why Daniela is obsessed in the occult and finding a way to communicate with her deceased dad. It begs the question, how far will you go to see a loved one once again?

Film Review - Annabelle Comes Home

The character development of Judy was pretty well done. We see how the articles on the Warren’s in the newspaper have made her an outcasts amongst her classmates. Daniela’s brother is the main bully who gets other classmates to make fun of her. Daniela’s backstory was a bit rushed, but it gave her a motive to be part of the story. At first I disliked her because she is the one that lets Annabelle out! But then I understood why she did what she did. When you lose a loved one you will do anything to see them again!

I enjoyed Daniela’s sense of humor and dynamic with Mary Ellen. Their friendship reminded me a bit of Laurie Strode and Annie Brackett. Specially the scene where Daniela is teasing her about the crush she has on their classmate Bob who works at their local grocery store! It reminded me a bit of Laurie’s crush on Ben Tramer. I don’t know if it was paying homage to that, but I could see it. Especially because the movie takes place in the 70s.


Also lets not forget to mention the other supernatural beings that were let loose with Annabelle!!! A pure monster fest! The Hellhound, the killer bride dress, The FerryMan and amongst others! I really enjoyed the film. I read some mixed reviews, others were really harsh! I know it is all subjective, but I loved it! The ending scene with Daniela and Lorraine Warren was a tear jerker! Letting her know that if there is all this evil, there is also good! And that Daniela’s father still loved her! Definitely recommend watching it in theaters if your a horror fan and a fan of The Conjuring Universe!

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Hello Hip Hop Heads and Horror Fans,

I am proud to present my first audio interview with the humble and talented Cheryl Key! As Queen Latifah raps, “Ladies first!”, who better to start off my audio interview series than with this beautiful singer and person. Cheryl is a talented singer who I met by going to Black Xpression Open Mic on Fridays at La Bodega Gallery in Barrio Logan. I know you might be thinking this is a Hip Hop and Horror blog, but I believe R&B and Soul music are an extensions of Hip Hop/Rap. Actually Soul music precedes rap music! Just wanted to get that out of the way lol. Cheryl is an amazing performer not only does she sing, she also writes poetry and has a lot of love to give! She is a genuine human being!


Earlier this year she was the featured artist at Black Xpression. If you were there you know it was an unforgettable experience! Cheryl is one of my favorite performers to watch. She literally pours her soul and emotion into every song or poem she performs. She radiates love! I have included a clip of that night so you can witness a glimpse of her star power! Without further a do please listen to the conversation we had about her journey as a singer/poet, why she fell in love with music, what the word “love” means to her and amongst other topics.


Thank you Cheryl for your time and being open to do this interview! I truly appreciate you!!! Also a special shout out and thank you to the Black Xpression family! Thank you for having the platform for individuals like myself and Cheryl that allow us a safe and supportive environment to express ourselves. As well as a dope place to build friendships with other creatives! Will forever be thankful with you all! To my readers and supporters hope you all enjoyed reading this interview! Until next time horror fiends and hip hop heads. While you’re at it please feel free to follow my blog on social media @7octoberz and Facebook!




Movie: Child’s Play
Release date: June 21, 2019
Main Cast: Aubrey Plaza, Mark Hamill, Gabriel Bateman, Brian Tyree Henry, Beatrice Kitsos and more.
Brief synopsis:
“A mother gives her 13-year-old son a toy doll for his birthday, unaware of its more sinister nature.”

Hello Hip Hop Heads and Horror Fans,

Today I will be reviewing the horror remake, “Child’s Play“. As most of us horror fan know there is drama happening between the film studios as two Chucky series are now going on at the same time. I wasn’t shocked that they changed Chucky’s origin story from a serial killer to a smart doll. Since most likely Don Mancini owns specific rights to Chucky’s origins. Ironically the smart doll origin story goes perfectly with the era of technology we are in. The 80’s original version is a classic. This movie does not even come close to it. I grew up watching it as a kid and no one can fuck with the Chuck! As well as Brad Dourif as the voice of Charles Lee Ray aka the Lakeshore Strangler aka Chucky is one of a kind! His witty and dark sense of humor cannot be duplicated. Also the voodoo, serial killer and soul aspect to the story is what makes the Child’s Play movie series unique and gives motive to Chucky’s killings! This movie obviously lacks that. This movie has more comedic moments. Yes Chucky had a few gory killings, but it wasn’t the same.

In this film we get some scenes that pay homage to the original movie. For example like the thunder the night Charles Lee Ray gets into the doll. Also the similar apartment complex design where Andy lives. You also get one liners like “don’t fuck with my son” instead of “don’t fuck with the chuck”. Or “this is the end” vs “this is the end friend”. This Andy balled more than the other Andy, but the original Andy was more likable. This Chucky is voiced by Mark Hamill who is Han Solo in Stars Wars, which they poke fun in the movie. This scene was funny when Andy wants to name the doll Han Solo, but the doll choices his own name. This is also poking fun at voice recognition how they (Alexa/Siri) always say the wrong name. Honestly the most stand out character to me was Andy’s friend Falyn she had charisma and was a badass! Special in the scene where all the Kaslan technology and dolls turn evil and a killing spree erupts.


To sum up this movie in layman’s terms it is a jailbroken smart doll that equals a killer doll! If you want to get a bit deep this movie is the perfect example of the dangers of technology! The moral of this movie is treat your employees right, lol! The movie starts off at the doll factory in Vietnam, maybe because the U.S. currently has drama with China?lol. Anyways the boss is mistreating his employee and yelling at him to finish up the last doll then he is letting him go once he is done. The disgruntled employee then hacks the chip that goes into the doll and looks like he programs it to not follow the rules or commands that it is intended to follow. Thus creating a mini Frankenstein!

This movie was entertaining and more comedy than anything. It had some brutal killings, but definitely not a darker Chucky. My mom did not fall asleep which means the movie passed the test for not being boring lol. I mean it was funny and it wasn’t as bad as I thought. I loved the corny line, “This is for Tupac”! I mean how ironic for me, as a Hip Hop and Horror fan this perfectly combines my two favorite genres! Who would’ve thought a Tupac line would be in a millennial horror film! Tupac’s legacy is solidified and will live on forever! If you just want to watch a brainless horror comedy then I recommend it. Other than that you won’t miss anything if you wait for it to leak online. The original movie will forever be a masterpiece from the story, cast to the practical effects for its time. More than anything this movie made me want to rewatch the original! If you have never seen the original Child’s Play go see that instead of this one!

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Nightmare on Sedgwick Avenue – “Trials and Tribulations – Drew & Clue – 2018 Album Review”



Artist: Drew Burgundy and Clueless Michael

Album: 2018

Release Date: June 20, 2019

Buy/Purchase album: Soundcloud currently

Hello Hip Hop Heads and Horror Fans,

Today I will be reviewing Drew Burgundy and Clueless Michael EP titled, “2018“. Drew hit me up on social media a few weeks ago and wanted to know if I did album reviews. I was humbled that word was getting around about my blog. I replied to him and told him I am doing album reviews and would be glad to review his project. He emailed me his EP and I listened to it. I was pleasantly surprised at how dope it was! San Diego is full of creative and talented individuals. Drew and Michael are no exception! I love my city. I know eventually we will become the next hot spot/mecca for dope Hip Hop just like Buffalo and Rochester are killing the game with that grimey lyrical rap!

This EP consists of 4 tracks that speaks on different relatable topics. Here is a brief rundown of each track. As I always like to say music is subjective so I interpreted the songs this way, but others might have a different interpretation and that is great! I love music that sparks conversation and this is one of those projects!

1.No Calls – I don’t fuck with you type vibe. The song is  telling us to not put up with people who are fake. Put simply if I don’t like you, I won’t pretend to be friends. The moral of this track is don’t lie, be real, if you don’t like someone just don’t fuck with them!

2. Losing My mind – This song has a trap soul type vibe. Definitely a banger it has a catchy hook. Drew is singing on this track and he killed it! The song is about facing one’s demons or going through a difficult time and still pulling through. Very inspirational track with a party vibe to it!

3. Hard For Me– This track is about going through tough times. It is a song about feeling like the world doesn’t understand you. Another deep introspective track. The beat is melancholy with the piano and the singing on this track is amazing!

4. Dead Presidents – The beat on this track gives me 90s R&B mixed with a boom bap vibe. I got a feel good vibe when listening to this track. They rap that working 9 to 5 is a way to keep us chained. We are wasting our time when we can be doing something productive and following our dreams instead of chasing money. The song is also about how we tend to focus on monetary gain and forget about ones mental health to be able to pursue our dreams. This song has a real dope message!


I asked Drew to send me a mini bio to share with you all. Here is a bit about Drew, his journey in music and the significance of this EP.

“Hello My name is Drew Burgundy, I was born and raised in Southeast San Diego more specifically born in Lincoln Park right off Gloria and Ocean View. How I got into music, I have always been around good music. From André 3000, Eminem, Pac, Busta Rhymes, etc., to so much gospel music. But I really didn’t want to start rapping until I was about 15 when my homie Meaty passed away . It was the beginning of a very dark period of my life. I was battling depression because of so many things, dealing with my family literally tearing itself apart, and my grandmother passing. It really changed my perspective about life and humans as a whole and made me want to do more to create a positive change in the people around me . Since then my desires has grown even bigger, I’m hungrier. This EP that me (Drew Burgundy) and my homie Michael (Clueless Michael) have put together embodies both our struggles, but specifically focusing on the year 2018. Which is why we decided to go with naming the project that. Some what of a short fun recap of what we went through this past year that will give you a lot of different feels.”

Overall this is a dope EP with a positive message, great lyrics and relatable topics. I definitely recommend checking out this project! My favorite track is “Losing My Mind” which was the first single for this EP. Go support this dope San Diego rap duo!

Thank you for reading my review. Hope you all enjoyed it! Until next time horror fiends and hip hop heads! While you’re at it follow my blog on social media @7octoberz and Facebook!




Artist: Nems and Producer Jazzsoon (Featuring: Conway the Machine, Spit Gemz, Al-Doe and Axel Leon)

Album: Gorilla Monsoon

Release Date: May 31, 2019

Buy/Stream album: All Platforms

Hello Hip Hop Heads and Horror Fans,

Today I will be reviewing Nems’ album titled, “Gorilla Monsoon“.  The album consists of 13 tracks with a running time of 58 minutes. The project was solely Produced by Jazzsoon. From start to finish you get these grimey boom bap beats. The production on this project was just masterful! Each track on this just transitions perfectly. Each song is hard with pure bars! New York is definitely having a resurgence of that pure grimey rap and sound we’ve been missing. Griselda Records re-awoke it, 38 Spesh and his crew, Eto, Jamal Gasol, Flee Lord, Nems the list goes on! I mean all these artists and other’s that I might not have mentioned have been putting in work for years. I just feel it was more underground and now due to streaming and social media we are able to give this sound the limelight once again!

I honestly just came across Nems music through friends and rappers I know who kept posting this project and I kept hearing great things about it. Even from some of my favorite underground emcees like Apathy named it album of the year worthy. I then made time to go check it out and give it a listen, I was definitely hyped when I heard it. It definitely was NOT overhyped every single person who said this album was fire, dope, hard AF was right! Man if Prodigy was still alive he would be fuckin’ happy to see emcees like Nems that are blowing up and getting the recognition they deserve! I name Prodigy because I feel him and Havoc were one of the main emcees who started and kept that gritty/grimey NY sound alive and pushed it to where it is now. The movement has definitely grown and their influence is still dominant today you can hear it in artists like Nems. It is also dope to see Nems collaborating with San Diego artists like Bubu the Prince who is one of my favorite San Diego emcees out right now! Daygo Zoo, 858!

Nems is an emcee from Coney Island who takes pride where he is from, he shouts it out in his music anytime he gets! The intro track “Step Aside“, oh man as soon as the beat drops my head just started bobbin! Nems raps with aggression and emotion. In this track he tells us a bit about his journey in the rap game and how he has been doing this shit for a long time. He mentions how he was told many times he was not worthy, but look at him now. Who is having the last laugh now?! Another dope track is the second track, “Where You Know Me From“, featuring my favorite murderous emcee Conway the Machine! They both spit real lyricism.

The track, “Timb Boots” has a catchy hook! The beat gave me some blaxploitation funk type vibes. Then right after that track you get Nems’ hit single, “Gahbage“! On this track Nem savagely murders and calls every wack rapper out! I love his cadence and flow on this one he uses dark sense of humor, but states facts! I don’t want to give out the whole album away, you all have to listen to it to come up with your interpretation and just vibe to it! One last track I’ll mention tho is, “No Reggaeton“. Ironically I love Reggaeton lol, but I get what Nems is trying to say. He is breaking the stereotype, that just because your Puerto Rican or a Latino from South America you get grouped into making the most popular genre there, “Reggaeton”. He proves he is a lyrical beast who raps and does NOT do Reggaeton! I can respect that! Some of the best lyricists in my opinion are latinos and some times they get overshadowed for that fact alone like Big Pun, Sick Jacken, B-Real, Joell Ortiz and Immortal Technique to name drop a few!

Overall this project is fuckin dope! Enjoyed all the gritty and grimey Production. Along with Nems dark sense of humor, witty lines and over all his aggressive raw delivery! This is definitely a high contender on the list of best albums of 2019! Fuck Your Lyfe Till Tha Casket Drops season!!! Nems keep killing the rap game! Hope to see you soon in San Diego if you go on tour! Salute! Go buy, stream and listen to this album you don’t want to miss what the streets are talkin’ about!

Favorite Verses/Tracks:

1.Timb Boots:

Fuck KFC, my two piece absolutely
Will knock yo ass outta the screen nigga like “Whooptie!”
Wake up, little uzi
Wake up (Bah-bah-bah-bah-bah-bah-bah-bah, bang)
No vert, though
Leavin’ em’ murked, though
Hip-hop died, Gorilla rose from the dirt, though
Niggas out here rappin’ in skirts, bro (Fuckin’ ridiculous)
I will fuck you up
Out here fuckin’ bitches with the mushroom cut
When you see me all you hear is, “Buck, buck, buck, buck”, uh

2. Kings:

I love my crew, one for all and we all for one
Just gained a hundred pounds (I’m tryna live), little Pun
Can’t compare to that nigga, ’cause he was truly great
I’m just tryna do me before it gets too late
‘Cause Latins goin’ Platinum was destined to come
So I’m blessin’ the drum with every last breath in my lung
All these rappers talk about is vests and guns
And rhymes be just about as fresh as a bum
But along with this music shit comes the politics
And I don’t like to be fake, so I want no parts of it
Every bar is sick, I put my whole heart in it
But they still try to ignore me like I’m a nondescript

3. 200:  The whole track! Pure lyricism!

4. Where You Know Me From:

Come and try, nigga, I’ll put you in a coma (Bop)
Say it’s lonely at the top, well I’ve always been a loner (Uh)
Bitch I’ll make ya boyfriend go to the store to buy me Dutches and I don’t even smoke
‘Cause he a doja (He ain’t tough)
Yea I don’t smoke and I hate drinkin’
But I’ll shoot you right in front of ya bitch like Abe Lincoln (Bop)
Was at a barbecue earlier
Ma man said, “Gorilla, how you not signed to a label? What is they thinkin’?”
I said it won’t be long ‘fore they acknowledge it
Built my whole shit off of skills, I never politic
Real niggas and college kids
Know they ain’t a rapper as hot as this
But even if there was I’d fuckin’ rock their shit
Where you know me from?

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Artist: Rob Markman (Features: Yuri Koller, Jnyr, Styles P, Cris Streetz, The Ichiban Don, Punch, Komi and Enuma)

Album: It’s Too Late At The Wake

Release Date: May 8, 2019

Buy/Stream album: All Platforms

Hello Hip Hop Heads and Horror Fans,

Today I will be reviewing Rob Markman’s sophomore album, “It’s Too Late At The Wake“. The album consists of 13 tracks with a running time of 46 minutes. About a month ago or so I had the pleasure of interviewing my favorite Hip Hop journalist Rob Markman for my blog. Of course it was not in person, but nonetheless the power of social media made one of my dreams come true! Thank you Rob for being humble and for being open to answer some interview questions. Which brings me to my next point, Dreams! This album touches on that theme from start to finish. This album is a continuation of Rob’s first album/EP, “Write to Dream“. Where he motivates us to follow our dreams before it’s too late and we are 6 feet deep under the ground!

The first track titled, “It’s Too Late” sets the theme in motion. Then we are blessed with tracks like Grown Man Gossip one of my favorite tracks off of this project. Rob raps how older men get caught up in gossip and hating instead of uplifting others and focusing on their own shit! Rob Markman is creating a legacy to let us creatives (whether young or older) that we have to believe in ourselves, love ourselves and follow our dreams, fuck what the haters think! This the main reason why I fuck with Rob Markman as a journalist and a lyricist he is always spitting knowledge and positivity!

You also get tracks like “Raheem’s Funeral“, which Rob connects a similar story with the movie Juice where Bishop is at Raheem’s funeral and he is the killer. Rob had a similar situation happen to him in real life and tells us the story creatively crafted into a song! You also get one of my other favorite tracks off this project, “If I Should Die“, Rob raps about his family and letting them know how much he loves them and that he wants his loved ones to know he followed his dreams and wants to be known for that! I don’t want give away too much. You gotta listen to the project in its entirety. It is a very motivational and inspiring album.


The whole project from beginning to end is like a movie/story about life the ups and downs  we go through. Also how we have a choice to either follow our dreams and die legends for our cause or die without having accomplished nothing! That is why I titled this post, The saddest thing in life is wasted talent!” For those who are movie fans know I got this quote from my favorite movie, “A Bronx Tale“. My interpretation of this quote for me has been that we all have a talent or gift and it is up to us to use it or let it go to waste! I’ve lost friends who died real young and did not get to reach their full potential and it is a true sadness! They each had their own dreams, aspirations and talents! They were taken too soon rest in power to: Francisco Avalos, Lino De Los Santos and Hildy Molina!

I really love this project and what it stands for! Rob you created a timeless album with a positive message! Very inspiring to any creative that appreciates true lyricism and storytelling. Go cop, stream or just listen to this album!

Favorite Verses/Tracks:

1. Grown Man Gossip:
“Flip it maybe cash it in, invest it where ya passion is
Do it cause you’re passionate even if they laugh at it
Shoot till you mastered it no matter where the basket is
Pull up like Steph from the logo
They gonna talk about ya name and that’s strictly for the promo
They gonna hate you while you breathin’
Write to Dream, I gave em somethin’ to believe in”

2. Next Check:
“I got sins I ain’t pay for yet
Copped the Jesus piece just to cover the debt
I must admit last summer was lit
Now I walk up in this bitch like it’s money to get
Toast to the life that we choses
Took losses, came up like roses
Tryna paint a picture only got two poses
The Pablo cut, with a part like Moses
Walk with my team in a sea full of posers
Offset the flow, my Migos for the culture
Dropped Write To Dream now the dream getting closer
Nightmares of devils drinkin’ lean with the vultures
Awakened by cold sweats
Dapper Dan Gucci paid in full with no debt
Got mine before rap, facts, no flex
Tryna cop the crib before I cop the Rolex”

3. Last Supper At Babylon: (Featuring Punch)
“It’s gettin’ stranger by the second
People you never met with, gettin’ angered by ya mention
And at your coronation, you can sense all the dissension
Homies say they down, but really mad at your accession
You try to split the pie into the fairest of dimensions
They plotting at the table you just sensin’ all the tension
This the last supper, make ’em check in all they weapons
Heard ’em speaking evil with the devil in their sentence
You try and keep your cool maintainin’ all of ya essence”

“Look, I don’t even rap for real
I only do this just to keep my true intentions concealed
Build the stock up till it’s time to reveal
And peel the top off these niggas, the thought gimme the chills
This what happens when the madness matches the skill
Of a savage who lives life on the hill
It’s nothin’ to front the bill
My treat, hungry wolves gonna eat, you lookin’ like a meal
I watch smiles turn into ice grills
It’s a different type of drip when you get hit with life’s ills
I gotta ways to go still
The slightest infraction I make a mountain out a molehill
While you push up tulips, I’m tryna grow still
My soul is in the soil, I’m from the dirt but chill
It’s nothin’ new under the sun, same light bill
Dirt nap, lullaby, NyQuil”

4. Raheem’s Funeral:
“Only time you see ya family’s on funeral night
But shit be extra stressed when it’s shooters on site
And shit be even worse when it’s Judas on site
Damn, backstabbers gave Brutus the knife
It’s like Bishop kissing Ms. Porter on the cheek
Knowing damn well he shot her son dead in the street
It’s an evil world that we live in
I can’t promise though that I’ll never sin again”

5. I Think We Lost The Culture Too:
“We makin’ music or we makin’ memes
I think we losin’ all these sacred things
I just wanna chase my dreams
But it’s never as real as they make it seem
We’re all slaves to the algorithm
With astigmatism, but this is my vision
Nowadays it just be hittin’ different
But you don’t care about them streams when ya mission different
Who give a fuck about them likes on a prison visit
Trolled ya way to a muthafuckin’ prison sentence
Look in the mirror, but it’s been a minute
You can’t relate to the fake when you been authentic
My best advice is to love yourself
Salute to Styles P he be preaching health
Rest In Peace to Nip he was teaching wealth
They gotta put ya killer on his knees in hell
I got lost in the moment
Up early on the day of atonement
This ain’t for fame or the fortune
I just wanna stand for something when that day is upon us”

6. The Greatest:
“You’re the greatest if nobody ever say it
That’s on the record if nobody ever play it
Point ’em out middle finger to your haters
Bitch I made it, this exactly why I made this
No one built like you, or designed like you
They don’t work like you, they don’t grind like you
I’m the greatest if nobody ever say it
That’s on the record if nobody ever play it”

7. If I Should Die:
“Legend, two games like I’m Pee Wee
I just hope that these creative kids see me
And I ain’t tryna act like I’m Weezy
Hol’ up, why the fuck I can’t be Weezy? Believe me
I don’t want no cryin’ when he call my name
Just make sure they put my shit in the hall of fame
Make sure when they tell it, that they tell it right
That boy there, he was fuckin nice
Tell Melly that I loved her since the day that I met her
In that math class Brooklyn Tech, writing her letters
I’ll do anything to hold our lil’ family together
Till the day that I die, I’m screaming, “Family forever”

“If I should die
Write to Dream dream to write
I brought all my dreams to life
Man I lived my fuckin life (Fuckin’ life)
If I should die”

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